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Being Human With Your Children

Written by: Jennifer Wert, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


“I’ve absolutely no idea what I’m doing; you know that, right darling?”

In the dark, on my knees, leaning on my elbows on her bed, I let myself be completely and utterly vulnerable.

“What do you mean, Mama?”

“I mean that you know I’ve never been a parent before, before having you. You’re my first, and so everything I do and say and try as your Mom is new to me. I’ve NO idea what I’m doing, “ the tears fill my words up, slowing them as they make their honest way out of my throat...

“I’m just making it up as I go along and doing my best to be a good example for you, trying to guide you and take care of you as best I can. All while taking care of myself, too,” the words so full now, so full of truth, they soften, soon easily meshing with hers…

“Oh, Mama,” Tate whispers. She looks at me, there on my knees in front of her, wonder dissipating her anger, reminding her of my humanness. Her whole body hears me, “I know, I know you do…”

Who knew being intimate like this with your child would be possible? Would be so humbling and key to your connecting?

As an educator for many years, I put connection first. Connecting with my students and their parents. An open heart, indeed, was what I led with in my professional roles. I was more direct and truthful with my families than others in the field. It’s what made me stand out as a teacher.

But never could I compare those experiences to what it’s like to open your heart fully to your own child, a being you love with everything in you. This kind of openness is raw and what ‘true’ family means.

As I work with parents across the world, I hear over and over again how much they want to feel close to their children. Somewhere along the way, they got caught in their ego or fear, caught in their inherited expectations - and found themselves stuck, getting in their own way.

So much of my time with clients is spent reflecting on who they are and how to share their honest selves with their children. How to let go of assumptions and unconscious habits and be themselves. Be the messy, imperfect, raw humans they are. This is where the truth in families blossoms and opportunities for closeness abound.

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Jennifer Wert, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Professional Parent Coach, Jenn Wert, serves parents of young children around the globe who are looking for support in their conscious parenting. With a Master’s in Education, educator, and doula experience along with post-graduate social-emotional training, Jenn knows how to counsel parents who want to authentically communicate with their children. After decades of her own therapy, while concurrently working with many different family types, she brings honesty to her conversations and discernment to her listening that allows clients to grow. Jenn inspires parenting that is nurturing, true and transformative.



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