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Healing Journey Of An Irish Intuitive And Teacher – Exclusive Interview With Cora Kingerlee

Cora Kingerlee is an Irish Intuitive, Reiki Master, Shamanic Healer, and Honorary Secretary of the Reiki Federation of Ireland. She has been on a remarkable transformative healing journey since 2019 and teaches all things frequency, manifestation, energy healing and connecting with your soul, purpose, joy and optimum vitality in life.

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Cora Kingerlee, International Energy Healer and Teacher

Introduce yourself! Please tell us about you and your life, so we can get to know you better.


Hi, I'm Cora! I am an Irish Energy Healer who teaches and works with people all over the world guiding them to come into balance and harmony with their energy and within their lives. After a tough spiritual awakening period and dark night of the soul in 2019/2020 I began to wake up to the nature of reality, who I really was and the deep ancient healing powers that lay dormant within me, encoded in my DNA. I had lived with chronic pain and struggled with my mental health for years after physical and sexual abuse from my childhood had been supressed and never acknowledged.

As I began to heal and face these demons with therapy, energy healing and homeopathy, I began to peel back the layers of my true self, which was the most beautiful process! After accepting the fact that I had chronic pain and anxiety as my norm since my early teens, it was incredibly empowering to discover that there was a root cause of these that could be excavated and healed. The years that followed were full of deep inner work and healing as I began to train in the healing arts after witnessing the magic and transformation that was unfolding in my life. Synchronicities, doors opening all around me, the Universe/God/Source showering me with blessings and confirmation I was on the right path constantly. Always placing the right circumstances, people and opportunities in my path whenever I needed them. My healing powers and intuitive gifts began to come online and activate, and I then began creating my own business sharing energy healing with others.

Fast forward five years, and I have opened my own Reiki Healing Clinic and Training School in my hometown of Kenmare, Co. Kerry, Ireland. I absolutely adore teaching and sharing this ancient knowledge with others. Learning to heal with your hands and thoughts is the most empowering thing in the world! You realise you can take your power back and literally create the life of your dreams by matching your frequency to that which you desire. I teach my clients how to heal themselves and magnetize and manifest their deepest desires into reality. I also work with the Kundalini Energy and use Emotion and Body Code to tap into the subconscious mind to release trapped emotions that may be holding you back or blocking you from your dreams. I am also a QQI Certified Life Coach, Past Life Regression Hypnotherapist and Shamanic Healer. Through everything I do the essence of empowerment and sovereignty is weaved. I teach you to unlock your own power, your own magic, your own soul gifts. I do this by channelling Source energy and calling in your team of light, guides, angels, all those working beyond the veil for your highest good. In anything of mine that you attend, be it a 1-1 session, an online course, class or in person retreat; you will receive a powerful activation and leave feeling completely reconnected to yourself and Source/God/the Universe. You then go away and begin a process of integration as this new energy, this newly raised vibration integrates and ripples through your life. 

What inspired you to create your website and business focused on healing and spiritual growth?

Going through a spiritual awakening was no joke. There was nobody around me at the time who understood, and I felt extremely alone and scared. Part of my mission in life is to support those who are awakening spiritually so they know they are not 'going crazy', they are simply waking up to the nature of reality, and the power that lies within them. Spiritual awakening can be such an intense time as it can feel like the reality you once saw as the only reality (the 3D matrix if you will!) is coming crumbling down around you. You begin to see patterns in everything and understand that people are simply playing out a role in your life, for lessons and modules you've come here as a soul, to learn in this lifetime, in this incarnation. When you start to see this, you cannot unsee it! And without the appropriate support around you, this can be a really hard time for many, I know it was for me! So this inspired me to create my business focused on energy healing and spiritual awakening support. It is such a joy and honour to be able to now mentor my clients through this kind of beautiful and transformative process.

Can you tell me more about your background and expertise in the areas of wellness, healing, and personal development?

