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Exclusive Interview With Nancy Hovde – Life Empowerment Coach

Nancy is a leading Life Empowerment Coach who has combined her professional background, credentials, personal experience, knowledge and insight to inspire and motivate those who wish to create positive change. For over 15 years, she has empowered clients who desire positive change with career/life purpose, personal growth or wellness goals. Nancy will help you discover how true change can happen when we use our time and resources to develop our minds and spirits, examine our values and let go of issues that hold us back. She inspires and guides clients to live their optimal life through her books, blog posts, articles and coaching services. Nancy is the author of Uber Empowerment and Uber Empowerment Quotes: 500 Inspirational Quotes for Knowledge, Insight & Wisdom. Her credentials include Certified Life Coach, B.A. Interpersonal Communication, Stress Management Specialist, Behavior Change Specialist and Certified Personal Trainer.

Nancy Hovde, Life Empowerment Coach

1. You are a Life Empowerment Coach who is passionate about helping business professionals live their optimal life. Can you share more about what you do for your clients?

My work as a Life Empowerment Coach is extremely fulfilling and rewarding! I provide life coaching for those who are ready to make positive, long-lasting change and live their optimal life. I have over a decade of experience coaching private sessions with business professionals who want to focus on creating positive change in their career, life purpose, health and personal growth.

I help clients develop clear, strategic thinking in their business or career and provide support and guidance with personal growth and development. Some clients come to me who are in-between careers or a life transition and want to explore their life purpose. Additionally, I coach and provide encouragement for motivational wellness goals. All of these areas require helping my clients to adapt an empowering mindset and let go of negative self-talk to achieve optimal wellbeing.

In our coaching sessions, my clients come to realize that true change really can happen. Together we work with developing a positive mindset, examine core values & discover what obstacles may be holding them back from living their life to its fullest potential. Before we set goals, I coach them on how to use daily integrative mindset elements and create positive thought patterns and habits for optimal results. Then, we set new goals to create the positive changes they are seeking for their career, personal growth and wellness goals. My clients experience effective results that take their professional and personal growth to the next level and achieve increased productivity, resilience, mental and emotional wellbeing, improved wellness and enjoy living a meaningful, enriching life.

I use this empowering mantra: “Feel your best, to think your best, so you can perform at your best. Ask yourself if what you are doing today is getting you closer to where you want to be tomorrow.”

My clients like this mantra because it is truly empowering! We all have the freedom to choose which choices to make each day. We can choose the lifestyle choices that lead to feeling our best, thinking our best and being our best. Or we can choose those choices that lead to feeling unfulfilled and discouraged. I encourage my clients to ask themself each day, what small, positive change will help you feel your best, and think your best to enjoy living your optimal life?

2. That’s a great mantra! What inspired and led you to life coaching?

I have always had a natural interest in the areas that I provide Life Coaching for, which include: living a healthy lifestyle, business performance, exploring personal growth and discovering life purpose. Part of my career history and experience includes working with corporations and companies, as a wellness coach and sales consultant in the healthcare industry. So, it is only natural that many of my clients are business professionals who value wellness, career success, personal growth and living an optimal lifestyle.

As I mentioned, I have over a decade of experience as a Life Empowerment Coach. I love learning and continuing education is a top priority of mine. I have certifications for Professional and Personal Life Coaching, as well as various Wellness Certifications.

3. Tell me more about your various professional credentials and how you use them in your coaching practice.

There are several areas where my professional credentials support my life coaching practice that help my clients achieve effective results. A few ways that I apply my credentials in my coaching practice:

  • Certified Professional Life Coach - Coach and empower clients who are ready to create positive change in business, career, life purpose or self-discovery and take their professional and personal growth to the next level.

  • Certified Behavior Change Specialist - Guidance, support and accountability to break old habits, let go of limited beliefs and create new unlimited thought patterns to achieve an empowering mindset.

  • Certified Stress Management for Better Health and Resilience - Coaching clients stress management techniques that can help support resilience and optimal wellness and wellbeing.

  • Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist - Encourage commitment and accountability to create positive long-term change for optimal nutrition and wellness goals.

  • Certified Personal Trainer - Wellness motivation for positive change and consistent exercise habits. Written workout programs for the advanced gym goer as well as basic exercise programs for beginners.

4. You have combined all of your credentials to create your unique approach within your practice to develop Life Empowerment Coaching. Tell me more about your unique approach to life coaching.

I use a holistic approach because, as I mentioned earlier, my mantra is that, I believe we must feel our best physically, as well as emotionally, to think our best thoughts for mental wellbeing; which leads to performing our best in our career, business and in life. Success and fulfillment happen by continual improvements we consciously choose in order to be our best self, the best version of ourselves, and live our optimal life.

5. What does living an optimal life include for leaders and business professionals?

  • Living an Optimal Life is when you have the following:

  • Your unique optimal wellness plan and you are consistent with it.

  • Knowing your core values and strengths so you can apply these in various areas in your life that create fulfillment and success.

  • Adapting a positive mindset, setting meaningful goals and accountability.

As leaders and business professionals, we must prioritize our well-being, for our Body, Mind and Soul. Why? Because when we take the best care of ourselves, we feel our best, think our best and perform at our best. Therefore, my holistic approach is a three-tier process.

6. In your book, Uber Empowerment, you write about using your holistic three-tier process. Can you share more details about that holistic three-tier process?

My holistic three-tier approach for successful positive change and living an optimal life:

First, as mentioned above, is having your unique optimal wellness plan and being consistent with it. What this means is creating your individual, unique optimal wellness plan that supports you in feeling your best physically, which will then help support you in thinking your best and performing at your best. Which foods, type of exercise and stress management techniques will best support you to feel your optimal? What habits are not supporting you? What habits are currently working and showing positive results? As a Certified Life Coach, Behavior Change Specialist and Wellness Professional, I provide guidance, encouragement, support and accountability with clients and together we create their individual optimal wellness plan.

Second, clients want to see more success in life, work or business. I like to ensure they are aware of their core values and live them as often as possible. It is extremely helpful that we discover if they are using their strengths as often as possible, which leads to living a more fulfilling and meaningful life. I encourage clients to keep focusing on what energizes and fulfills them. Many of my clients desire to jump into a new career or take their current profession and personal growth to the next level, but are not sure where to start. The Self-Discovery part in my coaching program helps clients discover, and/or rediscover, their core values and strengths and ensure they are integrating them into their life as often as possible.

Lastly, is mindset, goals and accountability. Part of mindset is knowing when you are blocked and why. This can be a number of things: limited thinking or beliefs that are not truly yours. We work at uncovering these, knowing what to do when they creep in and overcoming negative self-talk. It is amazing how we all have negative self-talk or overthinking syndrome. I empower clients to adapt new, empowering beliefs by letting go of negative self-talk and limited thinking. Once clients learn and practice these aspects, we then set new goals with accountability methods to stay on track for successful results.

7. What would you say are the concerns or issues people will contact you and ask for help with?

Clients enroll in my life empowerment coaching services when they are ready to make a positive change in their life and want clarity, guidance, support, encouragement and accountability in areas such as:

  • Taking their professional or personal growth to the next level.

  • Work performance.

  • Guidance and encouragement to navigate through life transitions such as with career or life events.

  • Clients who are starting a new venture or project and need some guidance, encouragement, action planning, goal setting and accountability.

  • Shift from limited beliefs to unlimited thinking.

  • Focus on self-awareness and how to best use their strengths.

  • Become more resilient.

  • Develop an empowering mindset that leads to positive habits and creates powerful long-lasting behavior change.

  • Self-Discovery and Exploring Personal Growth.

  • Stress Management because life can be challenging and it is important to take the best care of ourselves. I help clients stay on track with their wellness goals and live a healthy lifestyle that they love and decrease their risk for disease and career burnout.

8. How can people get in contact with you for life coaching?

Clients should contact me directly at or visit my website They can also purchase my books on my website.

Follow me on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and visit my website for more info!



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