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Up Level Devils And How To Move Past Them

Written by: Samantha Hearne, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


What really happens as you up-level in your business (& ultimately as a person)

It can seem very easy to focus on where you want to get to, goals you want to reach, aspirations you are working toward – BUT what needs to be processed along this growth is


Your next level lies outside of what you already know. Outside of who you already are. Beyond want you know to be comfortable or normal, or even expected. Therefore, it can be a real challenge to then step into this next level fully. Because you have never been there before!

Here are some things that you may experience or have already experienced in your journey through your next expansion, level and success ceiling.

A feeling of self-sabotage or doubt;

  • Is this a fluke?

  • Is this really happening to me?

  • Can I repeat this?

Worry about failing;

  • What if I lose everything?

  • What if this all falls apart?

  • What if I can’t keep this up?

Emotional splurges;

  • Feeling out of control

  • Anxious and panicking about things that may or may not happen

  • Catastrophising

  • Feeling less than and constant state of unease

Changes in relationships;

  • You’ve changed

  • We don’t have the same things in common anymore

  • I don’t know if we can relate to one another now

  • I think our views are changing

Changes online and in your community;

  • People who you thought would work with you, now stepping back

  • Potential clients now feeling harder to work with or misaligned

  • Finding yourself fighting more fires

ALL of these things (and anything else that comes up for you) are NOT about the thing itself, but all about this process of growth, this time of expansion, this experience of the next level, that inner shift.

Reaching a new level in your business is not just about the tangible goal but also about the embodiment and emotional connection it has for you. Remembering that you are not and cannot be responsible for how other people live their lives, make decisions, show up for themselves, do or do not grow. This is an expansion.

So now we have looked at some of the experiences you may have faced going through your next levels, I want to break down some top tips of how to manage your growth, so that you don’t get left with constant fear, doubt or worry in your body and thoughts.

1. Take time to think about who you WANT to become and how this feels, looks for you. Create some space to truly think about who you WANT to be and how you want to show up for yourself. Journal on this and create a future you visualisation, connect to your future self.

2. Reflect on who is in your life currently that you feel you must filter yourself for? Who don’t you feel 100% yourself around? Dig deeper into this and ensure you don’t keep saving relationships that prevent you from soaring and owning your truth.

3. Become connected to your own fears and work through them – disconnecting form the fears others may have given you.

Is this a good idea? Aren’t you a bit old for that? Shouldn’t you be more professional?


What do you truly fear? And how can you start to work through this and combat the things that are holding you back? You deserve to unlock these things in yourself and reach your next level.

4. Look at patterns in your behaviour / life. Where have you self-sabotaged or held yourself back before? Why? Truly ask yourself why?

People pleasing, fear of failing, fear or rejection, lack of confidence – or anything else that comes up for you.

  • Get support and work through these up-level gaps. That is key, to stop you from repeating and continuing to create those cycles in the future.

5. Spend time with people you admire and feel your best self around. Watch them, learn from them, soak up their energy. Allow yourself to be infused with inspiration as often as possible. There is invaluable power in being around people who have and are working through what you are and seeing just how they embody this and what they do, say, act like. You learn from seeing, experiencing, immersing – so allow your future self to SEE and FEEL what is possible.

If someone else can – why can’t you? Create a bulletproof belief in where you’re going and who you are becoming.

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Samantha Hearne, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Samantha is a best selling self-published author, qualified coach and mentor who works with female entrepreneurs to build a business of sustainability, wealth & ease. Samantha runs 2 mastermind programmes, 1:1 mentoring programmes and a self-study business success school. Samantha supports her clients with; organic marketing, building a brand and engaged community, creating consistent sales (usually without launching), increasing profit within their business over time, creating balance, ease & fun, as well as a huge focus on mindset and performance habits for success.

As an ex-teacher, Samantha prides herself on differentiation, simple teaching strategies, and encouraging her clients to reach their fullest potential.



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