Sure, so in 2020, I began training in Homeopathy with the Irish School of Homeopathy in Dublin, Ireland. I also did my Reiki Level 1 and Level 2 Certifications that year, Tera Mai Reiki. In 2021 I trained to Reiki Master/Teacher Level and also completed three levels of Shamanic Healing in Northern Ireland. I embarked on a year-long spiritual mentorship program to support myself with all of the changes, upgrades and inner work I was doing. I remembered and reclaimed all parts of myself as a Priestess of the Mary Magdalene lineage. I developed my healing and intuitive abilities and began to work with the land and the Celtic Wheel, honouring Mother Earth's seasons and cycles, and seeing these mirrored within myself and my life. I allowed myself to metaphorically die and be reborn over and over again over these years, each time allowing an old version of myself with all associated limiting beliefs to fall away and, like the phoenix, be reborn with some new magic each time.

My psychic vision activated. I found power in my voice. I began to communicate clearly beyond the veil with my guides, team of light, angels, ancestors and God/Source. I continued to train and explore healing modalities that interested me, I trained in hypnotherapy and qualified as a past life regression therapist. I studied to be a life coach to bring in and balance the energies of the masculine and feminine into my work. I was developing all of these amazing gifts and abilities, but I also needed to be able to communicate clearly with clients and hold a safe, loving and open space for them when they came into my sessions, my life coaching training was amazing for this. Fast forward several years and I have begun teaching Reiki and opened my own Reiki Clinic in my hometown of Kenmare, Co. Kerry, Ireland. I teach here and also in Almuñécar, Spain. I take 1-1 clients, offer private mentorship, host retreats and wellness healing events and so much more! I am so passionate about this work and absolutely love what I do, it brings me so much meaning and purpose to be able to share the practices and teachings that helped me completely transform my life.

Could you share some success stories or testimonials from clients who have benefited from your services?

I have had Kundalini Activation clients who have had complete sexual and sensual awakenings transforming their relationships and lives, Reiki clients who reconnect with Source and find their true path and meaning in life, energy healing clients who come into the Reiki Clinic in immense pain and walk out like new people! I have worked with the most beautiful radiant soul on a breast cancer journey who shared that she felt 70% of the miraculous healing she experienced and cultivated was down to the Reiki, mentorship support and teaching she received! I see miracles all the time in the Reiki Clinic and I never take it for granted. These miracles, whether big or small, never cease to take my breath away and have me bow my head in awe to Source. This ability to heal is within us all; it is a skill and a muscle that we can all train and activate from within. These powers were 'switched off' within our DNA a long long time ago, and this is the generation, this is the time of great awakening now on Earth where we 'switch them back on'. This is within us all. Allow yourself to explore this if you feel a calling. Your desires are whispering to you for a reason, they are encoded in your DNA, in your soul's blueprint for you to uncover and excavate when the time is right in your life.

What are your future plans or goals for expanding and enhancing your website and business to further support your clients' well-being and growth?

I have great plans for expansion and growth over the coming years. I plan to travel more teaching and speaking at events, retreats and conferences all over the world, sharing my process of dormant DNA activation (switching our healing and intuitive powers back on if you will!), my style of energy healing and 'Chakra Glitter' my signature manifestation process. I plan to support my client's well being and growth journeys by continuing to support online and in person via 1-1 sessions, mentorship, group healing sessions and large speaking events.

Tell us about your greatest career achievement so far.

My greatest career achievement so far was being appointed as the Honorary Secretary on the Board of the Reiki Federation of Ireland and also being selected as a writer for Brainz magazine!

If you could change one thing about your industry, what would it be and why?

All the silly fluff and mixed guidance around manifestation. It really is the most simple process which is easily learned and implemented once you have the right guidance and support. Check out my online course 'Chakra Glitter' if you'd like to learn more. This course is my absolute baby, people get so much from it I adore it, such a joy to teach!

Tell us about a pivotal moment in your life that brought you to where you are today.

In early 2020 I stared in the mirror and I felt such a deep level of disconnection and soul disconnection that I didn't recognise myself. I know that sounds wild, but it's true! It was terrifying, I'll never forget that feeling for as long as I live. It was in this strange and scary moment that I vowed to ask for help and to find a new way to live, a way to reconnect with myself and discover who I really was, to discover what the disconnection was hiding and begin to heal from it. To get out of living on autopilot and numbing my feelings and emotions out with anything I could, shopping, s*x, alcohol, substances, you name it. From this moment on, my whole life began to change. I vowed to never let myself get to that level of numbness and disconnection ever again, and it was from here my healing journey really and truly began.

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