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How To Identify Money Blocks

Written by: Marcia N. Armstrong, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


Most of our decision-making comes from the subconscious part of our mind. We can’t see it but we experience the consequence of the decision.

The journey of wealth discovery is based on the wealth files you have locked away in your mind. Think about a filing cabinet that has a drawer of files that have not been opened in years. So you’re still operating on obsolete data.

Your wealth files either get you on the path to success or failure.

It is said, that in order to overcome something, you must first address it. But what if you don’t have language for the generational patterns in your life? Understanding the source of your money blocks will show you how long you’ve struggled with them.

Money blocks can come from a variety of sources

1. Your family dynamic

Our first financial advisors are our parents. They taught us from their experience. Unless you challenge what you were taught, their belief system influences your thoughts, feelings, habits, and decision-making.

There’s a story of a wife who would remove the ends of the ham every time she baked it. One day her husband asked her why she removed the ends of the ham, and she replied, ‘I saw my mother do it.’

Her mom came over for dinner, and the husband asked his mother-in-law, why do you remove the ends of the ham before you bake it and she replied, ‘my mom did it.’

When he reached out to her, she said, ‘I removed the ends of the ham because my pan was too small.”

So for generations, her daughter and granddaughter followed her action with zero understanding as to why and this can be applied to financial behaviors that we’ve inherited and never questioned.

2. Your Faith

For some persons, the story of the lady in the bible that sowed what she had sacrificially versus those that had abundance is often taken out of context. Being poor is held in high regard versus being wealthy which is seen as a hindrance to your faith.

We’ve all been given the power to create wealth so how you use what you’ve been given is up to you. This source of money block can make you feel ashamed or guilty for being financially well off.

3. Low self-esteem

Wealth first begins in the mind before you can see it in your bank account. If you don’t see yourself as worthy and have confidence in what you bring to the table, it can cause self-sabotage and stagnancy. You have to actively boost yourself and become a person who embodies wealth, otherwise, everything you touch will fail.

4. Fear of success

Some people prefer to stay in the background and not get recognition or validation. But as you become a person of wealth, it is to understand you will attract money, power, and influence.

Many of us have been taught to conform to societal standards and play it safe. Success can scare you if you aren’t prepared for that viral moment that can change your life in an instant but don’t let the responsibility of success become a stumbling block. If anything, embrace it.

5. The Media

What you feed your mind you become, so be very careful what you watch and listen to. It can create doubt in your mind and stop you from pursuing your goals. Find things that stretch your thinking and cause you to operate from a place of curiosity where you’re able to see differing views on a topic.


Although it will take some work to undo money blocks, it’s not impossible. Remember, you are challenging beliefs, habits, and assumptions but once you unlock this level, you make room for prosperity and abundance to flow in your life.

Given the above, what do you think is your primary money block?

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Marcia N. Armstrong, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Marcia Armstrong is a thought leader in the financial literacy industry and is an advocate of personal development. She specializes in helping visionary career women maximize their income so that they can leverage their skills, influence, and impact to create generational wealth. Having grown up in a household where money was deemed inaccessible and a scarce commodity, she was able to unlock key wealth principles that enabled her to take control of her finances and design a life that allowed her to live financially confident and empowered. Her mission is to redefine wealth so that it empowers and equips change agents to create a life of design that positively impacts their household, community, society, and the world. Marcia is a certified coach who holds the designation of Master of Business Administration from the University of South Wales. Her mantra is no one can believe in you more than you do!



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