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Charting New Paths In Personal Growth – Exclusive Interview With Celeste Fernandez

In the realm of personal and professional development, Celeste Fernandez stands out as a transformative figure. As a High-Impact Transformational Coach and certified Grief Recovery Method Specialist, she brings a unique blend of nursing and corporate experience to her role as the founder of Mindfull Presence. Known for her empathetic and strategic approach, Celeste has become a valuable resource for ambitious professionals seeking growth and empowerment. In this interview, we explore how her signature SPA approach is enabling individuals to overcome self-doubt and imposter syndrome, leading them to confidently pursue their dreams.

Image photo of Celeste Fernandez

Celeste Fernandez, High-Impact Transformational Coach

What inspired the creation of Mindfull Presence?

Mindfull Presence was born out of a deep understanding of the human psyche, interconnected with my own journey through different career chapters. Witnessing a common thread of unfulfillment despite meeting the societal norms of success, I felt called to offer a new path. Mindfull Presence is about helping individuals rediscover their authentic selves and align their lives with their true desires and values.

Your innovative SPA Method is central to Mindfull Presence. Could you elaborate on that?

Absolutely. SPA; Sharpen clarity, Power resilience, and Awaken dreams; is the cornerstone of my methodology. It’s about guiding individuals to a deeper understanding of themselves (Sharpen clarity), building their capacity to adapt and grow through life’s challenges (Power resilience), and empowering them to confidently chase their true aspirations (Awaken dreams).

Implementing such a transformative approach must have had its challenges. How did you navigate your biggest hurdle?

The biggest challenge was altering the deeply ingrained belief that success is solely defined by external achievements, such as the annual salary you make, the title you’ve been promoted into, or even the type of car you drive. This was tackled by providing tangible examples of how a shift in mindset, as facilitated by the SPA approach, leads to a more holistic form of success. The stories of transformation and contentment among our clients speak volumes.

How does Mindfull Presence facilitate a journey of self-discovery?

The journey of self-discovery at Mindfull Presence is deeply introspective, interactive and action-oriented, especially during the first two seasons of the journey. During the Sharpen clarity season, I utilize the acronym CLARITY as the foundation for this work. This stands for Curiosity, Learning, Authenticity, Reflection, Intention, Thoughtfulness, and Yearning.

For each aspect, I create a space for individuals to question and reflect upon their true desires, values, and beliefs. Then, I provide specific action tasks. For instance, under Curiosity, I might ask clients to explore their own inquisitive nature to better understand what truly holds their interests. I provide a Curiosity journal so that they can jot down their thoughts, ideas, and reflections. I encourage them to fill it with things that catch their attention and also write down why it caught their attention.

Similarly, in the Power resilience season, our action work is structured around the acronym NUANCE, which stands for Navigate, Understand, Adapt, Nurture, Change, and Empower. Here, I guide clients in developing strategies to take proactive control of their lives, making decisions that resonate with their core values and aspirations.

Resilience is a key aspect of your coaching. How do you help individuals build this trait?

To me, resilience is about adaptability and growth in the face of adversity and grief. We use various tools and strategies, including aspects from the Grief Recovery Method, to help individuals understand and process their emotions. This understanding is pivotal in building resilience and transforming challenges into opportunities for growth.

How has this approach transformed the lives of your clients?

The transformations are profound. Individuals who once felt lost in the success narrative that society spins, now find themselves pursuing paths aligned with their genuine aspirations and values. I’ve seen clients move from uncertainty and self-doubt to a place of strength and self-assurance. It’s about empowering them to lead lives filled with purpose and joy. They’re not just succeeding; they’re thriving in alignment with their authentic selves, which is incredibly rewarding to witness.

What are your final thoughts?

In our discussions today at Mindfull Presence, we’ve reimagined what success and fulfillment can look like when they stem from a place of authentic personal growth. With my SPA approach, strengthened by the principles of CLARITY and NUANCE, I empower individuals to break free from societal molds, charting their own paths in personal and professional realms. This journey is as unique as you are – it’s not just about achieving outward success, but about nurturing a profound transformation from within.

This transformation is the core of my mission. It’s about resonating with your actions, aligning your ambitions with your inner values, and embracing life’s challenges as opportunities for growth. As a coach, I am committed to being a catalyst for this profound change, guiding individuals to unlock their potential and embrace a life of authenticity and purpose. At Mindfull Presence, we go beyond traditional coaching; we nurture lives resonating with purpose, authenticity, and deep fulfillment.

How can people find you, reach out to you, or work with you?

If you’re inspired by the journey of self-discovery and transformation we’ve explored today and want to start your own path with Mindfull Presence, I’m here to guide and support you. For those seeking to align their professional achievement with personal authenticity, or to navigate the complexities of life with resilience and confidence, our doors are always ope

You can discover more about our unique SPA approach and how it can be a catalyst in you life by visiting the Mindfull Presence website. There, you’ll find resources, insights, and stories of transformation that speak to the heart of what we do. If you’re ready to take the first step or simply want to learn more, I encourage you to connect with me on Instagram or LinkedIn. Together, we can chart a course towards a life that’s not only successful by societal standards but deeply fulfilling and authentically yours. It’s not just about climbing the ladder of success; it’s about ensuring it’s leaning against the right wall. Your wall. Your journey starts now.

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