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Achieving Success And Emphasising Discipline – Exclusive Interview With Peter Ristevski

Peter Ristevski has developed tax and asset protection structures that no other accounting firm in Australia has, where he continues to help Australian businesses access through his Dubai office. After decades of experience in business, Peter is committed to sharing his insights and knowledge to Australian business through his Virtual CFO services, which help small business owners and entrepreneurs grow and succeed. Away from business, Peter is running for Mayor of Liverpool under the make liverpool great again banner working with the trump campaign team.

Photo of Peter Ristevski

Peter Ristevski, The 1% Accountant

Introduce yourself! Please tell us about you and your life, so we can get to know you better.

Peter Ristevski, a prominent figure in Australia's business realm and advisor to businesses, shares valuable insights on achieving success and the significant role of discipline in one's life.

Few accountants have attained success in both business and media like Peter Ristevski. Renowned as the 1% accountant and financial surgeon, Ristevski has left an indelible mark on the business landscape and media industry, establishing himself as one of Australia's most recognisable accountants.

Ristevski gained prominence as the founder of Investment Plus Accounting Group. His accomplishments in business paved the way for a flourishing career in accounting. 

Drawing from his diverse career experiences, Ristevski now focuses on advising Australian businesses by sharing his wealth of knowledge. Apart from conventional business strategies and insights, he underscores the significance of certain lifestyle adjustments and mindsets in achieving success. A pivotal aspect he highlights is discipline. According to Ristevski, maintaining discipline in your life is fundamental to preparing for success.

Discussing the importance of discipline in striving for success, Peter Ristevski emphasises the essence of routine and the commitment to adhering to it. Establishing a routine is crucial to fostering discipline. This may encompass a morning regimen dictating wake-up times, breakfast choices, or attire selection, all of which contribute significantly to one's daily structure and planning.

Peter emphasises the significance of discipline while also advocating for the value of stepping away from your regular routine to allow yourself a chance to recharge. According to him, "Incorporating breaks into your routine is essential for taking a moment to pause and reset. This could involve setting aside time once a month to reflect on the happenings in your life. It's not merely about work; it's about dedicating time to personal growth and self-improvement."

Focusing greatly on the importance of a structured routine, how does Peter approach his mornings? At 51 years old, he consistently rises at a fixed hour each day and prioritises a gym session before commencing work. Prior to delving into his tasks, Peter conscientiously gathers pertinent tax news updates to remain well-informed about potential developments that could impact his day ahead. He’s always one step ahead.

How do you kickstart your day to set the stage for success? Is there a specific morning routine you follow?

I typically begin my day bright and early at 5:00am. After rising, I kick off the morning with a cup of coffee and a serving of eggs. Following this, I head to the gym for an early workout session, engaging in different exercises each day with the aim of maintaining a consistent routine. I strive to incorporate physical activity into my daily schedule, reserving one day a week for a leisurely walk in lieu of intense exercise. Subsequently, I transition to my office space, where I delve into relevant newspapers to stay informed. By 8:30, I am geared up and prepared to commence my workday.

To maintain focus and peak performance, Peter integrates various wellness practices into his daily regimen. Whether it involves meditation, practicing mindfulness, or creating mental clarity by blocking out distractions, Peter relies on a range of rituals to center his thoughts and optimise his mental state.

“I dedicate a significant amount of time to practicing mindfulness and being fully present in the moment, which I find to be an excellent way to kick off my day”. 

Do you follow any wellness routines that aid in maintaining focus and promoting well-being?

I make an effort to incorporate meditation into my routine. I have a designated space in my office for meditation, but I can also practice it in my car if needed. I relax and concentrate on my breath during these sessions.

For me, going to the gym is a form of meditation as well. My workout routine is well-established, and I view it as a meditative practice. During my gym sessions, I prioritise deep breathing, block out distractions, leave my phone aside, and refrain from listening to music. I focus solely on the movements and sensations, whether I'm doing cardio or resistance training, aiming to be fully present in the moment.

In the mornings, I engage in small mindful practices. Instead of quickly drinking my coffee, I take the time to savor its flavor. I invest time in being present and attentive, believing it to be a beneficial way to kickstart my day.

With extensive experience in business growth, Peter is a recognised authority in the accounting field. Throughout his career, Peter has dedicated himself to establishing innovative strategies that disrupt the traditional tax planning status quo of every other accountant. His wealth of expertise encompasses valuable insights and guidance for achieving success in business.

What key advice do you have for achieving success?

One crucial tip is to engage with others. Through my accounting business, I pass on the knowledge and insights I've gained from my experiences, which largely stem from interactions with people. Collaboration has always been fundamental to my endeavors, and I constantly communicate with my partners to leverage their expertise. When seeking guidance, I bypass traditional sources like newspapers and turn to industry experts and insiders. My advice for success is to actively engage with and learn from a diverse range of individuals.

Furthermore, establishing a framework is essential for success. Develop your narrative, cultivate the right mindset, devise a strategic plan, and thoroughly understand the landscape you are operating in. Constructing a solid framework enables you to seek out relevant information that aligns with your objectives. Filter out the noise, focus solely on pertinent details, and avoid getting overwhelmed by irrelevant distractions such as endless scrolling on social media. Without a clear framework, it becomes challenging to discern what information is valuable and applicable to your goals.

Are there additional qualities that contribute to success?

Certainly, traits like diligence and focused effort are crucial, but another significant attribute is awareness. Being cognizant of global events equips you with the capacity to anticipate developments and exercise foresight. This level of awareness cannot be attained solely through passive news consumption; it necessitates proactive engagement. For instance, attending a function where the treasurer is speaking, even if it requires a modest fee, can provide valuable insights from the individual responsible for tax law.

Peter is eager to share his expertise and accumulated knowledge with business leaders through his upcoming book “Tax Secrets Of The Rich 1%” which will offer insights on effective tax minimisation strategies and how to execute them. 

What is the aim of the book and what can readers anticipate?

The concept has been in the works for a few years and mirrors my longstanding practice centered around tax-related strategies to a diverse audience comprising business owners, small business proprietors, ambitious entrepreneurs, and individuals seeking tax minimisation opportunities.

The goal is to offer readers insights they typically do not encounter. The objective is to better understand and confront the complex Tax Act, emphasising the importance of tax structures. I plan to present this information candidly, drawing from discussions with tax experts and government officials, and distill it into straightforward terms. The focus is on breaking down the tax landscape in a clear and direct manner and finding loopholes in the system. The emphasis is on transcending the noise, gaining clarity on one's path forward, and learning from those who have navigated similar challenges successfully. This encapsulates the essence of what the book seeks to achieve.

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