7 Reasons Why a Lead Magnet Funnel Makes Selling High-Ticket Offers Easier

Written by: Sunu Philip, Executive Contributor

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Do you run a coaching business that sells high-ticket offers?

It can be a struggle to get consistent leads and sales rolling in month after month.

One thing that can help you streamline the process to sell your high-ticket offers easily is setting up a lead magnet funnel.

A lead magnet funnel to sell premium packages consists of a series of free lead magnets and email sequences that would attract your ideal client and get them to buy from you.

A lead magnet funnel to sell high-end premium offers can include two types of lead magnets:

  • An entry-level lead magnet (like a planner or eBook)

  • A high-value lead magnet (like a training or challenge)

It would also require an intricate combination of email sequences which include:

  • Relationship-building emails: To connect with your audience and build their trust.

  • Ascension emails: To move them a step further in the customer journey.

  • Sales emails: To convince them to buy something from you.

Now that we’ve defined what a lead magnet funnel is, let’s dive into why a lead magnet funnel makes the process of selling your high-ticket offers easier.

1. Connecting with your ideal client.

You won't ask someone to marry you on their first date, will you?

You’ll have to go out a couple of times, build a connection and learn to trust each other. All this takes time.

Similarly, your ideal client will have to see you a few times before they can connect with you.

The time it takes for this process can vary from person to person and industry to industry, but a lead magnet funnel can speed it up.

When your audience repeatedly sees the value you provide, they’ll be ready to invest in your high-ticket offer.

2. Creates multiple touchpoints for nurturing.

Attracting your ideal client is just the beginning. To build a good relationship, it’s essential to nurture them with regular communication.

A lead magnet funnel allows you to do that through the email sequences.

Even if someone follows you on social media, email communication is an additional medium to nurture them.

When they see you on social media and again see your emails, they recognize the value you provide through your resources.

This creates multiple touchpoints to connect with your ideal client and build a stronger relationship so they’ll eventually buy from you.

3. Social media is changing.

If there’s one thing we know for sure in the online business realm, it’s that social media is always changing.

You can’t entirely be sure that what works today will work tomorrow. The rules and algorithms keep changing every day.

So, you can’t completely depend on social media to attract new leads, nurture them and convert them into paying clients.

When you get people to sign up for your email list, it’s an additional way to communicate with them.

And bonus, it’s something you own. So, you have more control over it than a social media platform owned by a business conglomerate.

4. Allows you to serve from your heart.

Setting up a lead magnet funnel allows you to serve your people from your heart. You’re creating a system that not just brings in sales but allows you to become a changemaker in your circle of influence.

Every time you create a free resource, share a story, or divulge valuable tips, you are unconditionally giving your audience something that can positively impact their life or business.

You are becoming a changemaker, not just to your audience but the society at large.

5. Grants you freedom.

Having a lead magnet funnel all set up gives you a whole lot of freedom. It works behind the scenes 24/7, freeing up your mind to focus on other matters essential to your business.

It gives you freedom of time since you don’t have to be present for the system to work.

It gives you freedom from the stress and overwhelm that can plague you if you’re not getting sufficient leads or sales each month.

You don’t have to worry about hitting your numbers. You know there’s a system in place that keeps attracting new leads, nurturing them, and pitching them your high-ticket offer.

6. It gives you room to diversify your business.

If you’re thinking of diversifying your business and putting out more offers, a lead magnet funnel will make this a breeze.

Since you already have a lead magnet funnel in place for one high-ticket offer, you can easily duplicate the system and adapt it to meet your business's changing needs.

Even if you want to pivot and change the direction of your business, you can always count on the email list you’ve built to give you a good head start.

7. Easy to analyze and tweak.

All good businesses have to adapt and grow to accommodate the changing needs of their audience.

Every component of the lead magnet funnel can be analyzed to check if it’s working as expected or not.

You can do split testing to check which version gets more conversions. You can check the reports to see what’s working and what’s not.

If a particular lead magnet isn’t getting enough sign-ups or a specific email sequence isn’t getting many conversions, you can make a note of it and plan to upgrade it.

You can easily tweak some elements of the system as required to better serve your audience.

You don’t have to entirely overhaul the system unless that’s what you want. Just a few minor changes here and there can make a huge difference in the number of leads and sales the funnel brings in.

A lead magnet funnel is the best way to sell your high-ticket offers simply because it works.

It’s a foolproof system to attract new leads with valuable resources, connect with your ideal client, get them interested in what you have to offer, and then convince them to buy from you.

And the best part is that, once it's all set up, it works relentlessly in the background, requiring little attention from you to keep it going.

Interested in setting up an evergreen high-ticket lead magnet funnel for your business? I’d be happy to help.

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Sunu Philip, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Sunu is an international lead magnet expert, specializing in creating a lead magnet and launch funnels that help coaches and consultants consistently sell their high-ticket offers with ease. She has been in the digital marketing industry for the last 12+ years working with varied industries and has helped her clients generate £3 Million+ yearly income through SEO and inbound marketing strategies. A high-school teacher turned online marketing consultant, Sunu is passionate about supporting people who love to transform the lives and businesses of their clients.

Over the past 2 years alone (since she embraced the title ’The Lead Magnet Lady’), Sunu has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs and small business owners share their story, build their tribe, increase their impact, and get more leads and sales by designing and setting up efficient lead magnet and launch funnels for their businesses.



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