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Illuminating Paths To Healing And Transformation – Exclusive Interview With Carmen Delport

Carmen Delport, a compassionate multidimensional healer, is devoted to aiding those grappling with a hollow feeling, lost identity, and diminished joy. With an innate ability to connect to the soul, Carmen guides individuals towards rediscovering their inner voice and living authentically. Unraveling the past, she helps release misalignments, fostering a connection with one's soul and a life of courage, self-love, and deep inner peace. Carmen's mission is to cultivate deeper understanding and heightened awareness, empowering individuals to make choices in alignment with their true selves.

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Carmen Delport, Multidmensional Healer and Spiritual Metor

Introduce yourself! Please tell us about you and your life, so we can get to know you better.


Hello, I'm Carmen, and I've been on a bit of a whirlwind adventure across the globe. South Africa was my home for the first 23 years, and since then, I've bounced around France, England, Belgium, and Spain. For the past couple of years, I've embraced a nomadic lifestyle, spending a few months soaking up the vibes of different countries. I'm drawn to the energy of new places. It's like tapping into the wisdom each land holds.


Since childhood, I've possessed a unique sensitivity to energy and spirits. My young eyes could see fairies and otherworldly beings, yet also witnessed the veiled realm of ghosts and dark entities. These experiences sculpted my perspective, instilling in me a sense of wonder and curiosity about the unseen.*


Over the past three decades, I've delved into various healing modalities, driven by a desire to help others thrive mentally, emotionally, and physically. Initially, I worked as a holistic exercise coach and lifestyle coach, but I felt the need to dive deeper. Losing my mom in 2006 under mysterious circumstances was a turning point. It pushed me to explore mediums, shamanic healing, and psychotherapy, diving into the depths of human consciousness.


My journey blossomed further in healing animals, particularly horses and dogs, teaching me the art of surrendering to the healer within as animals allow and not fight the healing. Amidst life's ups and downs , including the loss of loved ones and the dissolution of my marriage, I found solace in the depths of self-discovery and other realms of reality. Guided by my soul and past incarnations, I stepped fully into my role as a healer and spiritual coach, igniting a mission to help the world become a better place little by little.


Can you elaborate on your multidimensional healing approach and how it aids individuals grappling with a hollow feeling, lost identity, and diminished joy?


For those individuals who have tirelessly pursued their goals, striving to navigate life with integrity, yet now find themselves adrift, questioning their identity and purpose, I offer a multifaceted approach. Through a combination of modalities, we go on a journey of self-discovery and healing. Through multidimensional healing , we dismantle energetic barriers, we expose and address past wounds, ancestral patterns, and lingering traumas that obscure one's true essence.


We also use quantum healing hypnosis, merging it with multidimensional healing practices, to delve into the depths of the subconscious. Here, we confront forgotten wounds, challenge limiting beliefs, and facilitate ancestral healing, fostering a profound connection with one's spiritual support system. This integration guides individuals towards a deeper understanding of themselves, shedding layers of discordant energy to reveal their authentic essence.

To further support this transformative process, I recommend my Higher Awareness and Inner Child Healing program. Additionally, clients are encouraged to engage in self-contemplation and embrace mindfulness practices tailored to their unique journey.


In your work of unraveling the past and releasing misalignments, what techniques or methods do you find most effective in fostering a connection with one's soul?


To rekindle a bond with one's soul, we must first dismantle the barriers obstructing its luminous presence.

We then delve into the realm of meeting our guardian angel or spirit guides, facilitated through the transformative practice of quantum healing hypnosis. Through dedicated effort, we nurture a deeper connection with these spiritual entities. Once acquainted with our spirit guides, we progress towards encountering the essence of our soul itself—an endeavor often shrouded in mystery for many. It's essential to familiarize individuals with the energy and presence of their soul, this is achieved through a holistic approach blending quantum healing hypnosis with multidimensional healing techniques. Once attuned to the unique resonance of their soul, individuals can begin a daily practice of connecting with it, employing meditation and intuition as vehicles for this ongoing communion.


Can you share a specific success story or example where your guidance and healing techniques resulted in significant positive transformation for an individual?


I've had the privilege of witnessing numerous remarkable transformations through my holistic approach to health, lifestyle, and exercise coaching.

One notable success story involves a client with crippling arthritis who transitioned from struggling with daily tasks to actively engaging in running and playing golf. Another client, previously reliant on heart medication, gradually reduced their dependence under my guidance. Additionally, I've supported women struggling with infertility to successfully conceive, leveraging lifestyle changes and past life healing techniques.


However, one of my most rewarding experiences as a spiritual healer involved Ms. S, who endured a traumatic childhood marked by sexual abuse and later found herself trapped in an abusive relationship. Despite seeking therapy previously, she continued to struggle with her past until our paths crossed. Through a combination of shadow work, past life healing, energy clearing, and mindset shifts, she finally liberated herself from the shackles of her past.

Today, she lives an empowered life, fostering healthy relationships with her loved ones.


Similarly, Mr. T, a successful businessman, reached out to me when he found himself unsure about his career, marriage, and feeling down about his declining health. Together, we realigned his business to reflect his true values, fostering a deeper understanding of his wife and strengthening their bond. By integrating inner child healing, past life regression, energy clearing, and spiritual guidance, he reclaimed his enthusiasm for life. He discovered what brings him joy and understands himself on a far deeper level, experiencing newfound energy


These transformative journeys typically span a minimum of six months, allowing for comprehensive healing and growth.


Tell us about your greatest career achievement so far


I don't view my journey as a career but rather a calling. However, if I were to reflect on achievements, I find them in the moments of resilience and growth amidst hardship, distress, suffering or heartbreak. These pivotal crossroads are the true markers of triumph.

Each time we rise from the ashes, we rise with newfound wisdom and compassion and strength.


Tell us about a pivotal moment in your life that brought you to where you are today.


Among the myriad moments that sculpted my path, one stands out with profound clarity: the unexpected loss of my mother under suspicious circumstances in 2006. This tragedy ignited a quest inside me, to understand and to heal. This journey took me into the realms of spirituality and self-discovery. Through mediums, shamans, and psychotherapy, I unearthed the depths of the human psyche and the interconnectedness of existence. This pivotal event taught me the power of questioning, resilience, and the undeniable bond between the seen and unseen worlds. In this process I discovered my purpose to illuminate the path of healing and transformation for others. Life is a gift and every obstacle is an opportunity for growth.

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