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It's Just A Bunch Of Hocus Pocus – How To Cast A Spell In The Bedroom

Written by: Dr. Holly Hart, Special Guest Writer and Executive Contributor


Trick or treating isn't just for kids... Top tips to treat your relationship this Halloween.

Magician's Props Isolated on White with Clipping Path

“Double, Double toil and trouble. Fire burn and caldron bubble. Cool it with a baboon’s blood, Then the charm is firm and good…” Tis the season of of Halloween, where it is not just for kids, but we can bring some magic into the bedroom. Below we have curated a list of ingredients to cast a spell on your partner, and where your charm won’t be the only thing that is firm and good.

To cast the ultimate spell, we have to put a bit of work into it first in order to be present, which will enhance your feeling of intimacy and also the experience or you and your partner. SO! Let’s start with a dash of “letting go” of preconceived ideas that Halloween is just for kids, everyday life stressors and usual sexual routines. Actually, let’s make this pumpkin spicy… add more than just a dash. Next up, add a handful of fun and give that a good stir so that it spreads throughout.

Every essence of this potion should contain fun. Add a whole cup of trust. Never miss out this ingredient when engaging intimately, trust is important for consent, boundaries and safety. Lastly, sprinkle in that confidence. Whether you are used to casting spells, or this is your first bewitching experience, get ready to step into that powerful sorceress role, cast your spell and work your magic!

Now let’s get ready to throw some tricks and treats

1: Time to dress up - whether you dress up as a character or dawn some naughty underwear, let the dress-up be fun and welcome you into a realm of fantasy. Some couples might find it fun to act out their favourite characters and connect. This brings back that feeling of being excited to be Wonder Woman for a night… but now my lasso of truth can have many different uses!

2: Trick or Treat - write down different spicy ideas onto different bits of paper. This could be positions, acts or challenges for you to engage solo or together. Mix them all up in a box/bowl and then pick a piece and find out whether you are in for a trick or a treat.

3: Candy Haul - remember coming home from trick or treating and emptying out your bag full of goodies and marveling at all of the tasty treats and sweets. Well now, you can create your own cheeky candy haul by using different sweets, chocolate-covered strawberries or any other ghoulish but sexy treats you could share. Now this is also a double surprise – you can use this candy haul as a taste test game. Blindfold your partner, and then feed them one treat at a time. Let this be a sensory experience for you both. Remember your ingredients from the potion of your magic spell… letting go, have fun, trust and confidence. Use this potion to feel present and be able to fully experience the magic of intimacy.

4: The Spine Tingler - sticking with the sensory experience… One partner is blindfolded, and the other can tease, stimulate or pleasure in whatever way they please (ensuring trust and consent are utilised clearly). Whether you are giving or receiving, make sure that you allow yourself to embrace the sensory experience and focus on what feels good in your body rather than the thoughts in your mind. What will send chills up and down your spine, and get your toes curling?!

5: Mirror, Mirror on the Wall - who is the naughtiest of them all. Ideally, with a full-length mirror, stand in front of your mirror, side by side with your partner. Start to explore your bodies, and notice how your hands feel on your skin but also notice how it feels to watch your partner. This isolated experience can be very arousing and exciting. If you want to turn up the heat, then mirror your partner's actions and follow their movement, pace and maintain eye contact when possible. Let the tension build, admire your partner … and enjoy the view!

There you have it! Ingredients to cast a spell and some trick or treats to have up your sleeve… and we are sure it won’t only be the spirits from your seance that are coming this Hallows’ eve.



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