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What Does ‘Healing Your Inner Child’ Actually Mean?

Written by: Sophie Benbow, Executive Contributor

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‘Healing your inner child’ seems to have become a phrase that is current and ‘on-trend’ right now. I thought I would break down what it means so that you can start your healing journey.

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‘Healing your Inner Child’ means to confront and acknowledge childhood trauma and address behaviour patterns rooted in these traumatic events. This introspection helps us identify what triggers and behaviours may have come out of these events. It is a practice which exposes our vulnerable and impressionable selves.

Interestingly, childhood pain and trauma can live within us for many years and even your lifetime if no time is spent to heal and acknowledge this part of you.

As Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh says:

The cry we hear from deep in our hearts, comes from the wounded child within. Healing this inner child’s pain is the key healing to transforming anger, sadness, and fear.’

In Mindfulness, we learn about the here and the now so you may be wondering why we are looking into the past. During meditation whilst you are present your suffering may come up in different ways. One of those ways can be childhood trauma, so introspection to heal this trauma is required to live with liberation and freedom of the mind. This also serves as a lesson and insight with a message to stop and transform that wounded part of us. This provides the opportunity to heal and to limit suffering to ourselves and those who are close to us.

Deep inner healing can involve a journey of transformation. Acknowledgment that suffering exists within you can help to recognise the work that needs to be done.

Ways to Heal your Inner Child.

  • Therapy – dealing with past trauma can be distressing. There is no shame in seeking professional help from a therapist. Look for a therapist who specialises in this type of trauma.

  • Visualisation and Acknowledgment of your inner child – your inner-child forms part of your subconscious mind. Acknowledge, send love, and pay attention to them.

  • Meditation – Inner child meditation will release emotional blockages and pain. It will aid in letting go and restoring the joyful moments in your childhood.

  • Continue to learn more about your wounded inner child – cultivate awareness and continue to listen, offer love and compassion and work towards healing open wounds.

There are many other ways to heal your inner child such as: breathwork, mirror work, developing self-compassion, finding ways to cope, acknowledgment, journaling as your inner child, write a letter to your inner child, bring back the joys of your childhood and more.

Healing your inner child will be enhanced if you are embodying other mindful practices in your routine such as journaling, identifying your personal values, mirror work and meditation. Enjoy the journey.


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Sophie Benbow, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Sophie Benbow is a self-development coach, Mindfulness and Meditation teacher who holds various qualifications in Health & Fitness. She aims to guide you on a journey of self-love, healing and compassion. Head on over to her website to enquire about coaching, listen to her meditations and follow her social channels.



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