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3 Steps To Master Your Mind With NLP

Written by: Dr. Maiysha Clairborne, Executive Contributor

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Have you ever met someone who can just say what they want and it seems to magically happen? Do you know someone like this? Someone who seems to have no trouble manifesting things in their life whether it be new relationships, more money, the perfect job. It seems almost like magic. Some might call it the law of attraction, but in my line of work, we call it mastering the NLP mind. What is the NLP Mind? It’s the mindset that anything is possible and that you have all the resources you need to make things happen in your life.

In my work as a Master Practitioner of NLP (neuro-linguistic programming), master hypnosis practitioner, and NLP trainer, I have studied what makes people like this effective. I have also trained others to achieve this type of attraction mindset as well. The truth is that this is not magic. Anyone can learn neurolinguistic programming. People often ask me, however, how to I become an NLP practitioner. What is the first step? While some trainers will tell you to jump right into a training, I advocate for a little pre-work to make sure that you are clear and moving in the right direction. Here are 3 Steps that will move you exponentially faster toward achieving an NLP Mind and getting the life you want.

Get Clear On What’s Important To You.

This may seem obvious, but I have talked to countless students and clients who are fuzzy on what they actually want in their relationships, career, and family. When you are unclear about what you want, you send mixed signals to your unconscious mind, and that results in mixed results coming back to you. Here is a simple exercise to do:

a. Ask yourself “What’s important to me about __?” And then insert the areas of life you want to improve. If it’s relationships it will sound like “what is important to me about relationships?”. Write down everything that is important to you about that thing. Now ask again “What is important about that?” What you are essentially doing is getting your values, and your values will get you clear about what you REALLY want under the surface stuff you are saying is important.

b. After you do that, look at your life and see if your actions are in line with what you want. A good way to look at it is to ask “what am I putting up with that doesn’t support what I want?” “Where am I self-sabotaging my life and desires?” This gets you clear on where your actions are not aligned with your desires.

Start Doing the Work of Personal Transformation

People who manifest things don’t just “wake up like this”. They have done years of work to remove the baggage that holds them back. If you want to become a master manifester, you need to be willing to do the same. Personal transformation is a journey and fortunately, with tools like NLP Coaching and Mind ReMapping, you can move along faster in that journey than those who have done the work in the past. The most important thing to understand is that while reading self-help books, affirmations and journaling are tools that give you a deeper insight into your thoughts, you will only get so far with these methods alone. People who achieve mastery at their mindset work with someone to go through a personal transformation process and let go of their old anger, sadness, fear, hurt, guilt and shame. They work with a guide that helps them remap their negative thoughts and limiting beliefs. And they work with a coach that helps them clarify their goals and install them in the future in a way that has them truly manifest.

This happened with one of my clients who after doing NLP coaching together declared a goal of an additional $250 in consulting contracts within the next year. She achieved that goal in 6 weeks. That’s how powerful the NLP mind can be.

If You Want to Achieve Mastery, Become a Certified NLP Practitioner

The best way to achieve mastery is to model it. If you want to not only remap your mind but also have the tools to be able to implement any time anywhere and in any area of life, you need to become an NLP practitioner and get certified in neurolinguistic programming.

What this will do is give you the “how to” of the law of attraction; the “how to” of effective communication. It will give you the language of empowerment and the language of influence. And you will have control of your mind at a level above most people in the world today.

Self-mastery is a process and mind mastery is the first step. You first need to be clear about what’s important to you and create actions that are aligned with that. You want to find someone to work with to remove old baggage of negative thinking and negative emotions. And finally, if you want to achieve mastery for a lifetime, you will want to take an nlp training and become NLP certified practitioner. This means you have the tools to make your life better and help others in the process of becoming better.

To learn more about the NLP training, and how to become an NLP Practitioner or to learn more about the mind remapping personal transformation process, visit


Dr. Maiysha Clairborne, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Dr. Maiysha Clairborne is an Integrative Family Physician, Master Practitioner & Trainer of Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP), Hypnosis & Time Line Therapy®, & founder of the Mind Re-Mapping Academy. Through her live trainings, Dr. Clairborne teaches professionals how to master their thoughts, beliefs & communication, while eliminating fear, shame, self-doubt, & old trauma that interfere with their ability to experience full aliveness, and live their best, most fulfilled, productive, and peaceful life.

Dr. Clairborne is passionate about educating her students and clients about the power that our unconscious thoughts have on the reality we create. Through her Mind ReMapping NLP & Hypnosis Trainings, and Personal Transformation Processes, Dr. Maiysha teaches the people how to connect to and utilize the power of their unconscious minds so that they can be in the driver’s seat of their thoughts, feelings, behaviors and therefore the results they produce in their lives. Her own struggles imposter syndrome and limiting beliefs are what inspired her to step outside the physician box, and now her trainings help people worldwide find their passion, purpose, freedom, and peace of mind in all areas of life.



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