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4 Ingredients To Achieve Your Goals And Shape The Life You Want

Written by: Anna Frummerin, Executive Contributor

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Everyone wants to be happier, successful and fulfilled. But why is it that only a small number of people get to achieve their goals while the majority live in the world of wishing and dreaming? Have you ever thought about what makes the difference in people’s lives? Is it talent? Is it their financial situation? Gender? Nationality? I believe the difference is made in learning and applying what is proven and already works instead of just trying to figure everything out by yourself or by merely wishing things just happened the way you wish. Based on my almost half a decade of experience as a Leadership and Mindset Coach, here are 4 proven ingredients to achieving all your goals and shaping the life you truly wish to live.

Ingredient No.1 Be Clear About Your Outcome

Most people go around asking themselves or others – ‘What should I do?’ The question is not what I should do. It should be – ‘What do I want?’. This is called outcome-based or result-oriented thinking. The problem is that most of us are taught to think in terms of tasks (what should I do), so you have to basically unlearn that old way of thinking and become extremely clear about what results in you want to achieve.

For example, I need to run 4 kilometers a day sounds like a task, but if your outcome is to lose 5 kilos in the next two months, then you will figure out the necessary steps to achieve that goal.

Ingredient No.2 Know Why You Want It

Knowing your “Why” means understanding why you do the things you do.

Many times the activity or task by itself may not be very motivating, but if you are doing it for a bigger reason, it will give you the push to make it happen. A classic example is why parents stay in their job even when they may not like it because they must take care of their kids and provide for them. So many people don’t follow through on all their goals because inside their head, the conversation is – ‘I should lose some weight, ‘I should come to the office early’ etc. When you replace the word should with ‘MUST’, everything changes. All of a sudden, it becomes a non-negotiable, and you find a way to make it happen!

Ingredient No.3 Have A Massive Action Plan

This is where you have a blueprint, kind of like a step-by-step plan created to achieve your objective. Without a massive action plan, you are like a ship with a clueless captain. Even if it is the biggest and most sophisticated ship in the world, if the captain does not know where to go, you end up nowhere! Also, human beings are wired with the need to see what they are heading to and the fastest way to formulate your plan is to replicate the steps others have taken before you to reach the goal.

Ingredient No.4 Control Your Focus

This is perhaps the least talked about when people talk about setting and achieving goals. If it were so easy, everyone would be successful, happy and fulfilled. Isn’t that right? The problem is that we are told to focus but not taught how to focus.

What I use and teach my clients is the technique called ‘CHUNKING.’ It means you break down each step in your action plan into small bit-sized actionable steps and repeat it over and over until it becomes second nature to you. For instance, if a person wants to lose 5 kilos instead of thinking about going to the gym and working out for one hour every day, adopt a different, more practical way of thinking – Show up at the gym and walk on the treadmill for 2 minutes every day for a week. Which strategy do you think will help you yield long-term results?

The same technique can be used in other areas of your personal and professional life as well.

To Your ‘Dream Life,’

Coach Anna

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Anna Frummerin, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Anna Frummerin is a Leadership & Mindset Coach with a core focus on helping her clients achieve results by enhancing their mindset and improving their communication. As a 4-time cancer survivor, she has discovered through her own life experience what it takes to win in life no matter what the challenges are. She is a Certified NLP Leadership Coach, ICF Certified Executive, Life Coach, and Action Learning Team Coach and has dedicated her life to helping others become the best version of them. She is the founder of A New Approach (ANA) An online coaching and training company serving clients across the globe. Her mission: Discover the "Hidden Champion" inside and win big at The Game of Life.



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