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I Heard You Had Trouble Sleeping Tonight, Is It So? – Emotional Illumination

Written by: Shreesha Khare, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


I have heard the whisper of the cosmic springboard; people will feel that too many thoughts are circling in their heads. The buried subconscious emotions will either manifest in dreams or be activated by their environment. The reason for this is that they understand everything that they have not addressed emotionally. Their energy is stirred up in the emotional potion to bring them closer to the truth of their feelings.

man awake at night not able to sleep, feeling frustrated and worried looking stressed and concerned at alarm clock.

Your emotions are like flying kites in the sky, each kite is a different colour and is connected by a thread. It is up to you how you let it fly, and if you try to control it too much, you could give yourself a deep wound. To keep the balance, we have to loosen the thread a little and adjust the kite according to the wind direction. As I write this, we are all energetically experiencing the peak of our emotions with the grace of the full moon in the sky, the first full moon of 2023. It is also known as the Pink Moon as it is all about blossoming.

Allow yourself to blossom under the grace of the full moon. As you revolve around human planets – heartfelt connections, relationships, infatuation and self-love – balance the suppression and expression of your feelings.

‘Bright shine Moon dance in the dark sky with its full vulnerable and authentic, it invites you to dance with your emotions pretending no one is watching despite all the human planets revolve.’

Moon and Emotions

Growing up, I did not have many friends because my charisma was always different from what people expected of me. I was always philosophical, which many people never appreciated. I suppressed all emotions in my body, never finding a space to show them properly. Emotions like anger, guilt, shame, loss, identity crisis and sadness built up inside me. Being brought up as a 'good girl' I was not allowed to express my true feelings, there were no boundaries, if I wanted to say no I said yes and if I wanted to say yes, I said no. Eventually, anger took root in me, but the interesting thing was that I was taught to fear my anger, or should I say, to make myself believe every time that there was something wrong with me. Until I became aware of the truth about my emotional world. One of the reasons we suppress our emotions is because we want to be liked by other people, to remain popular in society. However, I realised that my anger is valid as an emotion and I need to remain authentic instead of playing the role of the 'popular girl'. It may sound wired, but nature came to rescue me in my emotional rollercoaster. Whenever I saw the sun and especially the moon – I called it 'Chandu Mama' – I felt that someone was there to listen to me and that I could be 'me"; saying "me" meant that I could be open about my feelings – from anger to joy – and that no one could judge me. There was so much in me that was asking me to let go after I had revolved around the human planets.

But on 6 April 2023, when the full moon energy was at its peak, something profound happened: My relationship with the moon is something different. They always fascinate me. The feeling of fullness of emotion grabbed me from every corner this time, no matter how hard I tried to suppress it while standing on the terrace. My inner child knocked on the door and insisted on looking up at the sky, the moon shone so brightly that I felt like I was bathing in it, I felt the moon hugging me tightly.

I – Chandu Mama, my heart longs to let go of all the feelings I have for all the human planets around me? I am unable to deal with it. How can I let go of everything? Moon (Chandu Mama) – My little celestial earth being, I do not know if I can tell you the 'how" because there is no particular " how" of anything. It is your journey, only you can free yourself from this emotional turmoil you feel. You have to bring yourself into balance with all the human planets and their relationships with you. You are like the sun, at the centre of everything, and all the human planets surround you. The Sun is the centre – 'I have brought the ego and the tan', I (the Moon) interferes – 'I have bought the emotions and the tide charts and Jupiter says – 'I have bought the wisdom, who is ready for spiritual consciousness, Mercury says – 'I have bought the gift of communication and being closest to the Sun, I am here to organise the thoughts and make sense of everything. But there is an interesting thing that happens in the sky when Mars comes in – 'I have bought the gift of balance of energies, the pinch of impulsiveness. People spend too much time in their heads and forget to act. People call it impulsive, but it's more like 'seizing the moment', people feel that they do not want to rush things without thinking much, but they need the energy of Mars to light a fire under them and get moving. The same is happening to you now, for you are strong in your communication and overthinking, you need a fire to express your feelings.

I – You're right Chandu mama, I feel crazy in my head and I feel like I should just scream at my feelings. I'm so confused with my feelings that I don't know what to address first. Moon (Chandu Mama) – When we understand the reason for the conflict, sadness and attachment, when we ask the right questions, when we understand the patterns, when we take a step back and look at childhood and past events, letting go literally happens. Letting go happens when we dive deep into the truth. How about thinking like this for a moment:

What if you don't let go? What happens if you allow the fire of emotion to burn you, what will happen to you then? What if you don't let go of the bad taste of a person, a place or a situation?

Emotional Illumination – Healing the Patterns

According to Google sources, the objects that shine by the light of other objects are called illuminated objects. Like the moon of the earth receives light from the object sun and reflects it accordingly. We humans revolve around an emotional planet called a relationship. Whatever spark they carry, we either reflect it with clarity or sometimes provide insights that help us see our own light. I understand that sometimes your emotions are overwhelmed by your feelings in your body. However, I have thought differently here for a while, there is no denying detaching from emotions, how about we just allow all emotions and feel them all the time. How about finding the middle ground and integrating our feelings to understand ourselves better and then letting them go. Accepting the fact that unpleasant feelings are natural to a certain extent, just like the sun sometimes gets too hot, it is built up; human experience is like that for us. Just as the flower surrenders to the rays of the sun to fully blossom and give us beneficial energy later, so we surrender to our emotions at this moment and allow the heavier feelings to shift to the other side.

Just as the waves in the sea move up and down and stand still with the awareness of their beginning, middle and end, so too do you have the ability to come to rest with the thoughts of your mind, the feelings of your body and the guidance of your soul. Whatever arises in your consciousness, listen to it compassionately. Feel the anger, allow your body to lead you where it wants, for it stores all emotions, trauma and stress, even if the thoughts of your mind have changed. Just step back and observe your embodiment. Ask yourself some questions:

  • What is working in your life?

  • What is not in alignment with your higher self?

  • From your most authentic self, how can you release/heal wounds that are preventing you?

  • How can you re-centre yourself, realign yourself?

‘The moon changes its mood 28 times in a cycle. Let things affect you.'


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Shreesha Khare, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Shreesha Khare is an author, a mutative storyteller, and a leading luminary. She is on a path of "self-illumination" to be more of her true self, share more of her personal experiences, and change the lives of others through her own journey of personal transformation. There is a deep inner desire within her to share all that she has learned and to help others on their path. She believes that suffering is the key to unlocking our greatest gifts. She is the founder and chief consciousness co-creator of Soulful Spirit, a boutique where writing guides you to your inner mystical consciousness. Her goal is to introduce people to the art of writing, get them to express themselves with all their vulnerability and authenticity, and turn their pain into authority. She focuses on getting people to stand by their own truth, igniting their own spiritual empowerment by walking through dark consciousness. Write Yourself is a guide that delves deep into the world of writing and promotes personal development.



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