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Claim Your Confidence - Christina L. Woods Hypnotherapy For The Modern Woman

Brainz Magazine Exclusive Interview


Christina L. Woods is an internationally recognized Clinical Hypnotherapist, Rapid Transformational Therapist®, Empowerment Coach, and Reiki Master who empowers women to recognize their worth, shed old programs, and align with their authentic selves. Combining her 30 years in corporate leadership, Christina has turned her personal triumph over adversity into a beacon of hope for hundreds of women worldwide.

As the CEO and Founder of Wise Woods Hypnotherapy, Inc., Christina leads with the heart and has channeled her formidable experience in overcoming complex challenges into fostering the potential within others. Her combined expertise in hypnotherapy, coaching, and energy healing inspired her to create her signature approach, the Wise Woods Method, which guides clients all over the world on a truly profound journey of self-discovery and change. Christina has been honing her intuition and spiritual energy practice throughout her entire life, and she brings this experience, knowledge, and wisdom to every client, and audience she connects with.

Christina is an esteemed speaker who has graced over 75 podcasts and radio stations internationally, sharing her expertise and inspiring change. You can listen to some of Christina’s interviews at the Peak Performance Life Podcast and The Gratitude Cafe. Her influence extends beyond individual sessions, having spoken to diverse assemblies of women, aiding them on their paths to empowerment, and leading teams through intricate corporate and personal challenges. In addition to her deep mindset and healing work, Christina works with the non-profit organization, Lotus Rising International, whose mission is to provide holistic wellness recovery programs for survivors of human trafficking. 

Christina L. Woods. Photo by: Brianna Shrader- Shy Heart Studios
Christina L. Woods. Photo by: Brianna Shrader- Shy Heart Studios

Can you tell us more about your business, and how you help your clients? 

As the CEO and Founder of Wise Woods Hypnotherapy, Inc., I’ve dedicated my career to empowering women to recognize their worth, shed old programs, and align with their authentic selves. My clients are worldwide, with 95% of my business done virtually. I am a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Certified Women-Centered Coach, Rapid Transformational Therapist®, Medical Intuitive Practitioner™, Certified Advanced ThetaHealing® Practitioner™, and Reiki Master. I am a lifelong learner of the science of hypnotherapy, the quantum field, and energy healing, and my approach combines a truly holistic framework for transformation. The most surprising aspect for many clients is the effectiveness of virtual hypnotherapy sessions. These sessions, conducted remotely, unlock the subconscious mind just as effectively as in-person encounters.

Throughout my career, I've been fortunate to have trained directly with some of the most respected names in personal transformation. Mentors like Marisa Peer, the founder and creator of Rapid Transformational Therapy® (RTT®), and Skylar Acamesis, the founder of Medical Intuitive Technique™, have deeply influenced my approach. All of my combined expertise in hypnosis, coaching, and energy healing inspired me to create my signature approach, the Wise Woods Method, which guides clients on a truly profound journey of self-discovery.

My mission extends far beyond simply helping women achieve specific goals. It's about guiding them on a transformative journey that unlocks a deep sense of fulfillment and ease in their lives. Imagine a safe and supportive space where we work collaboratively to tap into the wisdom buried deep within you. Through a unique blend of hypnotherapy, energy healing techniques, and coaching expertise, I tailor the approach to your specific circumstances and needs. This allows us to embark on a thorough and soulful exploration, identifying those limiting beliefs that hold us back. Even the most successful women get stuck!

These limiting beliefs often manifest as a struggle with perfectionism and the persistent feeling of "not enough," despite their outward success. We work together to rewrite these narratives and empower you to embrace your full potential, achieving a sense of fulfillment that transcends external validation. Ultimately, it's about living a life that feels truly aligned and fulfilling – a life where you have it all!

What kind of audience do you target your business towards?

Ah, such a great question! My work is a magnet for high-achieving women who seem to have it all together on the outside. You know them – the ones who constantly strive for excellence and achieve incredible things. But beneath the surface, they feel a yearning for something more. This is the woman I'm here to support. She may have built a successful life, but there's a quiet longing for a deeper sense of purpose and fulfillment. She wants to uplevel her business while also creating more ease and flow in her life. She desires to manifest the love of her life or recharge the love she already has. Reconnecting with her inner wisdom will help her cultivate a stronger spiritual connection, so she can stop apologizing for what she wants and embrace self-love just as she is.

