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What Are Money Blocks? Overcoming Barriers To Wealth

Written by: Sebastian Koellner, Executive Contributor

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Executive Contributor Sebastian Koellner

Money blocks are subconscious beliefs and behaviors that hinder our ability to effectively manage and grow our wealth.

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These blocks are often rooted in past experiences, upbringing, and societal conditioning. To transform our relationship with money, it is crucial to uncover and address these blocks.

By recognizing negative thought patterns, understanding the role of childhood experiences, and reflecting on our money heritage, we can gain insights into our financial mindset. Asking reflective questions and identifying patterns help us uncover limiting beliefs and behaviors that impact our financial decisions.

Overcoming money blocks requires forgiveness, learning from past mistakes, and seeking mentorship from successful individuals. By improving our relationship with money, we can achieve lasting financial freedom and abundance.

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What are money blocks?

To change your financial behavior and improve your relationship with money, it's important to uncover the underlying beliefs that affect how you handle all aspects of finances. These beliefs are often rooted in past experiences and upbringing, such as growing up in poverty or observing how parents dealt with money during difficult times like divorce or financial strain. Consider them your mental money blueprint.

Did you ever notice that you talk about your relationship with money? We all have relationships with people, of course – but money seems to be the one non-living thing we are in relationship with as well. This highlights the often subconscious and emotionally charged nature of the beliefs and stories about money.

Recognizing Negative Thought Patterns Related to Money

Identifying typical money barriers such as avoiding money, excessively valuing it, and having a mentality of scarcity can help reveal which areas require development. Recognizing these mental habits enables us to confront them directly and substitute them with more positive attitudes towards building wealth.

Understanding the role of childhood experiences in shaping our financial mindset

The way we handle our money as adults can be heavily influenced by our childhood experiences. By reflecting on these experiences, we can identify any negative beliefs or associations that may still affect us today and work to overcome them. This process of self-reflection is crucial in breaking free from limiting thoughts and achieving financial empowerment.

Until you create awareness regarding your relationship with money, you might have a 5-year-old running certain aspects of your business. Because you cannot change what you do not know.

When it comes to achieving financial success, it's important to identify and overcome any money blocks that may be holding you back. Money blocks are limiting beliefs or behaviors that prevent you from managing your money effectively. Let's take a look at some of the most common money blocks:

Common money blocks

To achieve financial success, it is important to recognize and overcome your biggest money blocks. These may include avoiding financial matters altogether or obsessing over money to the point of overspending and debt. Another common block is a scarcity mindset that leads to fear of spending and inability to enjoy the present.

  • Money Avoidance: This is the tendency to ignore financial matters or avoid dealing with money altogether. It can lead to missed opportunities for growth and financial stability.

  • Money Worship: On the other end of the spectrum, money worship is an unhealthy obsession with money that can lead to overspending and debt.

  • Scarcity Mindset: This is the belief that there is never enough money to go around, leading to a fear of spending and an inability to enjoy the present.

By identifying the beliefs and behaviors that shape your relationship with money, you can take steps towards effective management of finances and building wealth. Explore additional suggestions for identifying your money blocks in this brainz magazine article.

Key takeaway

Coaches, healers and entrepreneurs can enhance their business success by recognizing and overcoming common money obstacles such as avoidance, worship or a scarcity mentality. Establishing clear financial objectives that are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound is vital for achieving sustainable financial security. Developing practical budgets and making wise savings/investment decisions can also accelerate wealth growth over time through the benefits of compound interest.

Seeking mentorship from successful individuals

We can't always figure everything out on our own, especially when it comes to overcoming money blocks and achieving financial success. This is where seeking mentorship from successful individuals who have triumphed over similar challenges becomes invaluable.

Mentorship Benefits: Mentors provide guidance, support, and insight into effective strategies for wealth accumulation. Their experience helps us navigate the often confusing world of personal finance while learning best practices that lead to a more fulfilling life driven by purpose and passion instead of scarcity and limitation.

Finding the Right Mentor: So how do you find someone who's been there, done that? Start by networking within your industry or local community. Attend events related to personal finance or entrepreneurship. Reach out to people you admire through social media platforms like LinkedIn or even SCORE, which offers free business mentoring services.

  • Create a list of potential mentors based on their expertise in areas where you need help most (e.g., investing, budgeting).

  • Evaluate their communication style - make sure it aligns with yours for optimal learning experiences.

  • Aim for diversity - different perspectives can offer unique insights into managing money effectively.

In addition to one-on-one mentorships, consider joining mastermind groups focused on financial growth or enrolling in online courses taught by experts in wealth creation. Exposing yourself to new thought patterns and ideas around money, can help you upgrade your relationship with money.

