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How To Brew The Perfect Tea – A Mindful Guide For Aligning Your Thoughts Emotions Actions

Written by: Dr. Inderpreet Bagga, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


I love my morning cuppa – my hot cup of tea brewed with love and care. I prefer my dark, strong English breakfast tea, with a fragrant aroma and a dash of almond milk. No sugar. It's perfect just the way it is!

How do you like your tea? Do you make your tea and drink it in a stressed rush or do you brew it and sip it mindfully? What energy do you put into it? How much time and care do you make it with? What feelings evoke in you when you sip it?

It's not just about tea, but how you make your cuppa is how you make everything.

It is the little pleasures in life that we are all seeking. The little pleasures stack up to make us more joyful and loving. These little pleasures give us big returns.

Little disappointments on the other hand, stack up to bigger problems and cause unhappiness. This unhappiness lowers our vibration and drains our energy further.

Our goals and outcomes in life are just like that brewed cup of tea.

What energy we put into our intentions is the energy that we get back (ROI – return on investment).

This TEAThoughts, Emotions, Actions, is our energy body cuppa.

How do we brew it to perfection?

T - Thoughts:

What am I thinking?

Why am I thinking what I am thinking?

Check-in with yourself. Are you putting positive, nurturing thoughts in your body and mind or are you being critical, negative, or underrating yourself?

Is your thought energy constructive or destructive?

E - Emotions:

How am I feeling today?

Why am I feeling what I am feeling?

What emotional frequency am I vibrating at?

Check-in with yourself. Are you loving yourself or are you feeling dislike, hate, frustration, anger, or disgust?

Is your emotional energy loving, appreciative, or resentful?

A - Actions:

What am I doing?

Why am I doing what I am doing… or…not doing what I want to do?

Check-in with yourself. Is your action aligned with your intent or is it forced?

Is your action energy motivational or pressured?

Check if your TEA is aligned for a perfect brew of your energy body cuppa. The outcome of your goals depends on the harmonious vibration of your TEA

It's the misalignment in your TEA (Thoughts Emotions Actions) that keeps you stuck!

I love examples and analogies to help this sink in, so let's make your TEA practically mindful for you.

Misaligned Tea:

E.g. Your wish is to get a promotion at work.

T - I want this promotion... I have been here for years... I am so capable but I think my boss favors the other person... I am not appreciated... life is not fair...

E - I am feeling down, stuck, and angry at the boss and the company

(The vibration is of anger, jealousy, doubt, and sadness)

A - You are getting ratty at work. You reluctantly book a meeting with the boss just so he knows you are interested.

Aligned Tea:

E.g. You desire a promotion at work.

T - I am capable and deserving of a promotion. I have evidence of my achievements and I feel I am ready to take on a new learning, a new challenge.

E - I am so happy with myself to where I have got to and this new role could be so exciting. I trust everything is happening for my greater good.

(The vibration is of happiness, contentment, excitement, and growth)

A - You inquire more about the role and book a meeting with your boss to highlight your achievements and your interest in the role and advice on the next steps.

Did you notice the difference in the energy of the two brewing TEAs?

One creates the conflict between the head and the heart, stuck in a tug of war between the conscious – subconscious hence misaligning the energy cuppa, while the other one has aligned thoughts, emotions, actions, that can help you move forward with ease and clarity.

Knowing the ABC (Awareness Brings Change), how would you now brew your TEA (Thoughts, Emotions, Actions)?

Will you be a rollercoaster of your thoughts and emotions or will you now be mindfully more aware so that you can align your energy body to a perfect, harmonious cuppa?

If you need help in getting unstuck by changing your subconscious belief blocks and aligning your energy body TEA, then do book a complimentary clarity call with me, Dr. Bagga at Aliveme.

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Dr. Inderpreet Bagga, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

In the mindful words of Dr Bagga “Transformation starts with ABC-Awareness brings change” As a doctor (GP) Dr Bagga is well aware of how stress and anxiety can affect mental and physical wellbeing. Her innate spiritual gifts allowed her to create her own holistic wellness by aligning and empowering her mind-body-soul connection. Dr Bagga's signature ALIVEME guided meditations and transformation bundles offer a unique combination of Energy Medicine & Coaching that help clear the stuck neural programmes and beliefs and raise self-awareness, wellness and abundance.



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