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Unveiling Her Inspirational Journey – Exclusive Interview With Lisette Lucas

Lisette Lucas is a masterful High-End Success Medium®, High-Frequency Business Coach®, and Intuitive Transformational Hypnotherapist from The Netherlands. Trained by world-renowned experts like Mavis Pittilla, Marisa Peer, and Tony Robbins, she founded EnergyJoy and offers multi-faceted programs through her EnergyJoy Mastery Academy. Her signature "Above The Golden Line Method®" aims to elevate a million-plus souls to new frequencies of EnergyJoy. Lisette is on a mission to transform next-generation changemakers with love, wisdom, and EnergyJoy.

photo of Lisette Lucas

Lisette Lucas, High End Success Medium

Can you introduce yourself and tell us about your journey to becoming a high-end success medium and high-frequency business coach?

"Yes, of course! My name is Lisette Lucas and I was born and raised in the Netherlands, near The Hague. I am the proud mother of three beautiful children. Before becoming a mom at the age of 28, I was highly sensitive, although the term didn't exist back when I was growing up. I was labeled as shy, which led me to be quiet and reserved, especially in large groups. I felt most comfortable in my own room at home. However, even there, I often felt scared because of the energies I sensed. I could feel presences around me and was often afraid in the dark. Additionally, I had a lot of prophetic dreams, some of which came true, including the untimely passing of my uncle, which left me confused and wanting to suppress my sensitivity. My mother used to say, "Lisette, ghosts don't exist," which gave me some peace for a while. I spent my teenage years enjoying parties and resisting any rules imposed upon me.

It was at the age of 19 that I had my first encounter with a medium. This reignited my curiosity and fascination for the metaphysical. Over the years, especially after having my three children, my clairvoyant and clairsentient abilities grew stronger. I would feel other people's pain within my own body—like feeling an ear infection a few days before my own baby got it. One day, as I was about to change my youngest son's diaper, I saw an apparition of an elderly woman sitting in my bedroom. She smiled at me, and that was my "enough is enough" moment. I had to find out what was happening. So I sought out the best tutors in the Netherlands and the UK to help me develop my natural abilities further. Eventually, I found my mentor, Mavis Pittilla, at The Arthur Findlay College in Stansted, UK, the world's leading institution for developing mediumistic talents. I knew instantly she was the one I had to study with. For a decade, I traveled back and forth between the Netherlands and the UK, honing my skills at the highest possible level. Later, I got certified in Marisa Peer's RTT method, learned powerful energy healing techniques, and attended many Tony Robbins events. I am currently at the time of this interview in training to become a certified Tony Robbins-Madanes coach."

You were born and raised in The Netherlands. How has your upbringing influenced your approach to life and business?

"I was born into an entrepreneurial family, specifically in the construction sector. The first 20 years of my life were like a fairy tale. We had everything in material and financial terms— large homes in both domestic and foreign lands, beautiful cars, boats, and dream vacations. I lacked for nothing; we lived in abundance. Being a ‘Lucas daughter’, I thought I would be financially secure. Since we had plenty.

Then came the economic crisis of 1993, which led to the family business falling apart. I had been raised in a protective environment and was completely unaware of what was going on. I heard the life and business changing news on the radio, and my world crumbled.

Everything vanished from one day to the next. My family fell apart, and a battle over money ensued. It was horrifying to see what people do to each other when it comes to money. The most bizarre thing was realizing that the identity I thought I had for 20 years had nothing to do with me. It was more based on status and name. I didn't even know who I was. That’s when my true journey began, a quest to discover who I really was, from heart and soul.

Looking back, I can personally say that this family and business drama was a 'blessing in disguise' for me. Otherwise, I would have never been able to do what I do now. I have seen both sides of the coin, from ultimate wealth to barely making ends meet. I know what it's like to have energetic blocks on all levels because I had to break through them myself. Money had become my enemy. It symbolized drama, pain, and sorrow. On the other hand, entrepreneurship runs in my veins. Eventually, after years of soul-searching and with the guidance of the best in the world within their field of expertise, I broke through my money blocks, among others. I also overcame many other forms of self-sabotage, procrastination, limiting beliefs, and outdated patterns that kept me stuck and small. I continue to do the work on a daily basis since it's an ongoing process while you evolve and grow in life and your business. Now, as a High-End Success Medium® and high-frequency business coach, I receive phenomenal energy exchange for the services and results I provide. And this and so much more is what I teach to my students and clients. I have truly turned my mess into my message. This enables me to accurately sense, understand, and perceive on an energetic level what’s happening and how we can powerfully and permanently break through it."