Remember, the key is to be proactive in seeking guidance from those who have successfully navigated the path toward financial freedom. By learning from their experiences, we can avoid common pitfalls and accelerate our journey towards overcoming money blocks and achieving lasting wealth.

Ready for more actionable tips on transforming your relationship with money? Check out this brainz article on Techniques for Overcoming Money Blocks.

Key takeaway

Seeking mentorship from successful individuals who have overcome similar money blocks is invaluable for coaches, healers and entrepreneurs. Mentors provide guidance, support and insight into effective strategies for wealth accumulation while helping navigate the overwhelming world of business finances. Finding a diverse range of mentors through networking events or online courses can accelerate the journey towards overcoming money blocks and achieving lasting wealth.

Reflection questions for self-assessment: Uncover your money blocks

Are you ready to dive deeper into your financial past?

Let's start by examining the roots of your money mindset.

Set aside 15 minutes initially for this exercise: Grab a writing utensil and jotting surface or open up a fresh document on your machine. We're about to embark on an introspective journey, courtesy of Rich Litvin.

Your money heritage

To transform your attitude towards money, it's important to uncover the subconscious thoughts, beliefs, attitudes and behaviors you have developed regarding finances. These may have been influenced by observing your parents or cultural background, as well as through media exposure. Therefore, take a moment to ponder over the following questions about the financial blueprint that was passed down to you from your family:

  1. What kind of example did your father set for you in terms of money? What was his financial situation like?Did he earn a significant amount of money? Did he experience any losses? Was he skilled at saving, spending, managing, donating or investing his wealth?

  2. What kind of example did your mother set for you in terms of money?

  3. What kind of example did your grandparents set for you in terms of money? (If possible, ask your parents about their money story...)

Your money blueprint

To gain insights into our money blocks and how they impact our financial behavior, it can be helpful to reflect on certain questions. It's important to forgive ourselves for past mistakes and use them as learning opportunities while building wealth. Here are some incomplete sentences that should be answered quickly without overthinking:

  • I appreciate money because...

  • Money becomes problematic when...

  • Something more valuable than money is...

  • If my income increased, I would...

  • If my income decreased, I would...

After answering these prompts several times, take note of any patterns or insights gained. These reflections can prove useful in both personal finance and business decision-making.


Transforming our relationship with money is a deeply introspective and empowering journey. By uncovering and addressing our money blocks, we can break free from limiting beliefs and behaviors that hinder our financial success. Recognizing the influence of our parents, grandparents, and cultural background allows us to identify any inherited financial patterns and make conscious choices to break free from them. By answering reflective questions and identifying patterns, we become aware of our limiting beliefs and can work towards replacing them with positive attitudes towards wealth creation. Seeking mentorship from successful individuals who have overcome similar challenges is invaluable on this journey. Mentors provide guidance, support, and insights into effective strategies for wealth accumulation. In conclusion, by actively uncovering and addressing our money blocks, we can transform our business and financial lives. You cannot change what you do not know: Embrace the opportunity to improve your relationship with money, to create the impact and income you desire.

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FAQs in Relation to What Are Money Blocks

What are money blocks?

A money block is a subconscious belief or mindset that limits an individual's ability to attract, manage, and grow wealth. These beliefs often stem from past experiences, societal conditioning, or family influences and can manifest as self-sabotaging behaviors in personal finance management.

How do money blocks develop?

Money blocks develop through various factors such as negative experiences related to finances, parental influence on personal finance management, societal expectations around wealth accumulation, and internalized fears of financial success. Over time, these factors create limiting beliefs that hinder an individual's ability to achieve their financial and business goals.

What are abundance blocks?

Abundance blocks are similar to money blocks but encompass a broader range of limitations affecting one's overall prosperity. They include mental barriers that prevent individuals from recognizing opportunities for growth in areas like relationships, career success, health and well-being, along with financial matters.

How can I improve my relationship with money?

To enhance your relationship with money, it is essential to identify and address the thoughts, beliefs and stories that comprise your current blueprint for your relationship with money. Start by asking yourself: What are my financial roadblocks? By reflecting on this question and using prompts like the ones mentioned in this article, you can gain a deeper understanding of your beliefs and behaviors towards money.

Additionally, seeking guidance from mentors or coaches can help you uncover any hidden biases or limitations that may be holding you back. Remember, you cannot change what you do not know!

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Sebastian Koellner Brainz Magazine

Sebastian Koellner, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

As Chief MindSetter, Sebastian Koellner specializes in helping successful entrepreneurs and executives rediscover alignment, ease, and fulfillment in their work and life. MindSet is a misnomer because it is not actually set. If you won at the game of business but paid a high price for it… it’s time to take charge of your internal board of directors and upgrade the fundamental beliefs that often lead to imposter syndrome, excessive negative stress, and overwhelm.



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