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Becoming Your True Self Letting Go Of Identity

Leon is a Life and Executive Coach. His experiences paved the way and his clients are typically, leaders, business professionals, and entrepreneurs. He brings his own personality to each session. His style of coaching is as unique as his story, transitional coaching, with a spiritual approach for clients who are open to change.

Executive Contributor Leon Kammer

Imagine how much wasted energy is required to retain our identity, who we think we are and the baggage we hold onto in doing so. When we allow our identity—who we think we are—to measure our decisions and how we relate to people, we let our identity take charge of our values. This often disconnects us from our true selves. Instead of being guided by our genuine essence, we form opinions and live our lives based on this constructed identity, which is not who we really are.

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When we realise that we are not our identity, we can achieve so much more in every area of our lives, because we don’t let who we think we are control us, we let go.

By diving deeper and getting in touch with our true selves, life becomes more creative, and we care less about how others perceive us or how we react to others. In this self-discovery, by letting go of our identity, we grow and allow our soul and light to guide us.


Self-reflection is essential for understanding who we truly are. Setting aside time each day to sit quietly and contemplate our thoughts, feelings, and actions, even five minutes.

"Why did I respond in that way?"

By regularly reflecting on our actions and motivations, we can start to identify what is driven by our true self versus what is influenced by our identity, who we think we are.


Mindfulness helps us stay present and observe our thoughts without judgment. This practice can reveal how often our identity influences our thoughts and behaviors.

As you practice mindfulness, you’ll become more aware of the automatic responses driven by your identity and can start to let them go, allowing your inner self to emerge.

Embracing your true self

Remember that the goal is to connect with your true self, not the identity you’ve created.

This process can be challenging, because you have been who you think you are for a long time. But it;s also incredibly rewarding.

As you let go of the need to live up to a specific identity, you’ll find that life becomes more creative and fulfilling.

You’ll care less about others’ perceptions and more about living authentically.

Now we can give ourselves the opportunity to become much more than who we believed we were.

Let go and watch as you grow into the person you were always meant to be.


Leon Kammer, Life and Executive Coach

Born in Kazakstan and migrating to Germany and then to Australia, proved to be a hard start for Leon Kammer. From these basic roots he followed a creative urge, firstly in the music business, while studying for a diploma as a Fashion Designer, developing his own brand when he was in his mid twenties.

Fashion comes and goes and approached by a friend, he entered the PR business, learning the business on the go. On a whirlwind trip to London and excited by the London fashion scene he re-entered the fashion business. Always curious Leon was offered the opportunity to market American Health and Nutrition products in Thailand. Taking the risk, the family moved from Australia to Thailand. The next stop was a year New York and a year Paris, deciding to settle in Rome, where nobody wanted protein shakes, it was time to get creative again and by chance an opportunity showed itself to launch a short term holiday rental company. It started with twenty five apartments and the company quickly grew to five hundred apartments with offices in Rome and ten people on staff. London was calling and the journey continued, another move into London’s Chelsea. With these experiences and now armed with several coaching certificates and diplomas, coaching was definite must. It had to be.



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