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We Need R.E.A.L. Leaders In The Workplace

Written by: Vernisha Crawford, Executive Contributor

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Executive Contributor Vernisha Crawford

In my recent Ted Talk, I shared my vision of intergenerational wellness. Intergenerational wellness refers to the holistic well-being of individuals, considering the impact of past experiences and trauma on present and future generations. Childhood experiences are influenced by parents/caregivers beliefs and behaviors, other adults (family, teachers, coaches, etc) and the environment. Together these impact to our worldview regarding work, relationships, and wellness.

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In today's dynamic work environment, Organizations are facing unprecedented levels of change, uncertainty, and complexity, leading to increased stress, burnout, and trauma among employees. In such a landscape, having R.E.A.L. Leaders – those who Realize, Experience, Accept, and Learn – is not just important but essential for organizational success and employee well-being.

  •  R.E.A.L. leaders first realize the impact of trauma on individuals and teams. They understand that traumatic experiences can affect well-being, mental health, and performance.

  • Through honoring experiences, R.E.A.L. leaders engage in listening sessions, simulations, and assessments, to gain insights about their teams experiences and tailor their management and support strategies accordingly.

  • R.E.A.L. leaders accept the need for change by adopting trauma-informed approaches. They prioritize psychological safety, resilience, and collective well-being over traditional productivity goals.

  • R.E.A.L. leaders learn trauma-informed practices, self-regulation and resilience-building strategies, empathetic communication, and create continuous learning opportunities for themselves and their teams. More importantly they apply these skills in daily interactions.

The benefits of R.E.A.L. leadership impacts the organization, the team, and their families. R.E.A.L. leaders cultivate trust, openness, and psychological safety, boosting employee engagement. By improving well-being and mental health, R.E.A.L. leaders reduce absenteeism, turnover, and burnout; creating a healthier workforce. A healthier workforce promotes healthier employees, including healthier working parents/caregivers which then promotes healthier children. This is the cycle that should become generational.

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Vernisha Crawford Brainz Magazine

Vernisha Crawford, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Vernisha Crawford is at the forefront of trauma-informed practices, workplace culture, community wellness. Inspired by her own wellness journey, Vernisha's leadership, notably as CEO of Trauma Informed Institute, stems from a deep commitment to reducing harm, workplace trauma, and community trauma. Her work empowers individuals and organizations to navigate the complexities of trauma; through learnings of resilience, wellness, and trauma-informed leadership. With a diverse portfolio, including managing DanceHerSize, LLC, and founding BYE Foundation, Inc., Her life's mission is to cultivate resilient communities globally and have intergenerational impact through the lens of wellness.



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