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Who Do I Stand For?

Written by: Maria Koropecky, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


My mother received an email from her friend that was so hurtful and racist that it made me cry. It was a rant about immigrants, and as a first-generation Ukrainian-Canadian who grew up in a family who had to fight similar prejudices, I took it personally.

This woman, who my family has known for years, has wealth, privilege, status, affluence, and influence but ironically comes from humble beginnings herself. She often sends similar emails which my mother deletes and does not forward, but this one was particularly nasty.

As a writer and coach, I know the power of words. I’m all about speaking up and self-expression and the freedom of speech. However, when someone goes into hate-mongering, that’s where I draw the line.

What would you do if you overheard someone spewing swamp gas like that? Would you pretend it’s okay and say nothing? Would you laugh? Would you confront them? Would you insist on severing ties with them forever?

After going for a walk, I decided to use my own voice and write this article. With my writing, I can take a stand against the ugly, underbelly of our culture in a thoughtful and peaceful way. So on that note:

  • I stand for immigrants, introverts, late bloomers, underdogs, singletons, outsiders, and artists.

  • I stand for people who have to deal with ignorance, greed, and oppression every day.

  • I stand for people and animals who don’t have a voice.

  • I stand for people who are fighting for their lives and their families and a better future.

  • I stand for people who have something to say and something to contribute and just need a chance, some encouragement, and kind friend to get started.

  • I stand for writers and storytellers who are putting themselves out there and writing a book even when there are people like this woman nearby.

I am choosing to lift people up. I am choosing to be respectful. I am choosing to share.

I am also currently building a community of storytellers who want to create a better world with their words.

It’s important for me to be a positive example and a stand in the possibility of bold, magical writing for myself and anyone else who feels called! Let’s use our voices and words to create and enjoy the same blessings some take for granted.

Along with my creative writing coaching programs, I’m hosting an online Crystal Clear Writing Retreat on the weekend of October 16-17, 2021 where we’ll talk about all things writing, storytelling, and elevating your voice.

Get in touch if you’re interested. Tickets are on Eventbrite.

Let’s write and stand together.

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Maria Koropecky, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Maria Koropecky is many things: a Creative Writing Coach, Author, Writer, Storyteller, and Crystal Mapper.

She is well aware that 81% of all people want to write a book someday and, as a result, has set out to build a creative writing coaching business that is geared towards helping writers, artists, and introverts discover their own gold, breakthrough writer's blocks, and write the book they've always dreamed of writing so that they can leave a legacy.

Maria's own forthcoming novel, Who is Donna Tiva, the first book in a trilogy, was inspired during her solo backpacking trip across Spain at 50. It follows the journey of a single woman as she searches for love, her life being lit up and guided by the colorful characters she meets along the way.

Maria feels confident she can help other people in the world, who have also gone on an adventure of a lifetime, to write and share their stories with others.

Maria also has a wealth of qualifications that inform what she does, ranging from an Honours BA in English Literature to certifications in Life Coaching & Mentoring, to Spa Therapy as well as Crystal Reading.

Her mission is to encourage new voices to enter the arena.



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