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2 Best Tips On How To Reinvent Yourself After Losing Your Old Identity

Aaron Douglas is one of the newest and most energetic innovative visionaries taking on the leadership and coaching world dynamically. He is well known for being the founder of The LeRock Academy, a soon-to-be charter school with global franchise aspirations focusing on interpersonal skill training and communication techniques.

Executive Contributor Aaron Douglas

Have you ever woken up one morning and felt like everything was just off? How about, looking around and realizing you don’t really relate to your friends/family/colleagues anymore? This here is very common amongst all of us. You see, at a certain maturity stage in life, as we evolve and grow just like a butterfly coming out of a cocoon, we begin to disconnect from our old narrative of who we are, and we get the opportunity to create a totally new character. This is often an opportunity disguised as a hardship or a deep painful place in life, but it is the exact opposite. You see I have recently encountered one of these experiences where I am beginning to come closer to who I am designed to be. Its fascinating how this process of renewal is not discussed as frequently as I suppose it should. In this article, you will get the 2 Best Tips on How to Reinvent yourself in a time of self-discovery. I might even go as far as to say if you do not do these things well, living that peaceful, passionate life you want might be more difficult to have after all.

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Tip number 1: Imagine the life you want like you are already living it and “feel into it.”

Now, first up we have what I call the “feel into it’’ concept. Essentially, here, our goal is to paint a NEW picture. The best way you can go about doing this is by putting yourself in a relaxed state and, just like an artist, begin to let your mind go. What this will do is shut off any anxiety or thinking and let the desires of your soul come to mind. Now, this will not work if you do not relax your mind completely and, to add, maybe even do a couple of slow, deep breaths as well. The next step with this tip is very easy, and it is just letting whatever floats to the top of the surface float on its own, and that means losing a bit of control. Yes, I know it can sound scary regarding losing a bit of control, but if we are being 100 % honest here thinking about every little thing can be exhausting 24/7, so this gives us an opportunity to course correct that a little bit and let our other brain think for us. Now, here is the juicy part what we are going to do now is begin to add colors to the painting and lose yourself in the new image you are seeing so much that you begin to physically imagine yourself in that new car or new house. This is how you begin to physically feel something from your imagination like it is in your reality, and in due time it will be. If you have any questions, reach out to me via any social media channels (which can be found in the references section), and we can discuss this topic further.

Tip number 2: Do not indulge in self-judgement

This is a very pivotal step in the process. Let me explain. If we indulge in rushing to keep up with society/Joneses or begin to compare ourselves to others, we are not allowing the freedom to create the new life we are looking for due to our mind being blocked by all the self-criticisms and judgment. I have heard many gurus or other experts tell you all what to do, but I have found that to be successful at whatever your heart desires, it takes gaining some awareness on what not to do as well, and this is one of those what not to do tips. So, keep in mind that patience is a piece of the puzzle in this formula and it is imperative to remember to add this to our reinventing process. Once again, if you have any questions, reach out to me via any social media channels (which can be found in the references section), and we can discuss this topic further. Best of luck creating a legacy you are proud of. Talk soon!



Aaron Douglas, Founder of The LeRock Academy

Aaron Douglas is a leader in the interpersonal skill training, personal development, and empathetic communication arena. A humbling beginning left him speechless having to practice his speeches to enhance his communication abilities and pass his teachings to others. Although challenges arose like they often do, Aaron created mental strategies using word pattern recognition to be able to sell and negotiate business offerings in a plethora of industries some would say it is a majestic art of his communication style which leaves many wondering, how can I lead the exact same way you do. He has since dedicated his life to helping others unleash and unlock their ultimate potential.





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