Who were your biggest inspirations and mentors? You're trained by some of the best like Mavis Pittilla, Marisa Peer, and Tony Robbins. How did they shape your path?

"Coming from a ‘high-end family’, I've grown up, so to speak, with the crème de la crème. I've been brought up with a taste for quality. So that runs through my veins. My motto has always been, 'You get what you pay for.' In everything I do, I choose the best, which is why I've opted for the best in the field and the best in the world as my mentors. They are my biggest inspirations, and my soul craves growth and contribution. The guidance of these world-class mentors has enabled me to develop a unique blend of skills and techniques. That's why I naturally evolved into a High End Success Medium®—the first in the world, and I'm truly honored that this insight was given to me. I am deeply grateful to have been trained by Mavis Pittilla. Mavis transitioned back to the world of spirit in 2022, but when I need her, she's still close by. I'm truly thankful that she and others support me from the other side of the veil.

I've created a powerful blend of expertise by combining the best tools from the industry leaders with my own techniques and skills. This has led to the development of my own path and my unique 'power recipes.' These form the foundation of my EnergyJoy Mastery Academy, guiding my students from their initial awakening through transformation, and ultimately to living and thriving as their authentic, soulful selves, fully embracing their stardust potential."

From mess to message

You have a compelling story about turning your "mess" into your "message." Can you share that transformative experience with us?

"Of course! For me, the biggest challenge was my money mindset, shaped by many painful experiences I had with money. I noticed that every time I became successful, I would sabotage myself. I would either lose interest or shut down my business. That was until I pinpointed the root cause of my challenges. I always thought I had no issue with having a lot of money, since that's the environment I came from. However, I realized I had linked so much pain to money that I found it hard to charge appropriately for my services. Everything about my limiting money beliefs changed for good when the father of my three children was diagnosed with cancer. The fear of not being able to provide for my children as they were accustomed to became the pain trigger I needed. From that moment, I invested in a high-end business coach and started working on my money mindset. Since then, everything has changed for the better! Now, I help empathetic, ambitious coaches and service-based entrepreneurs do the same. When you are sensitive, you must be extra cautious with your energy. So, I offer high levels of energy, value, and transformation in exchange for a commensurate energy exchange (which is how I refer to money—it's just energy). And I now know: Money is just a by-product, not the end result. Love, peace, freedom, EnergyJoy and happiness are!

So, I've turned my mess into my message. This has been a phenomenal life and business-changing transformation! The best part? My students are doing the same now. Just last month, another student from my Elite Shift Mastermind launched her own business, right at a high-level. Thanks to powerful mindset and energy shifts, she also attracted her first high-end client immediately. It's beautiful to witness!"

What was the catalyst that shifted you from living below the Golden Line to living a life full of EnergyJoy?

"Great question! Since I was a child, I've always been highly sensitive. If something didn't resonate with what I truly desired deep in my heart and soul, it didn't work for me. However, the real eye-opener came when, as a mother of three, I was diagnosed with melanoma cancer at the age of 44. Suddenly, I was staring death in the face. I knew I had to make significant changes in my life. I literally felt it eating away at me from within, and yes, it manifested as the deadliest form of skin cancer. Through my work as a medium, I regularly connected with people who had passed away from this type of cancer. If you catch it too late, it can be game over within months. This was a powerful wake-up call for me. I completely turned my life around. I had to start listening to that deep inner feeling instead of suppressing it. Because by not expressing what lived inside me, I was operating too much below the Golden Line, stuck in heavy energy that could ultimately have been my demise. I narrowly escaped; the melanoma was removed through multiple surgical procedures. I radically shifted my life's direction and started working intensively on myself. I knew I had much more to accomplish on Earth; it wasn't my time yet. From that moment on, I became increasingly aware of my frequency and energy, which laid the foundation for my 'Above the

Golden Line Method®.' Incredibly powerful, and in my own case, I can say that it literally saved my life."

Signature method & programs

Could you give us an overview of your signature Above The Golden Line Method®? What sets it apart in the

realm of coaching and personal development?

