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World Suicide Prevention Day – What If You Choose Thriving Instead Of Surviving Now?

Written by: Reena Terreping, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.

Executive Contributor Reena Terreping

Advisory: Do not even start; it’s a long one. Only empty cup (everyone has some of it in times) can be filled with a cult, religion, drugs and/or alcohol, and let’s be honest; one is not better than the other. One kills your inner being, knowing what is true for you by brainwashing you into believing something pretty often absurd, and the other 2 kill your body.

Vast land and sea under the star

Photo: Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia star gazing

Drugs kill the mind and the body, and people whose life purpose is taken away or controlled by their parents get addictive. Read, everything is done for them, even life's purpose, so that they feel meaningless without having anything of their own. Sometimes too much good can turn into bad. (Parents wanted good).

Smoking is literally filling the void, empty space. This is a 2-minute, quiet, relaxing, mini escape from everyone to avoid them or yourself. What if you choose to do that without the cigarette? Or what if you choose not to avoid? However, just recently my favourite witch wrote that tobacco helps to concentrate and work if that work is requiring mental effort, and helps to clear up the energy of the third eye. Everything in moderation and with awareness creates no harm.

Alcohol is sadness; alcoholic is killing an enormous sadness in them, by killing their body… to check out from here, from this reality because it is unbearable. Sometimes it grows into anger, once one drinks too much, they become aggressive. Alcoholism is one of the ‘intelligent’ ways out. Meaning they did not commit suicide, except they did.

That same thing ‘the intelligent’ way out applies also to getting sick. We are creating fatal illnesses to get out of here. I know I did, but luckily if you are able to create the crap in your life you are able to uncreate it.

When you learn something like this – that’s so interesting how all your mind goes nono I am going to do this first, before I’ll die: I am going to finish uni, wear wedding dress; go back to Australia enjoy all the sunshine possible and die there if I have to.

All irrelevant just falls away — people who aren’t contribution to your life, other people opinions, judgements, expectations separations. On that doorstep, there is just you and you. No-one and nothing else. And then pure clarity arrives what’s next.

4 years later, just before going back to Australia, the diagnosis was reversed as there were no other symptoms, it was considered a clinically isolated syndrome (CIS). Or maybe they didn’t know what it was. And today, 13 years later, this illness is considered manageable, not fatal.

4 years is a long time to think of your own death, and what if I had chosen dying instead of living in that moment of finding out the diagnosis? What if I had started waiting for my death? That would’ve created the death most likely. Actually, I had always thought a lot about my death when I was much younger. I didn’t really have ‘a good’ reason for it; maybe I felt I did not belong; I wasn’t happy about where I was and what I was doing, unlike everyone else seemed to be. Consequently, on the news, I started to think about how I would like to live my life if I had time. See, every bad has good in it. My happy is on the other side of the world and how can it get even better?

Now every time something wonderful happens in my life, I am grateful; I have lived that far, to see it, to experience it, to be there for it. It has become a habit to think this way and sometimes I have enormous gratitude for what is…

My heart sings for others’ success just the same; I feel like I am so happy to contribute or to witness it.

What would be on your list if someone said your time is up? What would be 4 things you would not want to die before? Assuming you have been given 5-10 years.

The bad news: you create your own reality. And the good news: you create your own reality; your body, health, life, loving and living.

Your request is your body’s command. Yes, you are powerful!

Oh, so what if you created joy with that power now instead, what would that be like?

How to start uncreating the crap in your life?

Be honest, aware, present with it to yourself; that’s the start. No need to share or talk about it (to create a pity club to keep circling back the same old/sick energy), unless you have someone with a great awareness in your life that helps you to be there in your own knowing that you are not defined as your illness or addiction. Someone who has no judgements, expectations separations, or conclusions that you are sick, addict or need repairing.

What are you avoiding that if you didn’t would allow the greatness of you that you were thought was wrong, or too much, too different too too much, that if you stepped into it now would free you from any kind of ‘addictions illnesses or numbness?

You can be a contribution to yourself and others when you start caring of your own knowing, not waiting for anyone else to acknowledge it. Do that for you, do not get sick.

Some are reticulating different spiritual practices that are out there, once they have found this ‘super effective’ practice. Well, wherever they think they are now, they would not be if there were not all these ‘wrong’ things they did before that.

We were not born in uniforms; that applies to every area of our lives. That’s the beauty of it, the difference that we are. The way we, love, living, everything.

So, whatever it is that you give meaning to, means something, and if it gives you any lightness do it till you find the next thing that gives you that. It sure can be a religion unless it goes to extremes. I was christened but somehow never really got consumed by it. ‘Struggle sacrifice and suffer and you will go to heaven’ didn’t sound like something I would like to create my life from.

Everyone has their own set of tools to get to their happy.

Do and be what works for you, and for starters, follow the things that feel light for you. That’s the step towards the greatness of you! Sometimes it doesn’t make sense why you enjoy the things you do even for yourself, but keep on going; that is the way to less resistance, and let yourself see what rolls out.

Why intelligent way out? Because no one says they killed themselves, except they did.

What would it be like:

Completely trusting your own knowing?

To be in your own power without justifying. Just being aware?

Acknowledging your greatness? What would the world be like if everyone would be like that?

What if you choose thriving instead of surviving now?

Do not just read the questions, stop and consume them!

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Reena Terreping Brainz Magazine

Reena Terreping, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Reena Terreping used to be an unfulfilled overworked professional, suffering the rights and wrongs of reality that led her to look into different possibilities and perspectives in terms of health, well-being and personal fulfillment. She took on the role of an illuminator, shining light on the underlying emotional reasons that give rise to discord within the body and mind. For her, understanding the root cause is the pivotal step towards initiating the healing journey. Within the multifaceted tapestry of Walkwithme Wellness, Reena skilfully articulates insights into a spectrum of health conditions, enlightening readers with her knowledge. and hands-on practice of Access Bars empowers her to guide others on their personal quests for well-being.


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