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5 Colors To Replace Black

Written by: Ana In Style, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


While it is still unpopular to wear anything else that could sufficiently replace black, more and more women are beginning to find the courage and explore the alternatives. Especially in darker months, this color of the other side is tempting as is the one who rules there. I am guilty of constantly reaching out for it myself. And this is the reason I love exploring the alternatives even more. Let us dive in and see what alternatives there are to have us make fresher, more intriguing, more inviting choices.

It is interesting to observe how black is omnipresent everywhere.

A paradox comes to mind: black is omnipresent but the most favorite color all over the world is blue… Just in case you were eager to know.


What does black have that no other color has?

I will tell you what it is. CONVENIENCE.

Yes, convenience.

Because few people take the time to explore other colors. “Just take black and you don’t need to think about it.”

People like to take easy shortcuts. “Just take the pill and you will look like a supermodel.”

Oh, you don’t believe this statement?

Just take the pill and you will look like a supermodel?

Of course you don’t.

So why should you believe black can solve it all? It doesn’t.

We need to put some effort into anything of value.

Wearing colors and our outfits, in general, are no exception.

Black gives you a crapy mood just like that cake you ate too fast so that nobody would see you.

It is heavy and, yes, even negative. It makes you unapproachable. Do you really want to be unapproachable when you are trying to show up as open, relatable, and likable?

Black is an empty canvas. It is not even a color. The black hole has it in its name. Do you really want to walk around like a dark hole? Some people do, I’m not judging, I used to be one of them.

But think of your own reality, your message, your values.

If there is no darkness in them, save yourself and stay away from black.

If you have a bubbly personality. Please, do yourself a favor and ditch the black forever.

You will thank me later.

If you ever opened a fashion blog or a fashion magazine, you know THE statements.

“Little black dress is a staple.”

“X color is the new black.”

“Black is coming back.”

“Every woman needs to own a pair of black jeans/black biker jacket.”

It appears no other color can dictate the same message as black.

But then I ask you, does it even need to?

Black creates a distance and makes us unapproachable.

Wearing all black can signal that we are hiding, want to be left alone.

It is the color of the dark side, the shadow.

Is this a message you really want to convey as an entrepreneur?

Nothing wrong if you do, but I’m just sayin’…

It is a color of authority and confidence, durability, wealth and abundance, luxury.

Now let’s take a look at other colors that can take over its heavy load.

The 5 main colors to replace black are:

Purple for authority, Red for confidence, Green for durability, White for class, Brown for elegance.

Specific shades allow for variety and more subtle nuances to be used for different events.

  • Authority, heaviness, mystery – purple such as amethyst or plum demands even more authority

  • Empty canvas - ivory

  • Confidence and power – red, navy

  • Durability – emerald green, khaki

  • Wealth and high-class ­– golden yellow, rose

  • Abundance – yellow, white

  • Being your own authority - silver

  • Luxury and elegance – chocolate brown, gold, white, rose, emerald green, burgundy, ruby red

Add any of the colors some glitter and you will elevate it even more.

As an expert you know it is the packaging that sells.

Our apparel is our packaging and our knowledge I the product inside.

Wearing black is like putting your product in a plain cardboard box like everyone else.

It is the easiest and the safest solution and anyone can do it.

With trial and error as well as some creativity, you can create your own box.

Or you leave it to professionals who can do that for you and save you time, money, and lessen your decision fatigue so that you can have more time for your family, friends, and your business.

A personal stylist, an image consultant, or a visual brand consultant should have the knowledge to show you the fastest and the most efficient way.

If you would like to learn more about the colors or discuss this topic further with me, I invite you to join the Appearance, Attraction, Authenticity for Successful High-Achievers Facebook group. In this space, we explore individual colors, their meaning, their impact on the wearer and the viewer, and the possibilities to create harmonious outfits regardless of your shape, age or size.

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Ana In Style, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Ana Malovrh, also known as Ana in Style, is the founder of Choose Your Signature Style™. She is a Certified Virtual Personal Stylist and Visual Brand Consultant. As a talented but introverted linguist, she had discovered the power of nonverbal communication that transformed her life. She now works with high achievers and empaths who would like to level up their success by feeling confident and aligned with their inner essence through their signature style. With her keen eye for supposedly unrelatable connections, she created a fusion named The Feng Shui Apparel System™ to help her maverick clients feel confident and secure even in the most unfavorable or highly competitive environments. Outside the public eye, she is a patient and loving special needs mom.



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