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Higher-Self – 5 Easy Steps To Embrace 

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Executive Contributor Luke Whelan

The higher self is a beautiful, empowering, and wise aspect of our life experience. In the same way, the conscious and subconscious mind works, it holds importance when you want to improve your life experience and/or bring a sense of meaning and purpose.

Woman practices yoga and meditating on the mountain sunset.

You may be thinking what is a higher self?

If you haven’t known about it before how does it affect you?

How do you embrace the higher- self-connection?

All that can and will be answered. I would like you to know that… it will be made easy. It shouldn’t be made into a difficult process to follow. So we’re keeping it simple how i do with my clients during mentoring. 

“Simplicity is the key to success.” 

Keeping things simpler makes the process easier to engage with and integrate. Too many components make a task overwhelming and likely discarded & avoided. 

In the same way, you have your ‘Conscious Self’ that does the processing (influenced by your personality, genes, experiences etc). You then have your subconscious with the job to store as much information as it can, creating patterns to keep the conscious mind free to focus on priority tasks. 

Above these we have our higher self, I call it the higher mind as it is void of the personality or life conditionings/programs we intake. It knows you through and through on a soul level. Your higher self connects you to information which would be out of your thought scale or emotional understanding to help you through more complex situations. 

I have experienced so many benefits by establishing my higher-self connection as a priority in my day-to-day life. Not only as a psychic medium or in energy healing. Now realising it has guided me through my whole recovery and embracing of self. It has helped me work through many cycles, assisting myself in reviewing life events to see the meaning and purpose behind them. Aswell as how i could put them to use, leading me towards living a conscious, purposeful life with all round improvements.

On a more energetic level, in short, we have a higher and lower mind, most people fluctuate between them both throughout the day and throughout life. But! you can certainly maintain a stronger connection.

Our higher self (higher state soul consciousness) is a powerful tool we can all use as we all have one. 

It’s the soul-conscious aspect of ourselves with knowledge and insights of many lifetimes, guiding us into clarity and driving us to our purpose. You ‘funnel’ information and insights everyday via it. 

Your higher consciousness is intuitive and aware of energy and the ‘timelines’ you’re moving on. It’s clear, active and fully available for you to tap into! As much as you want!

The benefits are vast! 

Making decisions and taking actions when you’re in your lower mind/ state of consciousness you will likely be creating obstacles, missing opportunities and being emotionally led in situations, not seeing the pathway to peace and desirable outcomes more so reactive.

You mistrust yourself while making decisions leading to missing amazing things throughout life. You end up in the wrong places at the wrong times, leading to “unlucky” events; but you have picked up on a nagging thought about changing your journey. 

(You could argue that it could be ‘spirit’ who send these signals. But in fact, your higher self is the side of the ‘self’ which tends to connect any messages or intuitive thought forms -that we regularly call “gut feelings”).

When we live in a connection to our higher selves (state of peace and clarity) more regularly we will see huge changes in:

Strong sense of intuition 

When you become stuck and delayed in life. It can be for all manner of situations some serious, others less so. Your sense of connection to your higher self will keep you calm and in flow where resistance usually is. Able to have all manner of intuitive hits. From personal experience, this can be crucial to keeping you safe. You learn to trust in that connection and assist in simple situations in day-to-day life.

Creative, optimistic and strategic 

Creating positive, structured and strategic steps and patterns in behaviour to gain more successful outcomes to goals in work, relationship and personal endeavours. It's almost superhuman! Your higher self will give you tips and hints which sometimes seem out of the box…but remember there are lifetimes of knowledge and wisdom in the higher self and its connections.

Improved communication

Especially within personal and work relationships. You have to nuture emotional and mental intelligence and infuse self-awareness. Promoting more understanding and awareness while dealing with any obstacles with others. This brings a sense of knowing how to integrate with someone else’s energy. Bringing stronger connections and release of ones which do not resonate or respect. 

Personal development

You will grow as an individual, in the way you work, act, think and be to yourself. Through stimulating good insight and emotional regulation to the surface to take action from, if you wish. Seeing and learning new perspectives. You will start to grow as a person in life seeming more wise or intriguing to others. That ‘old soul’ energy (if you think you’re an old soul check out my blog-5 signs you’re an “Old Soul” )

Alignment to something ‘more’

Once you find that true connection to the higher self, you will truly feel a sense of ‘more’. That energy is real and that power energy flows throughout life.

The awareness you gain about yourself and that of the external you see the patterns and signs. You feel the energy shift and sway, and hear the much-needed thoughts. It’s powerful. You feel this flow within life, the synchronicities and seemingly “fate” occurrences. The “magic” if you will. 

So, how can you connect to your higher-self?

Let’s keep it simple, things are easily added to life. 

1. Conscious breathing

This is my favourite! Because we’re all breathing…I hope. 

Conscious breathing I do in through the nose and out of the mouth. While breathing in i think about peace flowing into my body and on the way out breathing out any stresses held in my mind and body which affect my energy and clog my mind. 

You can then ask for guidance to flow to you during the upcoming. This breathing works wonders at any point of the day, during any task…I’m doing it right now during the writing of this article. 

2. Acts of self-love / self-care

Showing yourself acts of love and care promotes many higher vibrational energies and healing frequencies in your system (body, mind & energy). Acts of love can be anything that brings you pleasure and peace, happiness and positivity. Care brings comfort, and security, nurturing all brilliant energies. Have fun, get cosy, laugh. All good things which clear out any inner clutter.

(FREE Self-Love Pdf. <—Click here Downloadable via my website)

3. Writing and drawing

When you sit with pen to paper you are doing an act of stillness. It is a great therapy source. Something that can help you be more honest and open with yourself, thus enabling the connection to higher-self bringing through more honest and valuable insights to solve an issue, work things through etc. This helps stimulate the lower mind more so, than allowing the higher mind to flow in. 

4. Meditation & your time

Meditation provides so many benefits. For the physical, mental and emotional. But it also affects the level of consciousness you have, your connection to self increases as it is easier to flow into different states of being once practised. 

Your time can be like meditating on walks in nature or by flowing water thinking about life and processing. It could be 15 minutes to have a cup of tea or coffee at the table before starting the day. 

Both small spots of time through the day to just sit and not do anything. They seem hard to find when you don’t claim them but you will become more present in life.

5. Trusting yourself

One thing about your higher-self connection is that you must learn to trust yourself and your judgement once you get into the connection. You can make the right decisions, you can heal and release behaviours, mindsets and life obstacles. 

Learning to trust yourself can be difficult in so many instances (I speak a lot on social media about my journey through life – Instagram). The connection to the higher state of consciousness will lead you to not only trust yourself completely but you will trust the universe around you as the signs and signals will speak volumes when the effects flourish.

If you would like to see more about the higher-self: visit my YouTube channel ( link Luke Whelan Psychic YouTube channel)

This part of self is a prominent feature in all my courses and mentoring as the influence it has is powerful! Hit me up on social media and let me know how this connection aids in your life! I love a good conversation.


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Luke Whelan, Psychic Medium, Transformation Mentor

Luke Whelan is an amazing, accurate transformative worker. The owner of Luke Whelan Psychic. Due to his childhood obstacles and mental health challenges and addictions through his teens and early adult years. Luke started to learn manifestation during his depression episodes at 17/18 years old, which led him on a path of empowerment and alignment with his purpose.

His readings focus on personal empowerment and have taken him around the UK working with many establishments. It's all about energy with Luke, universal consciousness, the soul, and growth is his forte.



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