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What Is Your “DIET” Like? (This Is A Trick Question!)

Written by: Georgette LePage, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


We’ve all heard the saying, “You are what you eat!”, haven’t we? To most of us it means that if we eat in an unhealthy way, that’s how our body probably looks and feels and vice versa. I often tell clients to visualize where their “unhealthy foods” are going on their body to help them stop and think about if they REALLY want to eat that food. It’s a great tool for pausing and being more mindful about what you are actually choosing to eat.

Today’s question is similar, to a degree. “What’s your diet like?” What I’m asking is…What are you consuming that requires your energy and focus? Where is your focus? Ah ha! That’s something very beneficial to stop and think about! For example, who do you spend time with?

Do you spend time with positive, uplifting people who inspire you? If so, that can be contagious to your creativity level. Perhaps you surround yourself with negative people. What effect does that have on your energy level? So, who do you spend your time with, and is it serving you? How does it influence your mood and spirit?

What kind of social media do you ingest? Does it make you feel good about yourself or do you feel defeated and unworthy when you see unrealistic pictures of people or captions about their “perfect” (so you think) life? Maybe it’s time to follow inspiring sources that leave you with a sense of purpose and reality instead of inadequacy. Have you ever thought about stepping outside of your comfort zone to follow people who offer you new ideas and ways of thinking?

What types of books do you read? What do you spend your time reading? How often do you read? Perhaps you don’t take time to read. Why not? What kind of music do you listen to? How does it make you feel: relaxed or stressed?

Do you watch the news (sometimes more than once a day) and feel uplifted or depressed? Are you watching programs that trigger feelings of joy or panic? WHY NOT? It’s certainly your choice to allow more joy and happiness into your life!

The point of your “diet” is to consume what makes you happy, peaceful, and less stressed. Perhaps you just haven’t noticed where you’re putting your time and energy when it comes to your surroundings. The good news is that you have full control over what you do with your focus and energy. So, I challenge you to notice what your “diet” really is and see if something needs to be taken off your old menu and replaced with something that serves you better! Give it a try and see how that resonates with you! Bon appétit!

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Georgette LePage, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Georgette LePage is a certified Health and Life Coach who empowers women all around the world to lose their mental weight first in order to then lose their physical weight. Her approach is honest, real, clear, and genuine with transformational habit change and mindset reset methods. Georgette's energy and enthusiasm are contagious. Her focus on healthy lifestyle inspires her clients to leave behind old diet culture thoughts and patterns in order to embrace fresh and simple ways to live their best lives without diet drama. Empowerment, self confidence, and self care are cornerstones of the programs that she offers. She helps her clients to get the results that they want with realistic, real-life strategies. She lives her own life the way she coaches others. She listens to what her clients want and guides them with compassion and accountability as they achieve their goals. She works with people of all ages (teens to seniors and every age in between) who are ready to live a healthier, more joyful life. Georgette also hosts the talk radio show WHY WEIGHT? with Dr. Pat Baccili on Transformational Talk Radio. In addition to speaking English, she also is fluent in French and Spanish. Georgette has 32 years experience as a World Language Teacher, as well. Her coaching motto is: Feel better. Look better. Be your best self!



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