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Who Is Your True Self?

Written by: Peter Paul Parker, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


So many people are saying now ‘Be your true self!’ ‘Be the authentic you!’ ‘Be who you were born to be!’ And the answer to that statement from many people I work with seems to be, what does that actually mean? What do you mean ‘Be Me?’ Let’s take a deep dive into this question of what is the meaning of your true self? Why are you here? What is your profound purpose?

If you are stuck in the belief system of ‘we are a happy accident on a planet travelling across the galaxy at 220 kilometres per second, and we only see 1% of the electromagnetic spectrum and hear 1% of the acoustic spectrum, and 90% of your cells in your body carry their own microbial DNA and are not you’, then read no further. Your experience is no happy accident and needs to be explored by you. To fully comprehend the world today, we need an open mind.

Spirituality, and all its different meanings in today’s world, is such a loaded subject. But it is really simple. Spirituality is your experience. That would be both your inner and outer experience. From my Ki Gong practice, and the exercises that we do to connect the mind, the body and the breath together, it is painstakingly obvious to me, and all the people who have trained with me, that our minds are trained to go out. And when we try to go in and discover ourselves, this seems really hard just in the physical realm, let alone in the inner realm of you.

Spirituality can be made really simple. When we look at the Vedic scripts and how they described it, they called it ‘witness mentality’. That is Sakshi Bav. That is, to know what is happening with you, both inside and out. Witnessing your mentality and all it has to offer. Your body as well. From personal experience, I know we hold old emotions, feelings and memories from the past, and these interfere with our everyday lives. When we brush over them, they keep coming back. This can be in different ways, but the same type of scenarios keep coming back to haunt us, until we deal with the issues we need to. Witnessing your mentality and addressing this will stop these cycles.

Sakshi Bav is where our watered-down version of mindfulness came from. And this is where the early Christians came from also. They called themselves the Gnostics, the Essenes and even later, the Cathars. These groups of people wanted to know what it was to be human, and be the best version of themselves they could be. It is no coincidence that they were wiped out by the powers that be of their time, because they made the establishment look bad. How can you do this for yourself?

In the Vedas they talk about our experience of being a human being is made up of three elements. The first part of the experience we are having now comes from our memories. Our bad memories haunt us, and our good memories make our search for more of the same dopamine hit. We are constantly bouncing back and forth between our good and bad memories, and therefore not being in the moment properly. This back and forth action become cycles, and therefore habits, and we get stuck in a rut.

To break out of this rut, we must pay more attention to the second element of our experience. That is the present moment. And that is all there is. You cannot be in the past or the future with your body, as far as I know, but your mind can wander back and forth like a time traveller. Coming into the moment 100% means not being influenced by our memories and witnessing our mentality right there and then. No other influences are putting any inflections on our experience. When your memories are affecting the moment, you are not fully present and in the moment.

The third element to our experience is our imagination. Our imagination is an incredible tool, and wonderful for expressing our creativity. In today’s world, our imagination has been crushed. Many people are stuck in the meme of humanity having to live with constant wars, people starving to death in a world of plenty, and poverty and homelessness in the most affluent countries in the world. This is not how it should be. This is a psychotic way to live with each other. Our imagination does not seem to have the capacity, or the intent, to break out of this meme we live in. And meme's can be changed. Nothing is ever truly stuck forever.

On a personal level, our imagination creates anxiety. This really means fear of the present moment. But what is there to fear? When your imagination is working against you, and you feel that everything is going wrong, you will feel anxious. When your imagination is creating something that you love and you start to daydream about it, then you are in a state of love. That is you being you. When you are in the present moment, with no negative or positive memories from the past, and using your imagination in a positive way, to create the vision of what you actually want, that is you.

And before you get too excited about driving the latest BMW or living in a ten-bedroom mansion. You have to question yourself ‘Is this really coming from me, or a memory of witnessing something outside of me that made me feel good?’ Through my work, when I ask people how it made them feel when they are helping someone else with something they know about, they say I felt fantastic. There it is. That is you connecting with your true self. It wasn’t about material acquisitions or material gains. It was about the wonderful feeling inside you get when you genuinely reach out and help another. It is a beautiful feeling, and you are profoundly witnessing your mentality at that point of your experience.

To sum up, when you hear someone speak about being your true self, the authentic you, the real you, and they don’t mention anything about the inner you, they have cherry-picked this idea from ancient roots. We seem to have done this so much, there are so few cherries on the tree left to pick. This is crazy in a world of abundance. When we focus on abundance, like seeds being in abundance in nature, including ours, we should never be living with a lack of fear. It is the manipulation of material resources and us thinking this is the only way to exist, that has corrupted all of us.

The material world has a finite number of resources but an infinite number of possibilities. Many wars are about resources. Many spiritual practices are about possibilities. You have the potential and possibility to serve one million people. And with that, comes the added bonus of earning one million dollars. With service comes success. Go out and serve from your true self and you will shine like the star that you are. And one million dollars will enable you to serve even more people also. How amazing would that be.

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Peter Paul Parker, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine Peter Paul Parker is an expert in the mind-body connection, a sound healer, and working with both the energy body and the physical body. Peter is a Ki Gong champion, having entered a competition with the British Team in Korea in 2016, winning the International competition. Peter has run a successful coaching business for many years and has particularly done some amazing work with the elderly. He has set up a charity called Brighter Living to help the elderly with their health and well-being using Ki Gong and meditation. Peter has also worked with schools in his local area, helping people connect with themselves, from grandchild to grandparents. Peter has launched the Bright Beings Academy, which is his online business, which incorporates everything that he does to empower people to reach their full potential as human beings. Peter's motto is "If you don't own your future self, somebody else will!"



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