Share a bit about your journey so far. How did you end up where you are in your career today?

I was born and raised in Southern California and have never left. I am fortunate enough to live near the beach, with a great community of family and friends. Everything in my life has woven itself together to lead me right here, helping women through hypnotherapy, coaching, and energy healing. What's particularly fascinating is that I successfully cultivated a flourishing 30-year career in corporate leadership. However, through introspection and profound self-discovery, I began embracing my innate divinity. This pivotal realization prompted a career transition in my early 50s, allowing me to pursue what truly ignites my passion!

I came across numerous remarkable women who were experiencing burnout and longing for something more, and I soon realized that I was in a similar situation. Each woman had her own unique story, yet there was a common thread that connected us all. As I began sharing my own journey and connecting with them on a personal level, I could perceive their potential in a way they couldn't see themselves. This ignited a strong desire within me to help them recognize and unleash their untapped potential!

Believe it or not, I've always had an interest in personal growth and healing. Even as a child, I was super empathic. There was a lot going on around me, and I struggled with feeling worthy and truly seen. So, I became this high-achiever, driven to succeed. And let's be honest, it worked – I got a ton of praise and accolades. But here's the thing: I was seeking validation in the same way many women do – through perfectionism and this "superwoman" image. Look how great I am and look at all the things I can do! Somehow that was supposed to fill this void within me and help me feel worthy and whole and complete. Sound familiar?

My deep curiosity about the human mind and how we connect to a larger energy led me to seek ways to empower others. In college, I actually wanted to be a therapist and even worked in a mental health office for a while. Things changed along the way, and instead, I earned a degree in Communication and Marketing. 

For 30 years, I was traveling constantly in corporate America, leading teams, the whole nine yards. I was also a wife and mom to two amazing kids. As you can imagine, the superwoman act wasn't sustainable and I was feeling incredibly unfulfilled. My marriage, health, and happiness were all slowly taking a hit. I was having panic attacks and felt deep shame for feeling out of control with my spending, overeating, and inability to balance what I had taken on. Juggling it all felt impossible. My connection to my children, and even to myself, faded. I had a belief that I was all alone, that no one would be there for me, and that I had to take everything upon myself; a belief I held since I was a young child. And I had to let go of so much in order to heal. The hardest part was knowing my marriage was over, and figuring out how to move forward. 

There was this pivotal moment, a kind of spiritual awakening. I literally heard a voice say, "Christina, when are you going to stop worrying about everyone else and start thinking about what you want?" It was a huge wake-up call. That's when I embarked on this journey of personal healing and reinvention.

Amidst profound personal transformation, a struggle with unexplained vertigo led me to hypnotherapy. Not only did I feel better, but I absolutely fell in love with hypnotherapy! It sparked a passion that ignited a fire in me and led me to a deep exploration of this transformative method. Hypnotherapy clicked for me, I love everything about it and knew right away I wanted to become a hypnotherapist. Over the years, I've developed a strong foundation in guiding and empowering people through my work leading teams. Combining that with my coaching skills and energy healing techniques just made sense, and I established my hypnotherapy and coaching business, Wise Woods Hypnotherapy, Inc. which has grown into an online and live business internationally. It's a complete mind-body approach to help women truly thrive, not just survive. 

What would you like to achieve for yourself and your business in the future?

My vision for the future is twofold: empowering women and normalizing powerful transformational tools. First, I want to create a global community of empowered women. Imagine a world where high-achieving women – mothers, entrepreneurs, and anyone yearning for more – can access the transformative power of deep hypnotherapy, personalized coaching, and energy healing. My mission is to make these tools accessible and approachable, breaking down barriers and misconceptions that prevent us from accessing them. 

Second, I want to elevate the conversation about transformation. By the end of this year, I'm excited to announce the launch of my podcast! I am also working on my book, which will help spread the message that deep inner work isn't fringe; it's a powerful way to achieve lasting change. Luxury retreats in inspiring locations are also part of the vision – a chance to nourish the soul, connect with like-minded women, and experience breakthroughs in a truly transformative environment. Ultimately, I see myself as a bridge. I want to connect the high-geared world of business with the transformative power of the subconscious mind and spirituality. It's about helping women rise, step into their full potential, and live lives that are not just successful, but deeply fulfilling.

