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7 Effective Coaching Skills To Use In Your Workplace

Written by: Anna Frummerin, Executive Contributor

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In today’s competitive business and career scenarios, your practical skills are what sets you apart and get the attention of your bosses/potential customers. Today, Coaching is quite a popular concept in both corporate and business in terms of improving performance, and here are seven of them I am presenting to you through this article.

Books of training, development and skills are sitting on top of each other.

1. Building rapport & trust

This is extremely important in the context of any type of communication between you and your colleagues/customers so that you can gain & keep their trust.

2. Creating a safe place to open up.

People open up and share confidential or sensitive information only when they are comfortable to do so and creating a non-judgmental environment facilitates openness in people.

3. Be in a peak emotional state – Transfer your enthusiasm to achieve results for your client.

How you show up in terms of your energy influences the other person. Whether it is a casual conversation, board meeting or a sales presentation, if you are positive, vibrant and empowering, people will feel it and vice-versa.

4. Active listening – show you care for the other person

Have you heard the expression – “Leaders speak last”? Rather than speaking all the time and imposing your views on others, the skill of active listening enables you to have the patience and leadership to listen to what everyone else has to say.

5. Powerful questioning – Create breakthroughs for your colleagues and clients

One of the most powerful ways a coach helps you to transform your life and your results is through the art of powerful questioning. When you develop this skill, you will be able to form open-ended, empowering questions that will facilitate your staff/customers to think in new ways so that they can have breakthroughs to achieve new results.

6. Accountability & responsibility

Most leaders and senior executives set the agenda and create an action plan and after the meeting is over when everyone goes back to their same old routines and habits. The skill of accountability and responsibility enables you to create a sense of ownership in yourself and others in your team so that the action plan is implemented systematically.

7. Celebrate success

Every time your team members and (or) clients’ achieve their goals, it is important to acknowledge and reward them so that they feel appreciated and naturally want to do more. Rewards don’t have to be expensive gifts, sometimes it can just be a heartfelt compliment that makes them feel important and recognized.

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Anna Frummerin, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Anna Frummerin is a Leadership & Mindset Coach with a core focus on helping her clients achieve results by enhancing their mindset and improving their communication. As a 4-time cancer survivor, she has discovered through her own life experience what it takes to win in life no matter what the challenges are. She is a Certified NLP Leadership Coach, ICF Certified Executive, Life Coach, and Action Learning Team Coach and has dedicated her life to helping others become the best version of them. She is the founder of A New Approach (ANA) An online coaching and training company serving clients across the globe. Her mission: Discover the "Hidden Champion" inside and win big at The Game of Life.



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