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From Boardrooms To Book Shelves – Amplifying Women's Voices

Sierra Melcher is founder of Red Thread Publishing LLC. She leads an all-female publishing company, with a mission to support 10,000 women to become successful published authors & thought-leaders.

Executive Contributor Sierra Melcher

In a world where women's voices are often sidelined, their perspectives and experiences offer invaluable insights that benefit us all. From boardrooms to literature, the underrepresentation of women not only perpetuates inequality but also stifles innovation and inclusivity. This article explores the necessity of women's voices in leadership and publishing, highlighting the profound impact of gender diversity on organizations and society. It calls for action to mentor, support, and amplify women's voices, emphasizing that empowering women isn't just a matter of fairness—it's essential for creating a more equitable and prosperous world for everyone.

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The necessity of women's voices

A few years ago, I spent an entire year reading books solely by women authors. Why? I desperately needed to hear perspectives that resonated with my own lived experience. For too long, the world has been shaped predominantly by men's voices. 

The lack of women in leadership across business, publishing, and public thought leadership isn't just an equity issue – it robs us all of diverse ideas and problem-solving approaches. When women's voices are diminished, it creates an incomplete picture of the human experience.

You've likely experienced this in meetings where you're the only woman at the table. Or opened a business book touted as "brilliant" only to find its examples and case studies focus solely on men. The impact is subtle but pervasive – it signals that women's contributions are less valuable.

The data tells the story

Despite progress, the stats are still sobering. Only 8% of Fortune 500 CEOs are women. And while women write prolifically, the top book reviewers and critics heavily favor amplifying men's work over women's. Research shows that men read almost exclusively male authors while women read both male and female authors equally. This leads to the continually skewed perspective of men. Read the article in The Guardian. We founded Red Thread Publishing with a mission to support more women to bring their voices forward in publishing and their relevant fields.

But when women lead, we all win

Studies overwhelmingly show that gender diversity in leadership creates smarter, more innovative, and profitable organizations. Women offer unique strengths like emotional intelligence, resilient problem-solving, and prioritizing social responsibility.  

From the boardrooms of Wall Street to Humanitarian Relief organizations, women's leadership is crucial for developing inclusive, sustainable solutions. After all, women make up over half the world's population – doesn't it make sense to elevate our influence accordingly?

The change starts with you

It's on all of us – men and women – to be catalysts for change within our spheres of influence. A few ideas:

For men:

  • Actively mentor high-potential women on your teams

  • Use your privilege to advocate for women's opportunities

  • Call out bias and sexist behavior when you see it

  • Share power and opportunities by ensuring women get high-visibility projects, a seat at the table, and their ideas are listened to

  • Read more women authors

For women:

  • Fiercely celebrate one another's achievements

  • Build supportive networks and pay it forward

  • Find sponsors by identifying mentors and influential advocates

  • Have confidence in your unique value proposition

  • Take risks and stretch; don't self-limit

Together, we can ensure women's perspectives, experiences, and ideas are empowered to take the lead. The call for more women leaders in business, publishing, and thought leadership is not just a matter of equity; it is an imperative driven by innovation, representation, economic benefit, and the pursuit of a better world. The world will be profoundly better for it.


Sierra Melcher, Author, International Speaker & Educator

Best-selling author, international speaker & educator, Sierra Melcher is founder of Red Thread Publishing LLC. She leads an all-female publishing company, with a mission to support 10,000 women to become successful published authors & thought-leaders. Offering world-class coaching & courses that focus on community, collaboration, and a uniquely feminine approach at every stage of the author process. Sierra has a Master’s degree in education, has spoken & taught around the world. Originally from the United States, Sierra lives in Medellin, Colombia with her young daughter.



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