Christina L. Woods. Photo by: Brianna Shrader- Shy Heart Studios
Christina L. Woods. Photo by: Brianna Shrader- Shy Heart Studios

What is your work inspired by?

My biggest inspiration comes from a place of Oneness – God, my children, and my Higher Self. Seeing it all as interconnected fuels my work. Every day, my two amazing sons and my journey remind me of a powerful message, “we all have the answers we need within ourselves.” This deep inner knowing is what I want them to inherit, and it's the same message I carry with me in all that I do. It fuels my desire to empower others to discover their inner wisdom and create truly fulfilling lives.

That's why my work drives my inspiration. Every day, I get to witness the magic that happens when someone has an "aha" moment. A limiting belief they held onto for so long suddenly drops, and everything clicks. We realize it's just that – a belief, not an unshakeable truth. This shift empowers us to break free from patterns that might have held us back. Once free from our limiting beliefs, we can create healthier, more fulfilling relationships. When we start trusting our intuition, our inner voice starts to whisper words of wisdom, and the world around us changes. Witnessing that transformation is what ignites my passion and keeps me coming back for more. It's an honor to be a part of it all.

I know what it feels like to sit in that place of unworthiness and to feel undeserving. I have deeply felt the constant need to try to fit into the mold of others while sacrificing myself, only to feel loved and accepted. I understand the agony behind doing more and more simply to feel good enough. But I also know that when you can see your divinity; when you can break through all the barriers and beliefs that keep you from seeing your true worth, you can finally feel free, loved, and appreciated! And that love comes from within yourself! We have years of programming to undo, and it can be really tough to see the blinders in the way! But with aligned help and guidance, you can live a life worth living, where all your dreams, hopes, and aspirations are within reach and become a reality!

I want you to know that it is never too late to follow your heart and believe in yourself. Fear does its best to protect us, but it doesn’t allow us to see the possibilities of what could be! The unknown can be scary, but what is even more frightening is staying where we are and living an unfulfilled life wondering… what if? Imagine what it would feel like to take what serves you and discard what no longer aligns. Imagine how much lighter you would feel once you finally allowed yourself to shed those limiting beliefs. How much better could life be if you peeled back the layers to rediscover your true self? That's a powerful journey at any age. You are in full control when you decide that you are ready to live the life you deserve! What if that time were now? Because it can be if you are ready to receive all that you deserve. 

As a successful woman who transitioned into a new career at the age of 50, guiding others on transformative journeys, what key insights do you share with those eager to break free from unconscious obstacles and embrace their true purpose?

The journey to purpose can be exciting, but also a little messy! Here are some tools I've found incredibly helpful:

  • Question Your Thoughts: We all experience moments of doubt. One profound insight I've witnessed in countless clients and within myself is our thoughts don't always mirror reality. By exploring the subconscious, you can discern which thoughts fuel your journey and which limiting beliefs hold you back. Well worth it! This self-discovery empowers you to rewrite the narrative and unlock your true potential. It's a shift that transformed my life, and I witness its transformative power in the lives of the women I guide every day.

  • Trust Your Inner Wisdom: Successful people often prioritize logic. But intuition, that whispers within, holds the key to unlocking fulfillment. Learn to calm your analytical mind and trust your gut. It's a wellspring of creativity, inspiration, and the courage to navigate with clarity. Intuition is your secret weapon. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!

  • Surrender to the Journey: Years of leading and my own journey revealed a truth: life's greatest surprises blossom beyond rigid plans. Embrace the flow and open yourself to unforeseen opportunities for growth and transformation. Holding onto the flexibility to navigate detours unlocks possibilities that exceed your original vision.

  • Seek Sanctuary in Stillness: We all need sacred space for quiet restoration. Finding moments of stillness isn't a luxury; it's a necessity to reconnect with our inner essence and the wellspring of energy that fuels us. Whether it's meditation, nature walks, or a long bath, carve out this sacred space to cultivate inner peace and replenish your spirit. 

  • Escape the Comparison Trap: Social media curates a world of highlight reels, breeding envy and self-doubt. But here's the secret: you're writing your own story. Celebrate your wins, no matter how small. Embrace your unique path, and find joy in the chapters yet to unfold. Change can pull us back into the game of comparing, I know it did for me, and I had to do some realigning. But remember, your journey is yours alone, and it's beautiful!

