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What Is Compassionate Leadership?

Written by: Samuel Oppong Jr, Executive Contributor

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Compassionate leadership is a skill that we all can practice.

1. Treat people with dignity.

Always treat people with a high-level of respect, no matter their background, culture, or socioeconomic status.

2. Leverage your gifts to push people forward.

There's always a problem that needs to be solved. Reflect on your skills and capabilities, what are some problems in your local community that you can address with the resources that you have and your expertise?

Where/how can you contribute?

Before you think about how you can save the world, think about how you can push change where you currently live.

Think micro before attempting to go macro.

Change comes through ripple effects, not one strike.

3. Make yourself accessible.

Be proactive about contributing to communities that need your voice, presence, or skill!

4. Live courageously

There will be moments in your life that will require you to pick a side and stand up against ideas/concepts/movements that you do not believe in.

Be prepared to echo your rationale and worldview.

5. Remain humble.

As you develop and become successful, remain the humble voice in a room full of experts. It's easier for others to connect with those who carry a humble spirit than those who don't!

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Samuel Oppong Jr, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Samuel Oppong is an Actor, Producer, Sports Broadcaster, CEO, Speaker, Coach, Trainer, Investor, and Philanthropist. He completed his Bachelor of Arts in Sport Management and Leadership Studies at Washington State University and completed his Masters in Sport Leadership at Concordia University in Chicago. He is a 2x Forbes Under 30 Finalist (2013, 2020) and Inc 30 Under 30 Nominee as an Investor. Before becoming an actor, he spent seven years working in various sports organizations such as USA Basketball, Washington State Athletics, National Hockey League, San Francisco 49ers, National Basketball Association, and National Football League.



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