"The Above The Golden Line Method® emerged from a decade of intensive work with clients, students, and audiences at events. As a success medium with the ability to energetically perceive energy fields at a clairvoyant level, I started noticing a recurring energy pattern. I could foresee and predict who was going to manifest their wishes and dreams. This prediction was based on the golden energy present in their energy field. The frequency of that golden energy always felt like the energy of EnergyJoy—joyful, high-vibe, powerful, and determined, as if the person could manifest from a deep, subconscious knowing. And it always came true. Coupled with energetic frequencies and emotions, the Above The Golden Line Method® was born. I received these insights as a cosmic download; it was just suddenly there, and I literally saw it. It was a genuine 'Wow' moment! I knew I had to share this with the world because I understand, know, and feel its power. The more people grasp, apply, and live Above The Golden Line®, the higher Earth's frequency will become. Especially now, with everything that is happening in the world, it is crucial that we work on our own energy and frequency. Precisely to elevate global energy Above The Golden Line®.

It's amazing to see, hear and witness that my clients, students, and podcast listeners also speak and live the Above The Golden Line® and stardust language. In this way, they all become a force of nature in their own field of expertise. So, my Above The Golden Line Method® is a unique manifestation method like no other. I am deeply grateful for having received these insights. I also share my method for free, making it accessible to everyone. As a gift to the world. So go ahead, download and apply it. And importantly, never underestimate its power and value!

I've also created a special Above The Golden Line® Manifestation Journal (in Dutch and English available on Amazon worldwide) to record your energetic shifts, frequencies, and breakthroughs. It's designed for mega-powerful results, shifts and manifesting Above The Golden Line®."

Tell us about the EnergyJoy Mastery Academy and your specialized programs like the 'Master Your Intuition Academy,' 'Master Your Inner-Medium Academy,' and the 'High End Elite Shift Mastermind.

"I've combined all of these life-and business changing programs into my EnergyJoy Mastery Academy, which also features my own Lisette Lucas app. All of this is designed to be easy, fast, and accessible for everyone. Personally, I'm not a fan of long, drawn-out training sessions. Simply because, as a busy mom and entrepreneur, I don't have time for endless videos. That's why I've built my academy to offer quick, digestible journeys, all in bite-sized video lessons, trainings, and tools. My courses are logically structured so you can progress from a beginner in intuitive and energetic development to a high-level achiever and next gen change-maker. It's all part of my EnergyJoy Transition System®.

Phase 1 is: 'The Awakening,' and that's where my 'Master Your Intuition Academy' comes in. This course is a must-have for laying a powerful foundation in intuitive and energetic development. I always say, you need to learn to land before you fly. The Intuition Academy serves as an 'Intuition 101' and benefits everyone.

Want more? Move on to Phase 2 of my EnergyJoy Transition System®: 'The Transformation.' Here you'll find the 'Master Your Inner-Medium Academy Levels 1, 2, and 3.' This is all about becoming an accredited EnergyJoy Practitioner® at the highest level. It's perfect whether you're new to energy work or already have a practice and want to deepen your expertise as a high-level medium and high-frequency coach. Super powerful!

Phase 3 is: ‘The Soulful Self’ for those who want to live and express their soul-aligned mission in their own high-end level business, straight from their Soulful Self and in their ultimate stardust power. The corresponding program here is my signature 'Elite Shift Mastermind.' Of course, I offer various tools and courses to reprogram your subconscious, so you can easily thrive in your ultimate stardust power and contribute to the world."

How do these programs specifically benefit ambitious, empathetic coaches and service-based entrepreneurs?

"In a world awash with coaches—where virtually anyone can declare themselves a coach— it's crucial to stand out. To truly make it, you need to master and own your unique, soul-aligned way. When you step into the world of EnergyJoy, you immediately dive deep. Every layer of your being is touched and worked through, so you can live out your authentic 'stardust power,' message, and mission. Unfortunately, too many coaches are just 'copy-pasting,' doing what others do, and that's why they fail.

My EnergyJoy Mastery Academy helps you rediscover your true self. It liberates you from old programming that no longer serve you. Patterns and beliefs that keep you small and give you a false sense of security are permanently removed. You literally become the most powerful version of yourself. So, even if you're already successful in your business, my programs and high level and Platinum 1:1 coaching can elevate you to the next level.

Never forget: You have unlimited potential. There's always room for growth and transformation, whether you're making 10K or 10 million+ in revenue. When you can truly operate from a high-frequency energy, you can powerfully coach and guide both up-and-coming and already successful entrepreneurs and leaders as a high-level success medium and high-frequency coach. The possibilities are endless. Every entrepreneur can benefit from this. I guide you through it all, grounded in my high-level EnergyJoy Mastery philosophy."