  • Align Your Energy: Forget the grind! Shift your mindset from relentless work to energy alignment! I once believed the grind was the only way, but aligning your energy is the true game-changer. Imagine the universe as a vast radio station. You choose the frequency (your goals) and broadcast positivity. It's simple, powerful, and a transformative step toward achieving success on your terms!

Do you have a proud moment in your business you want to share?

Yes, absolutely! Two moments come to mind, and both touch on the power of vulnerability and transformation, which are central to the work I do in hypnotherapy, coaching, and healing.  Many entrepreneurs can relate to that initial leap of faith. Here I was, freshly divorced with a mortgage and college-aged kids, leaving a secure, high-paying career. It was terrifying! But a deep knowing propelled me forward. This was my chance to truly empower women, and there was no going back. Starting from scratch might sound daunting, but it can also be incredibly liberating. I am incredibly proud that I followed that deep knowing within me and didn’t let my fears and doubts take the reigns. 

Another moment that comes to mind entails embracing my own vulnerability. Sharing my story of childhood trauma wasn't something I planned. In fact, it was a little terrifying for me and never intended! I was working with this agency, Interview Connections, that really propelled me into the podcasting world. The more they booked me on podcasts, the more I found myself naturally and freely discussing my personal story. It was such a proud moment for me because the more I told my story, the more I realized I had healed the trauma. It simply became a data point that I felt grateful to share in the hopes of inspiring others and allowing them to see the power and possibility of transformation. Little did I know my vulnerability would resonate so deeply. The outpouring of calls, emails, and texts from listeners seeking guidance on their journeys was joyously overwhelming! It was such a beautiful reminder that we are never truly alone in our struggles.

The power of vulnerability can be a strong catalyst for profound change. These experiences solidify that belief. When we courageously share our stories, we not only heal ourselves but also inspire others to do the same. It's this ripple effect of hope and empowerment that motivates me every day.

Here I’d like to share a few testimonials from my amazing clients who have bravely opened up about their transformations:

"Christina's unique approach combines her deep reserves of authenticity, intuition, and care with mind-upgrading techniques for high performance and well-being – a goldmine for anyone seeking transformation! - Rita Hyland, Transformational Executive Life and Leadership Coach

“Working with Christina was like revisiting my childhood and uncovering its subconscious impact on me today. In just a few sessions, I manifested my dream home and a new financial milestone! Her empowering approach reminds me that we control our stories – attracting positivity and embracing a future filled with confidence and potential.” - Ashley Carty, Marketing Agency Founder

“Fear kept me trapped. Christina's method empowered me to heal and rise above. Now, I face the future with confidence, and my family and business are thriving! Her methods can help anyone break free and reach their full potential.” - Christal Sundstrom, CEO & Founder, Christal Cecily Skincare

Are there any exciting projects on the horizon for you? What's next on your plate?

I'm truly energized by what's on the horizon! I have been avidly working toward integrating the Wise Woods Method into additional avenues, such as group programs, innovative hybrid programs, and a self-hypnosis audio collection. My business is in a wonderful stage of growth and development, and I am thrilled to be able to empower even more women on their journeys of self-discovery. 

What advice do you have for people considering working with you, or for those hesitant to try hypnotherapy? 

When considering hypnotherapy, it's natural to have questions or hesitations. One common concern is the misconception that hypnosis involves losing control and acting out scenes from old movies. In reality, hypnotherapy is a deeply relaxing experience where you remain in control at all times. It's akin to entering a state of focused meditation, where you are fully present yet open to profound transformation.

Hypnotherapy has a solid scientific foundation, with studies showcasing its effectiveness in areas such as stress reduction, pain management, and behavior modification. I also make sure to prioritize your safety, adhere to ethical guidelines, and ensure confidentiality throughout the therapeutic process. Together, we make this a collaborative approach where you actively participate in the process, allowing for self-discovery and personal empowerment.

My approach to hypnotherapy is rooted in meeting you exactly where you are on your journey. I specialize in helping women break free from limitations and embrace their inner power. Each session is tailored to your unique needs and goals, creating a safe and supportive environment for exploration and growth.

If you're curious about how hypnotherapy can help you tap into your inner wisdom and unlock your full potential, I invite you to Schedule a free consultation. Together, we can discover if hypnotherapy is the missing piece that can lead you to a life that feels truly magical.

For more info, follow Christina L. Woods on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and visit her website!

Photo by: Brianna Shrader- Shy Heart Studios, IG: @shyheartstudios



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