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Getting Your Vision Into Action

Written by: Mike Van Pelt, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.

Executive Contributor Mike Van Pelt

In his book, The Magic of Thinking Big, author Dr. David Schwartz says, “A fair idea acted upon and developed is a hundred percent better than a terrific idea that dies because it isn’t follow upon.”

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Few things are more important to being an effective leader than having a clear vision and taking action toward completing it. In my own life, I have seen the value of playing my life forward and dreaming of the future state I want to be in. More importantly, I’ve used the bridge of taking action toward achieving my aspirations by creating tangible outcomes to move me toward my goals.

In my journey, I have come to realize there are very specific tools to move towards a compelling outcome for my vision.

  1. Through deep prayer and an intimate relationship with God, I have a deep understanding of what God has called me to do and what the future hold for me.

  2. I’ve used action as an instrument to overcome fear and doubt. This has helped my confidence and I confront negative feelings head-on. Building the True Man Podcast and being in daily action is something that has allowed me to develop tremendous confidence. Each successful action I’ve taken has increased my belief in my abilities and the possibility of what could be achieved through my vision.

  3. Being in consistent action with my vision has created a discipline and persistence towards my goals. These qualities are crucial for achieving long-term success. When you commit to taking action, you cultivate these traits that serve you well in every aspect of life.

  4. Your vision can turn dreams into reality. A vision is essentially a dream or a desired future state. Without action, a vision remains just a wishful thought. Taking action is the bridge that transforms your aspirations.

  5. Having a vision has helped to overcome inertia and fear holding me back. Starting is often the hardest part. Taking that initial step breaks the cycle of inaction and overcomes the inertia that can hold you back. It also helps you confront and conquer the fear that may be associated with change and uncertainty.

  6. Taking action towards my vision has helped me to adapt to changing circumstances in my business and life. It allows me to stay flexible and make necessary adjustments to stay on course towards my vision.

  7. A key component often missed is measuring progress. Action provides tangible evidence of progress. It allows you to see how far I’ve come and what needs to be done. This clarity has helped me to stay motivated and focused.

  8. As I’ve acted on my vision, I’ve encountered decisions that need to be made. This practice of making decisions and taking responsibility for their outcomes has sharpened my decision-making skills. Like anything, it takes practice.

  9. Moving towards my vision has increased my sense of satisfaction and fulfillment. It has provided me with a sense of purpose and achievement that contributes to my overall well-being.

  10. Bottom line! Being in action on my vision has led to results. Ultimately, success is measured by results. Action is the driving force behind achieving the outcomes you desire. No amount of planning or envisioning can substitute for the concrete results that action brings.

Acting on your idea and your vision doesn’t mean you have to make giant leaps all at once. In fact, creating small, consistent steps is what will lead you toward significant progress over time. Ultimately, action is the “secret sauce” that bridges where you are now and where you want to be. It’s the driving force that propels you towards your goals and transforms your aspirations into reality.

Without action, even the most well-crafted vision will remain unfulfilled.

Question: What could you do today to move you toward your vision?

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Mike Van Pelt Brainz Magazine

Mike Van Pelt, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Mike Van Pelt is an entrepreneur, author, speaker, and men’s life coach leader. He founded True Man Life Coaching and hosts the popular men’s podcast, True Man Podcast. Today, Mike coaches men and leads Christian men’s groups bringing forward his personal achievements, trainings, podcasts, and 20+ years of leadership experiences in Corporate America and collegiate sports. In addition, he is an international bestselling author and has been featured in two books. His upcoming book is True Man True Ways: A Roadmap of Discovery to the Masculine Heart.



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