Your Thoughts Can Take You Anywhere, Even During The Quarantine

Do you feel stuck at home, wanting to go to places but not able to because of the quarantine Did you know your thoughts have the power to take you anywhere, and help you achieve anything? I know it sounds all super natural, and there was a point in my life when I didn’t believe it either, but I’ve learned that your thoughts are so powerful that can either help you be whatever you want, despite of the circumstances or can bury you deep down in the land of despair.

Many years ago, Napoleon Hill wrote the book: Think and Grow Rich, but the truth is that your thoughts can give you so much more than money. And what is better than money, you might ask? Well simple. Happiness is better than money, and that it’s so, because when you are happy you can get the money, you can get the love life, you can get that car or the peace of mind. When you live in a state of happiness you can get anything you want… but the money won’t buy you the happiness, I’m sure you’ve heard that before.

The equation, which is not an interchangeable one is simple Happiness = Everything you want, but you must be happy first in order to get what your heart desires, call it more money or a healthy relationship, or whatever is that you want, including being able to experience the feelings you have when you go to the places you want to go right now, but you can’t physically because of the quarantine.For example, I love going to the beach, I dream of being able to go back to the beach, I can’t wait to go to Hawaii… But that is so, because of the way I feel when I’m in contact with the sand and the ocean. I feel grounded, at peace and happy.

If you think about it, do you need to go to that place that you want to go: the beach, the park, the mall, the gym if you can somehow feel the way that you will feel when you go to that place? Do you need to go there to experience happiness? I’d argue that you don’t need to leave your quarantine, you just need to get yourself happy.

So, how do you get happy in the first place?

You get happy with the power of your thoughts, by focusing on things that make you happy, focusing on things that lift up your spirit, focusing on things that elevate your energy. It’s super easy during these times to want to be watching and reading the news about the virus and the current situation, but observe for a second how does that make you feel? How is your energy after a round of unwanted news? Correct, your energy is most likely depleted.

Instead spend time thinking about things that makes you happy like your last trip or family vacation, or any happy moment no matter how long ago and if you hold that thought for as long as you can, then your energy will start moving towards a happier state, and if you continue to do this day after day, being happy will be a normal thing for you to feel.

What if you can’t think of anything that makes you happy? Then and regardless, you should start a meditation practice, as it’s the best way I can think of to empty your mind from all the negativity that’s floating around. Then replace the emptiness with happy thoughts as they start to bubble up, and maintain your focus in those thoughts.

Carmen Benton, International business strategist

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Carmen Benton, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Carmen Benton is an International Life Strategist, dedicated to help women over 40 to find happiness and live with purpose. Why? Because everything you desire in life you want because you believe that by having it, you will be happier… and so how wonderful life would be if you can be happy right now, right here, with the life you already got. Carmen is a Mechanical Industrial Engineer with an MBA from a branch for Harvard Business School, and although she’s been very successful in her professional life after going through a divorced twice, she’s learned a thing or two about not looking for others to fulfill your desire of happiness, but instead to look within and to Live with Purpose and Passion.



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