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Exclusive Interview With Mindvalley Founder Vishen Lakhiani - What Is The 6-Phase Meditation Method?

Brainz Magazine Exclusive Interview


Vishen is one of the architects of modern personal growth, elevating many brilliant and recognizable names in the industry. He created Mindvalley, the world's most powerful life transformation platform that now boasts a following of 20 million people across 195 countries.

He launched and brought fame to dozens of leading personal growth experts in the last decade, including Marisa Peer and brain coach Jim Kwik, who have some of the leading programs on Mindvalley. He also revived The Silva Method, a program centered on accessing deeper states of mind, and he popularized the brands Wildfit and Lifebook. Vishen has written two bestselling books, including The Code Of The Extraordinary Mind, which became the No. 1 in the world on Amazon Kindle, and The Buddha and The Badass, which landed in the No. 1 coveted spot on the Wall Street Journal bestseller list.

His show, The Mindvalley Podcast, has over 22 million downloads and is ranked among the top 5% of all podcasts worldwide. And lastly, Vishen’s widely practiced 6 Phase Meditation—which is hailed by famous athletes and celebrities—has now been published as a book in September 2022 due to its popularity.

Today, Vishen is dedicated to innovating the Mindvalley platform with cutting-edge AI technology and machine learning solutions so it becomes the most advanced learning platform in the world. His goal for Mindvalley is to reach 100 national schooling systems and every company in the Fortune 500 over the next decade.

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Did you ever think that Mindvalley would explode the way it did?

Absolutely, I don’t want to sound arrogant but yes, everything starts with an idea in your head. I wanted to build a platform that impacted a billion lives, we are at 20 million and I wish we were further along.

Was there any reason why you are aiming for a billion?

I felt a billion lives is a bold enough challenge. It’s really about my passion of meditation, spirituality, and improving the human condition. The aspects of life that society doesn’t teach us. I saw gaps in the educational space, which is why Mindvalley was formed. Nobody wakes up one day sad or depressed because they can’t calculate the rainfall in London, we are sad because we are not trained on how to deal with heartache or how to raise a child. We don’t get taught how to nurture our bodies or master the spirit within us or manifest our dreams. That’s what Mindvalley is seeking to do. We have worked with 61 of the most outstanding teachers on the planet being able to improve the human condition.

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Tell us about The 6-Phase Meditation Method which is coming out this September!

The 6 Phase is a protocol for how you show up in the world, they are six unique phases of being human. If we can install these values in the morning when we wake up, we can affect our mood, intention, performance, and quality of life., It takes 15 minutes to fine-tune, six phases which take two minutes each, get you into your meditative state and out of your rested state. These phases started to take off when athletes started to give them kudos – Reggie Jackson from the LA clippers referenced these phases along with other successful US athletes gaining great results and impacting their mental health. And if you’re a CEO or in a company, it’s having the same impact. I was in London recently and the founder of the dog food brand “Bella and Duke“ credited The 6 Phase Meditation as one of his go-to methods to ensure he shows up as his best self.

Why do employees and people in general need leaders who are relationship builders and people-orientated problem solvers?

The reason you need orientated problem solvers and relationship builders is because we don’t live in silos anymore, we need each other. We need to create positive emotions within a team, the thing that creates these emotions is the strength of your social connection. Performance and positive thoughts combined are what correlate most to creating positive emotions. It’s about how we relate to other human beings, not just lovers or friends, but also people you work with. People that are relationship builders tend to have incredible results. The strength of the human connection is essential to being happy, happiness is what brings the greatest amount of productivity which, in turn, creates the greatest results.

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How do we increase our own happiness?

Phases 1-3 in The 6 Phase are to create and engineer bliss in our lives. Phase 1 is about compassion, which increases your connection to everyone around you. Phase 2 is through similar meditation around gratitude, and Phase 3 is about forgiveness, a powerful tool to heal your past and move you forward in a better and healthier way. Phases 4, 5 and 6 are about action, but the first three help you improve your performance and elevate your career.

Talk to us about the importance of forgiveness. Why is it important?

Studies have found that forgiveness heals you, subsides anxiousness and worries, improves heart health, and increases endurance. It improves the functioning of your brain and mind. Forgiving yourself in particular, letting go of pains from the past or forgiving those that hurt you, improves your sleep. Your cognition improves, creating brain waves similar to the effects of meditation.

For more info, follow Vishen on Youtube, Instagram, Twitter and visit his website!



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