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World-Renowned Business Coach Reveals "Top Secret" Mindset Shifts To TRIPLE Online Business Growth

Written by: Sharon Lee, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


The truth, for most online entrepreneurs that hire me, is they are so terrified of promoting or selling and talking about their offers or programs that they just fumble and flounder, not creating ANY income.

Sadly, what happens next is tragic! They tend to get so frustrated and feel so incredibly doubtful that they just quit altogether. After all, it’s not exactly easy to stand out online. (Don’t worry, I have a solution for that as well at the bottom).

I was just like this when I first started my online business. I felt so unsure of the daily tasks. I was insecure about myself and what people thought of me while I was promoting on social media.

When I didn’t make a penny in two years, I soon felt as though I was missing something. I just KNEW that if I had the right strategy, I could make millions like all the other influencers in my niche.

What I soon learned was a secret that is only hinted at, but I began delving deeply into and MASTERING.

Soon everything began to fall into place, and I was making money.

The Quickest Way I Know To FAIL!

That paralyzing fear of promoting myself online ate me alive, little by little. I was frozen and incapable of doing what was necessary to talk about what I was selling, the pricing, or even a simple invitation to work with me.

What was I selling anyway? After two years of “being in business”, I STILL had no idea of what I needed to do to succeed.

THAT was the QUICKEST way to fail.

When you don’t know the first thing about a PROFITABLE content plan or a REFINED offer or how to promote with confidence, failure is the only result.

A Powerful Shift That Will Completely Transform Your Sales

Many people who come to work with me have a block or a “story” that others are “bothered” by their promotion attempts.

It’s a thought that ruminates in their brain as they sit down to post something on social media, or add a call to action in their video or blog post.

Firstly, let’s set the record straight. We live in a digital world and most people are spending time creating content in some aspect to be seen online to attract their customers or clients.

In today’s world, our choices to promote our businesses are through paid ads, videos, blogging, media (magazines), in-person networking, or social media posts.

The decisions of the “how”, will be different for each of us but we need to feel good about it the method and the platform.

For most people, they opt for social media because they can get their message out relatively quickly and it’s free so let’s just use this as our example.

So, when you’re in your head, worrying about what you’re posting and how it’s bothering people, you’re not in the energy of being helpful or excited to take someone on a journey of solving their biggest problems.

Shift One:

I’m bothering people with my offers and CTA’s.

You could believe and know that every piece of content you're putting out in the universe or every piece of your presence on a video that you’re sharing with others, are actually selling people on YOU.

Understand this on a deeper level. The selling is already done before you even speak about your offers. This shift is a game-changer because you realize that if you’ve created a program or offer that people want (i.e., you’ve done your market research and know people want it), and you’ve created your content strategy, selling is done.

Take that part off your mind and feel confident in your offer. Since the selling is done, you must now know that people are watching you and are taking in your messaging every single day. They’re already pre-sold on YOU and are already connected to you. Even though some of them are watching silently and not commenting.

Now, the only responsibility that you have is to be you and tell them what you’re offering. You’re NOT pushing or bothering anyone.

There’s someone who’s watching you who needs what you’re offering and they’re aligned with you because you’re showing up with the mindset of helping.

When you’re worried about bothering someone, you’re in YOUR head and thinking of YOU. Let’s change that now and shift your mind to realize from this moment forward, you’re into helping people.

When you’re worried, in fear, or lacking confidence, you’re making everything about YOU and NOT about solving someone’s problems.

This is liberating.

Look at it this way.

Sharing your truth, every piece of your heart = helping.

If this equation is true then, helping = sales.

Shift Two:

You don’t have to CONVINCE people to buy from you.

When people decide they’re going to start a business, they believe that their job with their marketing is to convince people to buy. This is 100% false.

All that content you’re putting out there isn’t meant to convince people to buy. This mindset shift is so freeing because, as I said in the first mindset shift, the selling is already done.

When you’re thinking in your head, “if only I could tell them how valuable this offer is…” it feels like an unnecessary, heavy pressure that we put on ourselves. It feels like we have to perform and if you didn’t “say it right”, then you won’t “make points”.

This is such terrible pressure that we’re putting ourselves and it's with no surprise then we feel such dread about sales

There are people who are waiting to work with you. This is your new mantra.

Here’s a side note: It doesn’t hurt to know a little about marketing, specifically about using your client’s pain points in your promotional content. After all, this is how you attract them to you, your heart, and your energy.

Let go of the need to convince anyone. When they’re called to take action (usually because they’re in enough pain), they’ll remember you… as long as you continue to put content out that helps them.

Shift Three

People don’t have the money to buy your product, program, or offer.

This always comes up with my clients at some point. Your brain is saying, “Oh gosh, who would have that kind of money?”

It’s really amazing that we struggle with this block. It’s really hilarious actually as I’m thinking about the pricing of Tony Robbins’ courses. People pay THOUSANDS to go see him and believe me, I’ve worked with some pretty heavy-hitters who make MILLIONS and this is why. It’s because they charge a TON for what they do and guess what?

People pay for these very expensive courses and programs every day!

When you’re thinking that people don’t have the money, you’re operating from a level of consciousness that’s aligned with scarcity.

When people are struggling and in a lot of pain, they’ll pay a LOT of money to get to their happy place.

You have to understand that there are clients at every price level, and the person who invests $500 is not likely ready to invest 10,000 $20,000.

And likewise, the person who invests, $20,000 would never even dream of working with someone for $500, because it's not matching the level of where they are.

But what is important is that we stay true to where we are, because at every level of our journey we’re operating from a certain level of consciousness.

So, if we can’t stand behind those prices energetically, in the sense of “I believe that what my clients get when they buy my offer for X price, is so much bigger than the price that they're paying.”

This is a feeling of honoring the investment that people make in your product, or program.

When you understand that if we don't stand energetically behind our pricing then it's very, very hard to believe that people will be investing in our high-end program.

We need to practice showing up in our offers as the best version of ourselves FOR our clients to give them exactly what they need.

There is always a tribe for us to serve.

These shifts are really essential for your sales. They are essential for the way you need to show up for your business to thrive.

These three shifts that I’ve shared with you, have transformed so many of my client’s businesses.

They go from feeling like it's really hard to push and to bring people into their programs. They feel stressed about their clients’ getting results and I want you to know that when you go deep with these shifts and really attach them to your identity, magical transformations will happen.

Learning to shift your mind away from the negative thought patterns that sabotage your business success, will catapult you into confidence and wealth but when it comes to your business, you’ll need the tools.

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Sharon Lee, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine Sharon Lee is a top international business coach, and high-performing life coach for entrepreneurs. Having spent many years in poverty and even homelessness, Sharon has uncovered powerful secrets to guide people out of a mediocre state of mind to help transform them into a high-performing mental state to create more success. Sharon has created systems and introduced strategies to underperforming entrepreneurs to unleash their potential. She founded Fearless Pursuits to help entrepreneurs upgrade their minds so they can unlock a life on fire. Her clients benefit from her many programs such as "The Daily Shift", "Sales and Confidence Mastery" as well as her top-rated podcast, "Fearless Pursuits Podcast: Breakthrough To Success". Her mission is to help entrepreneurs create more potential and success through their mind and high-performing strategies.


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