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How To Stop Your Team From Doubting Your Decisions

Written by: Khaled Ghorab, Executive Contributor

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Being in business means you'll be making some tough decisions. Some of those decisions will be understood and accepted by your team, and other decisions will be met with doubt and/or resistance. As a founder, pointing to the future is a power you must stand in consistently even during times of uncertainty. But how can you take your company to the future when you don't have enough buy-in from others?

Things to remember:

  • As a founder, you may at times possess foresight when others don't

  • Not everyone responds to uncertainty the same way you do even when you just know your decision what's is best for business

  • Doubt is a question in disguise: Why should I trust you with this risk?

  • Decision making isn't about being right; it's about being aligned to the vision

The play of the game here is all about creating as much psychological safety as possible. We're not aiming here for agreement. We're aiming for alignment. The best way to do so is to point back to the founder's vision, not just the company's vision. I've found that the greatest entrepreneurs and founders know how to navigate the ship when the team aligns strongly with their vision.

With this said, almost every book under the sun promotes the idea of communicating a clear vision, and it puzzles me that few of them actually unpack the word "clear". Articulating how the future will look like for everyone is not a matter of inspiring people to action. It's about making the team the focal point of the company's success.

To do so, I encourage my clients to break down their vision for the future (not the company's) into the following components:

  1. Personal: This vision comes through you, and it’s a reflection of how you see your own purpose/mission being expressed in this world

  2. Specific: It's stated in detail to the point that when this vision is achieved, you and others will know it

  3. Unencumbered: Not limited by the constraints of current reality, yet encompasses opportunity and possibility. Sets direction to enable the company to excel into the future.

  4. Inspiriting: Not to be mixed up with inspiring. This vision appeals to your true authentic self; your deepest values, highest aspirations and personal sense of purpose – and those of the people whom you lead.

  5. Unified: This vision calls for you to influence and be influenced, to clarify and evolve, creating a shared sense of purpose and direction

Every component is designed to enhance trust and allows for people to lean in onto one another. It takes away the focus from uncertainty to collective effort and support. Psychological safety happens once people experience shared belonging, self-worth, and confidence in an instant. Communicating your vision in this manner, consistently, will develop your team's ability in doubting your decisions over time and while remaining aligned to where your ship has set sail.

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Khaled Ghorab, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Hi! I'm Khaled! I'm a Business & Executive Coach for Founders, Business Owners, and Entrepreneurs. I simplify the inner game of multiplying their profit by 61% while effectively leading their talent through gender intelligent leadership. I'm the Founder of Dubai's Ascension International where we exist to transform narratives in business, leadership, and life.



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