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How To Overcome A Struggle?

Written by: Dr. Hynd Bouhia, Executive Contributor

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Life has ups and downs. Misfortune can sneak its way in when you least expected it. It can manifest itself through financial and relational stress, loss, health issues, and injustice. These can drag you down and take over your life when you let them.

But remember that every setback is an opportunity to reclimb back to better success. Successful people have all gone through many challenges and struggles. What they had in common is that they never give up. They kept on trying, falling and standing back up.

In one of the famous speeches of Winston Churchill, he said to his audience to “never give in”.

Churchill has been quoted saying that “success is the ability to move from one failure to another without loss of enthusiasm.

In business and in your life, if you want to reach success and high-level results, you need to take risks. And taking risks will come with its own setbacks and struggles.

At times, the suffering and the pain from a setup can be overwhelming. It can be so big that you won’t be able to find any reason for you to keep going. That is the moment where you need to make a choice for your life. Will you be carrying a back bag full of heavy rocks from your past? Or will you lighten up and start fresh?

By building Resilience

Being able to overcome a struggle or a difficulty comes down to your resilience.

Resilience is your ability to restart fresh every day. Resilience allows you to take an empty page every morning and rewrite your journey, without carrying bitterness, pain, and suffering from past experiences.

When you understand resilience profoundly, you understand that it is the start of your connection with spirituality. Being able to lean away from a problem or a struggle, or zooming out from it, allows you to broaden your consciousness and put things in perspective. At that moment, you start understanding the power in you and how to trigger it. This way, you will feel stronger and ready to overcome the hardship of life experiences.

And mastering the six phases of grief

Strengthening yourself up allows you to go through the different phases of grief with ease and good faith.

Phase 1: Shock and Denial are the first reactions to a painful and hurtful experience. You start feeling confused. Fear settles in and you lose confidence and self-esteem. This phase can be dominated by shame and unworthiness when you let the guilt overwhelm you.

Phase 2: Anger from misfortune brings frustration, irritation, and more anxiety. This could be the manifestation of depression if you stay long in this phase.

Phase 3: Feeling sorry and sad about what happened. These emotions are expected and should just be felt and recognized. You must be able to let go of them.

Phase 4: Finding meaning in the present moment by connecting with others and sharing your story. The objective of this phase is to understand what happens and collect other perspectives

Phase 5: Acceptance shows up when you are able to look back and say "It is what it is". At this moment, you break free because you accept the misfortune and you start moving on.

Phase 6: Create a new objective in your life. This phase is the most important one because it signs the start of something new in your life with a more mature goal and a fulfilling mission. Going through the phases of grief makes you grow and harvest wisdom and an inner power you probably didn’t know you had before.

With Discipline and understanding

There are several tools you can use to be able to overcome the hardest moments when you feel in the deepest point of a well or in a dark hole. Studies, research, and life experience are aligned around discipline and a repetitive routine. To accelerate the process takes discipline and a mindset shift.

This is how my client Farah overcome depression and lack of self-worth after a two-year health struggle. Following the BAL Method Program, she strengthened herself with discipline and understanding, worked on her self-image, and landed the best executive job in London’s top Investment Bank. Similarly, Laura lost her job during the pandemic and did not have the belief system to launch her own business and rewrite her professional story. Laura was able to not only start a new Recruitment company, she signed her first contract when she started accepting herself the way she is.

The BAL Method program is based on three well-structured phases. First, helping women to start believing in themselves and the possibilities. Second, act on it by setting a strategic plan, and third, grow as a leader with their inner gifts and talents. The BAL Method integrates discipline and mindset shift with a deep understanding of your inner strength and how to use strategic thinking.

Any type of freedom comes from discipline and repetition. In fact, both money freedom and time freedom are tightly linked with discipline. And the most important freedom of all is the freedom from your own thoughts and old beliefs.

Once you free yourself from the chains of the past, you become unstoppable.

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Dr. Hynd Bouhia, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Dr. Hynd Bouhia has cumulated more than 20 years of professional experience in high-level and leadership positions, covering investments, financial structuring, entrepreneurship, and sustainable development strategies. Hynd Bouhia was nominated by Forbes among the 100 most influential women in the world in 2008 and among the most influential women in Business in the Arab World in 2015 and honored as a member of the Johns Hopkins Society of Scholars in 2018.



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