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Want to Live Longer and Healthier? —The Ikarians are Doing it

Written by: Mandy Napier, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


From supplements, exercise, meditation, and yoga to more radical measures such as surgery, strict diets, and the next wonder drug, Australians spend billions every year on the quest for a healthy life.


Despite this, Australians are becoming unhealthier. Diabetes, heart disease, and cancers are occurring at a younger age. Clearly, what we’re doing isn’t working. So, what is working?

Science and research have given us a helping hand. Research shows that genes account for only 7% of a person’s lifespan. So, what makes up the rest?

Let’s take a peek at research and articles by industry experts about what makes longevity possible.

5 Regions of the World Where People Live Longer

Dan Buettner, Founder and CEO of Blue Zones teamed up with National Geographic and the world’s longevity researchers to study areas in the world where people live measurably better, longer, healthier lives. They discovered that these five regions hold the greatest number of people over 100 years old:

  • Ikaria, Greece

  • Loma Linda, California

  • Okinawa, Japan

  • Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica

  • Barbagia region in Sardinia

Let’s look at the island Ikaria in Greece, where people are four times more likely to reach 90 years of age than their American counterparts.

Daily Routines and Healthy Habits are Part of Ikarian Life

  • Daily routines include waking naturally, working in the garden, enjoying a late lunch, having a nap, visiting neighbors, or having guests over.

  • The Ikarians’ diet is simple. It includes goat’s milk, sage, beans, greens like fennel, dandelion, and seasonal vegetables. Furthermore, the abundance of green homegrown vegetables with no pesticides means their food is naturally nutrient-rich. Larded pork in small quantities is eaten for a short time each year.

  • Olive oil is used frequently, and local goat’s milk is the main choice for dairy.

  • Moderate levels of alcohol taken mainly while socializing are the norm.

Laughter and Connection are Critical for a Healthy Life

  • The Ikarians enjoy laughter, gossip, and wine. And sleep and sex are just as important!

  • Social activities, dancing, and fun with families and friends are common activities. Sitting on the couch at night is not acceptable!

  • Many Ikarians have access to a family garden and livestock, and the island has a history of self-sufficiency.

  • Lunch is always taken as a real lunch break. This means people take time to enjoy connecting with other people while they eat.

  • Due to the steep terrain of Ikaria, hill walking is a daily habit. Keeping fit is literally a way of life!

What will you integrate into Your Lifestyle for a Longer, Healthier Life?

Take a leaf from the Ikarians and sprinkle a few of their ingredients into your life. Unplug from your gadgets and connect with more people. Develop a keystone habit of moving your body daily. Focus on eating healthy foods. Drink in moderation. And learn to let go of your layers of stress. With a solid community spirit, an ecosystem conducive to healthy, nutrient-rich foods, and sensible alcohol intake, you have the key ingredients for living a healthy life.

Besides a healthier and longer life, there are other benefits to this lifestyle. It can help program your subconscious mind for health, happiness, and longevity, which can set you up for the success you seek in life.

And who doesn’t want that?

To connect with Mandy, visit her website and hop on over to my private Facebook Group Winning Mindsets.


Mandy Napier, Executive Contributor, Brainz Magazine

Mandy Napier is a Global High-Performance Mindset Coach, Professional Speaker, Author, Athlete, and founder of Mindset for Success. With her results-driven, neuroscience-backed C.L.E.A.R ™️ Coaching Model, Mandy has helped thousands of high-achieving professionals break free of their self-imposed limitations and create transformational results. Focusing on the ‘how-to’ change, training the mind, and rewiring the brain helps her clients gain more clarity, purpose, and direction. Her clients successfully achieve their goals because she works with them to develop routines and habits that support consistent action. Mandy is the author of Creating Healthy Life Habits, has been featured on podcasts such as Success, Motivation and Inspiration, and The Successful Advisor. She publishes articles shared on various global platforms and national publications—her mission: Extraordinary Results for her clients.



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