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Written by: Tom & Ania Yatar, Executive Contributor

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We give our businesses our sweat, blood, tears, and energy. Over time, the business becomes an entity of its own and, just like a child, acquires its own identity. Some of the identity is given by us, but a part of it gets shaped by other external factors.

Our business's energy gets influenced by the beliefs we carry with us, our hopes and expectations, and the energies that other people bring to it. It is possible that as time passes by, we begin to lose touch with our initial dreams for the business and disconnect with it energetically.

Restoring the connection with our business's energy can help us open the channels of communication with it, listen to what it wants to tell us, and express to it what is in our hearts. It helps align our energies with our business's energy, leading to a more congruent and harmonious relationship.

How to connect to the energy of your business

If you seek to connect to your business's energy, you can follow these steps to achieve that.

Step 1: Prepare yourself for meditation.

Come into a meditative position, one in which you feel connected to the energy of the earth. A sitting posture is recommended as it helps you stay more alert. Take some time to settle into the space, connect to your breath and allow yourself to relax.

Notice how your body is feeling. Allow your body to relax and let go of any tension it might be carrying.

Step 2: Set an intention.

As you begin to come into the moment while you are sitting in your meditation, set an intention of what you would like to achieve from the practice. Your intention could be to connect to the energy of your business, or to communicate with the energy of your business, or something else.

Making the intention clear at the beginning of your practice will help you stay focused and make you more open to receiving. It will also help give out a clear sign to the universe of what you want to achieve to assist you in your practice.

Step 3: Clear your energies.

Communication is a two-way process. To be able to connect to the energy of your business, it is important that your own energies are without distortions or interference.

Start following the cycle of your breath. As you inhale, visualize breathing in light from the universe. As you exhale, visualize any negativity that you might be holding and anything that does not serve you any longer to go back into the earth. Repeat this cycle a few times.

Step 4: Feel the energy of your business.

Once your energies are cleared, try and sense the presence of the energy of your business. You can visualize a screen and on that screen invite that energy to appear to you.

Keep your mind open to what wants to come up. It can take any shape or form. Try and see what form it is taking, what the colors are, if there is a texture, and if there is a size.

Allow the image to fully form in your mind. Once you have this image, notice how you feel about it. What is the experience that you are receiving?

Step 5: Mend your relationship with your business.

Consciously and subconsciously, we tend to impose our fears and expectations on our business. This leads to pressures on the business. When we cannot match our expectations with the outcomes, we begin to engage in negative talk about the business, like judgments and limiting beliefs.

Take some time to think about the judgments and limiting beliefs you might be holding about your business. Release them with your out-breath. As you breathe in, honor your business. Commit to not engaging in negative talk about your business. Ask for forgiveness.

Step 6: Open the communication.

Ask your business if there is anything that it wants to communicate to you. You can also ask for specific questions like the vision that your business has for itself, the growth that it wants to see, and the impact that it wants to create.

You can then communicate to your business if there is anything you want to say to it. Express your goals and desires. Express your purpose and calling.

You can also connect with your business and think about what you would like to achieve together and your long-term and short-term goals.

Step 7: Express gratitude.

As the last step, take some time to feel thankful for your business. Think about all the wonderful things it has brought into your life. Think about the things in yourself that you have realized because of your business.

Express this gratitude to your business. Appreciate it.

How often should you do this practice?

You can repeat this practice as often as you need to. However, once you have completed the practice, write down everything that you have perceived and received on paper. When you feel lost or disconnected, you can always return to the messages you have with you.

For a shorter and more consistent practice, try journaling every day about your business. These could be any intuitions you have about your business decisions, any affirmations that you would like to use, or your points of gratitude for your business.

In closing

Your business is an extension of you. By better connecting with its energy and existence, you will be able to better connect with your own life goals and purpose.

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Tom & Ania Yatar, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

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