Women and Heart Health Month

Written by: Michelle Greene Rhodes, Executive Contributor

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February is the perfect time to reflect on all types of love - from romantic love, to family love, to self-love – all forms are important to living a full and connected life. It’s also amazing to see how important these forms of love are when it comes to our health. Everything is interconnected after all, do you agree? It seems how we love ourselves affects how we love others. When we love our bodies through self-care, our bodies function better and allow us to share even more love with those around us. When we share love with our family members and friends, it inspires them to treat themselves better and pass the love. Once love is given away, it tends to blossom and grow more than when it was initially given.

It makes sense that our most important organ, the heart, is the universal symbol of love. The heart, after all, is a sort of caregiver or provider to the rest of the body’s organs. But it couldn’t accomplish this tough job without a little love from us. That means feeding our bodies healthy foods to make the heart’s job a bit easier. It is Heart Health Awareness month. Have you assessed your risk factors for heart disease?

Let’s get physical. Ladies, when it comes to the heart, we know one major culprit is stress. Not just physical, but emotional stress as well. Increasing your stress awareness and stressing less can mean right now, we have to find ways to be patient with ourselves, even more so in these tumultuous times. Studies have found that women actually experience more stress than men. Especially when women experience heart disease at a profoundly higher rate than men, we must be more cognizant about our heart plan.

Did you know that love is often more powerful than any medicine? Let's talk social wellness for a moment. Why not approach our lives heart-first by spreading love before we stop to scold, or judge, or blame. Do an act of kindness, say an encouraging word, or offer a hand when you can. One thing we can’t do right now is smile at each other while we are out in our day, but don’t let that compulsion disappear into thin air. Instead, let the people around you know somehow that no matter what the world throws at us, we are all still connected in spirit and through our ability to relate and to love. How do you communicate your love to your circle? Love is and always will be the greatest power. Who do you know that could withstand the fortification of wellness and love right now?

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Michelle Greene Rhodes, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Michelle G. Rhodes is a Corporate Wellness Consultant and is Certified in Managed Care and Licensed as a Registered Nurse. By combining her love for Managed Care/Population Health background with her innate ability to create educational programs and cost savings solutions uniquely designed for each employer, Michelle is sought after for her multiple successes in cost-saving and exceeding targets. She has helped corporations craft wellness programs that offer definite returns on investments and assists them to meet and exceed their annual performance measures and goals. Michelle creates various wellness initiatives for awareness campaigns all the way to the creation of wellness culture transformations. Michelle Rhodes Media LLC is also a continuing education provider for Nurses by the California Board of Nurses and provides workshops for Nurses to learn continuously.



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