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Why Healing Our Inner Child Can Bring Fulfillment

Written by: Cassie Giguere, Executive Contributor

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As human beings, we constantly create new desires and so our quest for fulfillment is a never-ending journey. As we create new desires, we also can create a gap between our natural state of Joy and our sense of fulfillment. It can play on our perspective of happiness or create feelings of lack and frustration. Meaning that if we want something like a new job, we create a lack of finding it in the now, which can make us believe that we are not able to satisfy one of our basic needs at that moment and it can affect our happiness level. We can then let that event affect our inner state of joy. We then start running after our happiness thinking it's out of our control while joy is a constant mood and state of being that we can keep even if our superficial needs are not met. As long as our inner child needs or basic emotional needs are met, we can thrive.

Double exposure of young woman portrait and happy little girl jumping in the woods.

Our natural state of being vs. Happiness

Our natural state of joy comes from being heard, seen, appreciated, pursuing our passions, etc... When we are joyful, we naturally can feel happiness and total fulfillment daily. On the other hand, our outer desires come from wanting something that will not satisfy the inner child or our basic emotional needs. There is nothing bad about wanting something for superficial needs, but it is important to know the distinction between happiness and joy if we don't want to spend our whole life running after happiness and fulfillment. It is rather preferable to fulfill our basic emotional needs through therapy, coaching, and healing the inner child and have one or two good friends we can rely on when we need to be seen and heard. When our inner desires are fulfilled, we can then go after outer desires with joy more easily to have a greater fulfilling path & journey. If we only fulfill our outer desires, we will feel a constant void inside of ourselves, like a gap that can never be filled or satisfied.

We are not broken, we forget that we are the co-creator of our joy & happiness

I found the answer to healing the inner child on my healing journey. When we ignore our inner child's needs, we are fighting against a part of ourselves that needs us and often we lose our joy in the process. I began practicing a regression to the inner child of my clients and magic happened.

From the age of 0 to 7, we are like sponges and we start creating beliefs about ourselves and others, the world, and our environment. When our main children's needs get ignored by our care providers, we create the belief that we are not good enough, lovable, or worthy. We are dependent on our care providers so we never question them for survival reasons, we will simply start believing those bogus beliefs about ourselves at the unconscious level. The problem is that later in adulthood, we keep those beliefs and they create voids that we fill with overindulging in alcohol, drugs, sex, gaming, casino, shopping, and any ways we use to distract our mind from our true heart desires create toxic habits that bring us further away from fulfillment and closer to frustration, addiction, depression, mental illness, etc...

A healthy body, mind, and soul need to hear and connect to our own inner child's needs to heal from the roots. When we can satisfy our basic inner child's needs, we can then have daily fulfillment and be in our natural sympathetic nervous system and joyful state.

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Cassie Giguere, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

As a successful entrepreneur in the fashion industry, Cassie also struggled with her mental health since she was a kid. After a decade of running her own fashion business, she decided to dig deeper into spirituality to heal herself. She was so amazed about her own healing journey that she decided to get certified as a life coach & a Theta healer. Since then, she became an expert at healing the inner child. She is also studying psychology at University Laval because she just loves to learn and help her clients in the best way possible. Cassie redirected her career to help others create the life they want that also fulfills them from the inside out, mind, body & soul. 



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