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How Six Invigorating Techniques Can Fuel The Subconscious Mind With More Creativity And Innovation

Written by: Ranya AlHusaini, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.

Executive Contributor Ranya AlHusaini

What makes you creatively innovative? your ability to seek, quest, and make a difference with a new creation. Curiosity, is a vital cornerstone for all innovation and creativity. You are all born creative, and yet creativity can be sleeping somewhere deep in the subconscious mind, if it was not well pampered. Often time, people are limited by the talking they have received, or the beliefs they have adapted. However, as you progress in life accumulating a specific standard, status and profession- creativity can wane down as you force an idealistic image of what should be creative. Yet you fall into seven common negative habits that diminish this skill, to name a few: logical thinking, rushing creativity, not believing in alternative solutions, no creativity context, being overwhelmed with knowledge, expertise and data, and self-doubt.

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The subconscious mind is the reserve to your formative memories, experiences, talents, skills, creativity, inner knowing, beliefs and intuition. Interestingly, the subconscious is the emotional mind – this is where your feelings are interconnected with your memories. The collection to this reserve makes up the life you are living. You can access your subconscious mind in your relaxed time, where your vibration is in alpha state – such as meditation, nature walks, daydreaming, and hypnosis. Accessing the subconscious mind is facing your reality, and your internal belief system.

Your mind is listening to the words you keep repeating. These words can build the skeleton of your destiny as you lay brick by brick a visualized image of how you perceive yourself. Hence, you are empowered by your own thoughts, self-talking, visualization, and determination.

Hence, this article can illustrate how these six invigorating techniques can fuel the subconscious mind with more creativity and innovation?

1. Cultivate creativity via – Theta brainwaves relaxation session

Theta brainwaves can oscillate from 4 to 8 HZ. Your brain at this stage will slow down as it generates more creativity, intuition, and dreaming. Theta brainwave is the strongest during internal focus, praying, meditation, and spiritual awareness. Perfecting these positive habits can fasten your manifestation game. How do you know if you are in theta brainwave? Theta brainwave is the deepest phase of sleep. However, the depth of this stage can occur in dreaming. Theta brainwave is a dominant frequency in healing, higher creativity, recalling emotional experiences, and encoding new memories into thoughts. During this stage, your eyes start to dart and moves rapidly [ REM], which indicates more activity. At this stage you work deeply with your intuition, and creativity. How? You are instructing your mind to walk through images to perfect the sense of its vivid reality. You visualize yourself successfully creative, and innovatively discovering new techniques to update a creative project. Relaxation can flex your mind to enter a state of conscious sleep as the visualized images are processed as the reality rather than a fantasy. Music here can alleviate your mood positively as you drift deeper into the vividness of the new reality.

2. Dive deeper with creativity and innovation

Asking while Journaling helps to fuse your conscious and your unconscious realms, together. Delving deeper helps in uncovering limiting beliefs, and the thinking patterns around them. Seeking expressive writing is a progressive tool in motivating your mind to organize thoughts, uncover limiting beliefs around a creative/innovative project, and generate novelty to any project. When you answer back questions on creativity/ innovation you aim to research for an effective solution. Journaling your creativity progress in any project can clear, and organize your thoughts. Answering the below questions can mindset transform your creative approaches. What do you want people to feel from this creation? What is the purpose of the creative project? What do you want to solve? How do you want to solve it? And what benefits you want people to acclaim from using such creation? How important this creative project? What makes it so important? What is one word you might call this creative/ innovative project? How do you want this creative project to last in people’s mind? If this creation lasts for decade, how do you want people to remember it?

3. Meditate more in the incubation period

Incubation, is the process of combining different thought elements producing creative ideas at a later time. It is one of the four stages of the creative process, which is – preparation, incubation, illumination, and verification. During incubation, persons may deal with creative project with novelty, forgetting all previous attempts and failures. More to say, this period increases the chances toward solving a problem, and cultivating more creativity. Increasing your insight in any project may require time, ease, comfort, and a lot of calmness. Creativity may knock your mind when least expected, therefore meditation is the best resort to break from unwanted routine.

4. Explore more with nature walks

Breaking free from routine can spark more creativity. Creativity can only find itself when you are more relaxed with less focus. By taking regular replenishing walks you empower the subconscious mind to your advantage. Long walks in the nature will turn off your rational brain-conscious mind, and awaken all your senses from within. Your walking can make you wander with your mind as you catch the beauty of any scenery. Remember, taking interval relaxation can awaken the need to dive deep into the beauty of any place. Walking with your wandering eyes can develop the technique of matching and merging the beauty of the nature, and the mix of colours from any natural scene all to bring the rhythm of harmony.

5. Repeat to your mind I never try, I do something

There is power in repeating empowering words, and this makes you a mastery of your own trade. By repeating I choose, I perform, I do instead of I will try – can shift your energy positively. Embodying empowering repetition can feed your creative excellence. Plus, determination can fuel you with a long-lasting positive energy for more creativity, innovation, abundance and mastery. Prior to the repetition, preparing your mind can play a significant role in reproducing a rich effect to your worthiness. Knowing with your heart what you deserve, allow you to accept creative abundance.

6. Embody the vividness of creativity

You can’t plant a palm tree in the wrong environment and expect it to grow. Having a rich mindset empowered with abundance, ideas, and prosperity can get you pushing forward with ease. Anchoring your mission with a greater vision can accelerate the outcome of any creative project. To set you for success, begin first by embracing every single detail you see, come closer to, or catch a glimpse. Incorporating your deeper senses with the surroundings can strengthen a universal bond as you connect. Feel liberated, calm, in harmony and in love with the environment. Remember, everything you need from universe is within you – you don’t need to strain a muscle or break a leg to attain it! To flourish your mindset with its creative colours, envision your aspiration on the creative physical body, and imagine with vivid all the creative colours celebrating the moment – how do you feel? What do you feel and what makes you feel vibrantly creative? You are what you think, and if you think you are creative, then you are!

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Ranya AlHusaini Brainz Magazine

Ranya AlHusaini, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

This is Ranya AlHusaini – a mindset transformation guru. My mission is to motivate professional women to unlock their self-worth and live a balanced life. With so much curiosity, and self-awareness I have developed my way with strength and determination. My expertise was well maintained as I took years to understand and develop my own through different modalities, and from there I understood human's nature and reaction. The modalities I use and consult throughout the session are NLP, Rapid transformation Therapy technique, and Hypnosis. So if you want a switch, or a makeover in your life hop in for a mindset transformation session! I have attached a photo of myself as well!



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