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Empowering Lives Through Qigong Mastery & Mentorship – Exclusive Interview With Nicole Lee

Nicole Lee is an internationally certified Qigong teacher, with training encompassing both Modern and Classical Qigong styles. Over a span of more than ten years instructing Qigong, she has witnessed the transformative impact of this gentle practice on physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Nicole approaches Qigong with reverence, advocating for a modern and contemporary perspective to make this ancient healing art accessible to those leading busy and demanding lives.

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Nicole Lee, Qigong Devotee, Mentor & Guide

Introduce yourself! Please tell us about you and your life, so we can get to know you better.

I live a slow-paced life in a beautiful part of the world… After years in Melbourne and some time abroad, I found myself drawn back to my country roots. And wouldn't you know it, that's where I met my partner, and now we're engaged!

Rewind a bit, and you'd find me feeling stuck in a job that just didn't fulfil me. I wanted something more meaningful, something that would make a real difference. So, I took a chance and left that career behind. After some searching, I was guided to Qigong, a practice that resonated with me in ways I never expected.

Little did I know at that time that this subtle, yet powerful practice would become my passion and vocation!

Fast forward to now, and I've been sharing the teachings of Qigong for over a decade. It's been a journey, but it's brought me to a place where I feel connected, purposeful, and surrounded by nature's beauty. It's pretty much the life I always hoped for!

Can you provide an overview of Nicole Lee Qigong's mission and the services you offer?

When I stumbled upon Qigong and started practising it, I was blown away by how much it transformed me. It was like discovering a hidden gem, and I couldn't help but wonder why more people weren't into it. It became crystal clear to me that sharing Qigong with others was the ‘something’ I was called to do.

As I began teaching Qigong, I saw the same spark in my students' eyes — they were coming home to themselves in the same way. It was like they had been waiting for something like this too. That's when I knew my mission had begun – sharing Qigong far and wide, especially in modern Western culture.

Over the years I taught thousands of Qigong classes and workshops and during that time students started to ask me about how to become a Qigong Teacher and whether I could offer a facilitator training. That’s how the first of my Qigong Teacher Training programs was born…

Now my primary mission is fostering more Qigong teachers and facilitators worldwide so my focus is my Qigong Teacher Training programs and helping individuals understand and embody the principles of Life Nurturing Practices.

What inspired you to start Nicole Lee Qigong, and what sets your approach to Qigong practice apart from others?

Nicole Lee Qigong sort of just happened naturally, I didn’t decide to start it! What makes my approach to teaching Qigong unique is that I haven't been tied down to one teacher, school, or lineage. While it's typical in traditional settings to stick with one master or school, I've taken a different route. I've soaked up wisdom from various masters, teachers, texts, and traditions, constantly learning and integrating new insights over the past decade. Tradition never really resonated with me – I've always been more about carving out my path. As a result, I teach Qigong in a way that feels relevant to today's world, blending traditional wisdom with a contemporary approach, while retaining the essence and integrity of the practice.

How do you tailor Qigong programs to meet the diverse needs and skill levels of your clients?

I’ve found that it’s the way that one teaches Qigong that’s important… the method or system of teaching, so I’ve created Qigong Teacher Training programs around that. There are two main programs, each tailored to suit different needs. One program entails a 60-hour commitment, while the other offers a more comprehensive training spanning 200 hours. 

What I've noticed is that many individuals keen on learning Qigong for teaching purposes are already involved in holistic health or related fields. For them, it's about seamlessly incorporating Qigong into their existing practices. They're essentially looking to add another valuable tool to their toolkit, enhancing the services they provide to their clients. Most people are busy and engaged in life so it's important that the training is manageable and fits their needs effectively.

The comprehensive program is designed for those eager to delve deeply into Qigong, mastering multiple forms, and sequences, and delving into the rich theory and philosophy behind it. If your goal is to become a Qigong Teacher as your main profession, then the comprehensive program is the way to go.

In what ways does Nicole Lee Qigong incorporate traditional principles of Qigong while also adapting to modern lifestyles and needs?

This is where the method or system I mentioned earlier really shines. What's crucial for people to fully embrace Qigong for its healing, wellness, and spiritual benefits is accessibility. Traditional Qigong forms typically require an hour or more of practice, which can be a challenge in our fast-paced world where everyone is a bit time-poor. Plus, mastering a traditional form demands a significant time commitment, something many of us struggle to find nowadays. The way I teach Qigong prioritises accessibility, enabling practitioners to experience the benefits of practice in shorter, more manageable sessions. Traditional practice is magical and highly recommended, but it may not be feasible for everyone in today's busy culture.

What are the primary barriers that individuals face when considering incorporating Qigong into their lives?

One major obstacle that stands out is our resistance to changing ingrained habits; humans are creatures of habit, after all! The main challenge for many is committing to practising Qigong consistently, whether it's daily or every other day. This is why I suggest shorter, more manageable practice sessions, lasting around 10 to 20 minutes.

What can truly change lives is realising that Qigong goes beyond just moving slowly and mindfully—it's about much more than that. As students delve deeper into this modality, they begin to grasp that Qigong permeates every aspect of their lives. It's not just about the physical practice; it's about how they stand, breathe, eat, interact in relationships, respond to events, and even their surrounding environment. Once this holistic understanding sinks in, incorporating Qigong into their daily routines becomes much more natural—a true embodiment of its essence.

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