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How To Fix Broken Culture With Cohesion

Recognized as the Talent Retention Expert of the year by the International Association of Top Professionals, named a Brainz Global 500 Top Entrepreneur, selected as a top business leader by Valiant CEO magazine and featured on The Today Show, ABC, the Global BV-TV Network, Beyond the Business Radio Show, and CEO World

Executive Contributor Dr. Troy Hall

"Culture is more than just building products and not getting yelled at." Jason Aten, the Tech Columnist at Inc. Magazine, recently penned an insightful piece delving into the core issue plaguing Google's culture. His attention-grabbing article (click here to read) underscores the pivotal importance of culture in any organization.

Group of conference presenters taking a selfie together after the seminar end.

Unbeknownst to many, Aten builds a compelling argument for the critical need to foster cohesion within a workplace culture. Cohesion enhances performance and engagement consistently. Backed by causal phenomena and behavioral prediction, cohesive cultures thrive while fragmented ones falter.

Culture is broken when individuals feel disconnected from their work, supervisors, colleagues, and when meaningful contributions are undervalued, or when intimidation replaces collaboration.

When teams lack a collaborative framework that instills a sense of necessity and trust in every member, culture deteriorates.

“Culture may very well eat itself if not carefully cultivated and grown.”

I refer back to an often-used quote associated with Peter Drucker who said, “Culture eats strategy for breakfast.”

Regrettably, culture has a voracious appetite, consuming everything in its path, from weak leadership and flawed strategies to compromised product development and diminished profits. Its insatiable nature renders it capable of eroding organizational cohesion and power if not strategically managed to prioritize belonging, value, and commitment. Without these foundational elements, fostering a productive, creative, and harmonious workforce becomes unattainable.

Blaming culture for setbacks is misguided; rather, it's the neglect of leadership that fractures it. When leaders overlook the fundamental role of people in driving success and fail to recognize and nurture their sentiments towards their work, colleagues, and preferred work methods, culture suffers.

A culture falters when tasks overshadow the importance of inclusivity, passion, and collaborative synergy. Moreover, when individuals feel overlooked or unheard, the fabric of culture unravels.

It's a recurrent problem across various companies, including Google, where the relentless pursuit of goals often sidelines the human aspect of business operations.

To fix the broken culture

How do we mend these fractured cultures? As someone deeply invested in coaching leaders to cultivate cohesion, I advocate for a strategic approach focusing on three core elements: Belonging, Value, and Commitment.

First and foremost, validating the organization's core values is paramount. These values should serve as guiding principles that resonate with every member, humanizing the company's identity.

Leadership plays a pivotal role in breathing life into these values, embodying them as if their existence depends on it. Simplicity is key; core values must be easily understood and embraced by all employees, forming the bedrock of the organizational culture.

At the heart of this transformation lies the concept of belonging. People crave a sense of inclusion, yearning to be part of something greater than themselves. When psychological and physical needs are met, individuals flourish, driving engagement and productivity.

Power of the cohesion phenomenon

However, true belonging extends beyond mere participation; it encompasses active involvement, where opinions are valued and voices are heard. Meaningful work and collaborative environments further enhance this sense of inclusion, laying the groundwork for what I term the Cohesion Phenomenon—an unstoppable force propelling performance and engagement forward.

Nurturing a culture where employees find fulfillment in their work is equally crucial. Passion ignites when individuals perceive their contributions as meaningful, motivating them to strive for excellence. Leaders must thus inspire, influence, and empower their teams, fostering an environment where intrinsic values are cherished, and accomplishments are celebrated.

Lastly, fostering collaborative work environments is essential. Collaboration flourishes when individuals recognize the value of each other's contributions and trust in their capabilities. Inclusive cultures, coupled with meaningful work, naturally pave the way for collaborative endeavors, driving collective success.

In essence, rebuilding broken cultures requires a holistic approach—one that prioritizes belonging, values, and commitment. By embracing these principles, organizations can create vibrant, cohesive cultures where every individual thrives, driving both personal and collective success.

For more insights into how cohesion positively impacts culture, performance, and engagement, you are invited to download complimentary copies of the electronic and audio versions of my bestselling title, Cohesion Culture: Proven Principles to Retain Your Top Talent.


Dr. Troy Hall, Talent Retention Expert

Recognized as the Talent Retention Expert of the year by the International Association of Top Professionals, named a Brainz Global 500 Top Entrepreneur, selected as a top business leader by Valiant CEO magazine and featured on The Today Show, ABC, the Global BV-TV Network, Beyond the Business Radio Show, and CEO World, Dr. Troy Hall is an award-winning talent retention consultant, international speaker, a multi-bestselling author, and an international development educator.

As the founder of Cohesion Culture™, Dr. Troy has dedicated his career to establishing a cycle of culture wellness in the corporate and professional sphere. His consulting and executive coaching engagements are built on the strategic framework of Cohesion Culture™, making the concepts of belonging, value, and commitment easy for organizations to adopt and implement.



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