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What Does It Mean To Be A Change Agent

Written by: Paula Orezi, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


Being a change agent in today’s world is about using your platform to make a difference. We expect the change to come from another person, but we never deem ourselves as that “person” to make the change. Habits are intentional things we start to do out of the habits of someone else by association or by simply desiring to be more like the other person. Our behaviors are influenced by our environment. With that said, there is an opportunity to make a change so that others are influenced by that change towards positive outcomes.

How does one become a change agent? Simply every day, look at your habits and ask yourself this question, “If I were being watched 24 hours a day by a particular group of people, would they want to mimic my habits”? The one who makes the change without the care of who is pleased has greater power. People-pleasing is a destroyer of being a change agent. You will have to be used to the fact that you are NOT for everyone and your message will NOT resonate with everyone. If the world paid attention to you for just 1 minute, what would be your message?

As we move forward in a world that is changing everyday, what impact can one have to create a change? It is simple, create the habits that will influence the outcomes of tomorrow! Building the blocks of daily positive habits can have an effect on others around you to make the same efforts. The impact is not so much on the way we paint our lives to be from fantasizing, but it is the everyday living and how we overcome that creates the habits of change. Our intentions reveal our character in becoming a person of influence.

The major component of being a change agent is learning to serve others. Serving is a way to express the desire to see actual change exhibited in a person or group of people. We serve by offering ourselves as a life extension to get someone else on the right footing. A forward movement means addressing the past as we seek ways to create new habits to make the future brighter, hopeful, and worth living for! Change agents are not simply people who have it all together, but they are the ones who know that there are better ways to make a positive impact to help others see that they are capable of doing the same.

Will you be that change agent?

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Paula Orezi, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Paula Orezi is the author of a motivational poetry book, From Me to You, and co-author of the No.1 International Best Selling book, Experts & Influencers: Women's Empowerment Edition. She has a passion for helping people be inspired to change, creating a positive and win-win outcome. Her experience includes mentoring others and leadership development.

Paula's life motto is to be a Change Agent in everything she does. Her messages are for business-minded professionals or anyone wishing to start their own business and need help to overcome mindset beliefs, organize, and conduct sales through relationship-building. These are the ingredients that she believes others can benefit from to see results.

Her why is to help people overcome destructive patterns regarding thinking habits and daily investment habits. Paula has been featured in podcasts that encourage others to live with purpose and dream big! The creation of the Paula O! Store was founded on the concept of Be You! She has impacted many with her branded products that stand for the mission of empowering others to be themselves and find their life’s calling in an adventurous way.



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