We All Still Cry

Written by: Carole Sanek, Executive Contributor

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That saying that when life hands you lemons, make lemonade doesn’t apply in a world where people are grieving due to the massive changes that have occurred for many different reasons.

In my personal world I have had tremendous loss over the past 21 months and my grief has been compounded by all these massive changes.

I do not have a single day without tears. My eyes fill, the tears fall down my cheeks, and sometimes my chest starts to shake and I have moments of deep sadness.

I am a coach. I am a helper. I have a passion for connecting, and connecting in grief makes me a better person. I still cry.

I have spent my life connecting with people, it is vital to who I am, and whom I still aspire to be. I never had a thought that my desire to connect would take me into the deep wilderness of grieving because who stops to really consider that life doesn’t come with happy endings. Screw the fairy tales that taught us that. Yet we wouldn’t want children to think that happy endings are not real. But wait, children are experiencing this right now in bigger numbers than ever.

Grieving does not always involve death. There are many reasons people grieve.

  • Divorce or changes in a relationship including friendships.

  • Changes in your health or the health of a loved one.

  • Losing a job or changes in financial security.

  • Changes in your way of life, such as retirement or when moving to a new place.

In looking at that list realization sets in that with what we are all dealing with right now can be found in every single bullet point.

Now what?

I wish I could give everyone that one magic pill that would fix everything. It doesn’t exist and I still cry.

Many times when I write or tell people I am having a tough time I just want them the feel that moment. This is all any of us ever really want. We want people to feel that moment. No hugs, no touching a shoulder, not even speaking a word. We want you to feel the moment, our moment. We want you to honor our moment, not fix it.

And please accept the fact that I still cry, you still cry, we all still cry and feel our moments because we are all having moments.

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Carole Sanek, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Carole L. Sanek is a certified life coach specializing in personal coaching, with her specialty being working in grief. Carole is also an author and her first book “Fractured” is with a publishing house in Chicago, scheduled to launch by the end of the year. Carole is especially excited that even though she was diagnosed 27 years ago with breast cancer, she wiped that slate clean and thrives on in her life. Reaching Carole is easy as she believes in transparency and authenticity and welcomes people to reach out to her.



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