Impact & mission

What does it mean to "Shift to the Next Level of Income, Abundance, Freedom, and EnergyJoy"?

The quote you'll often hear me say is, 'Where focus goes, energy flows.' To be successful in whatever you do, you need to have a clear, powerful, and laser-focused goal and vision in mind. And that's different for everyone. What's universal is that people seek to experience a certain feeling, a particular emotion. This is always an emotion that resides 'Above the Golden Line®.' One person may want to make 100k in revenue, not because of the money itself but for the feeling of freedom it creates. To spend more time with family, for instance. This was one of my driving forces as well—I wanted the freedom to travel with my children, to see the world, to truly live.

But I also wanted to live out my mission and contribute to the world. That's why I've chosen to work at a high-end level. It allows me to work with a small group of super-ambitious clients, guiding them toward unparalleled results. And it leaves me with the time and energy to do what's personally important to me, besides my EnergyJoy business. I highly recommend this business model for sensitive individuals, empathic entrepreneurs because it provides immense satisfaction for everyone. It literally imbues you with the energy of EnergyJoy and beyond.

So, shifting to the next level is different for everyone, but it always revolves around a feeling or emotion you wish to manifest in your life. Ask yourself, what do you really want to feel and experience if you had the choice?"

Your mission is to Shift One Million+ Souls to the Frequency of EnergyJoy and Beyond. How do you envision accomplishing this?

"This question truly lights me up. Honestly, it's quite simple: Manifesting 'Above the Golden Line®.' This interview itself is a form of manifestation. Typically, it takes about 6-8 weeks to manifest from the 5th dimension to the 3rd dimension (provided you're using effective manifestation techniques). This is known as the quantum to Newtonian transition point. I have a fun story to share. From the moment I launched my '1 Million 1 Year Mission' online, it took exactly seven weeks. Then, I received an invitation to become an executive contributor for Brainz Magazine. When I saw their organic reach of 1.2 million readers per month, I got goosebumps. I thought, 'Wow! This is exactly the one million-plus souls I aim to reach.' It was another proof point: it works!

The goal is to have one million people download and apply the 'Above the Golden Line Method®' for free within a year. I'm collaborating with my AI Mission Guide provide tips, tools, and strategies. It's truly magnificent to combine triple intelligence: Soul Intelligence, Universal Intelligence, and Artificial Intelligence. It's the golden formula for the future!"

Tools for transformation

You've created your own EnergyJoy Podcarddeck® and Above The Golden Line Method® Manifestation Journal. How do these tools contribute to someone's journey of transformation?

"Yes, that's correct. The EnergyJoy Podcarddeck is a physical card deck that resonates with my first 56 'Shift to EnergyJoy and Beyond' podcast episodes. It's also connected to a special digital membership area and my app, where you can find all the information about the Podcarddeck. I have two different podcast series—one in Dutch, titled 'Shift to EnergyJoy and Beyond,' and another in English, called 'High End & Frequency Business Mastery Podcast series.' The Podcarddeck is aligned with Phase 1 & Phase 2 of the EnergyJoy Transition System®: Energetic awakening and transformation. So, these cards are physical tools you can use for yourself. But you can also integrate them into your practice and business for deep insights, or even perform readings for your clients.

The Above The Golden Line Method® Manifestation Journal is a practical journal for daily use over 8 weeks. It’s available on Amazon worldwide. Its purpose is to boost your manifesting power and help you master your energy and frequency. Life happens and sometimes, events occur that are beyond our control, causing our energy and frequency to dip below the Golden Line. That's perfectly normal. However, the aim is not to live below the Golden Line. Many people set their emotional and energetic home below the Golden Line and wonder why they only manifest what they don't want. The answer lies in your frequency. So if you want to manifest what you do desire in life and business, this journal serves as a powerful tool to complement the method. It empowers you to master your energy and frequency, and therefore, your life and business."

Could you share some real-life success stories from individuals who have been profoundly impacted by your work?

"Yes, of course! I’ve asked a few clients and students to share their testimonials.

So grateful to have been able to work with these amazing souls and powerful change-makers."

Reita Biere

Regression & Transformation Therapist, Certified EnergyJoy Practitioner:

"Every training with Lisette is a celebration, a space where you can explore the beautiful facets of life alongside like-minded souls.

Lisette infuses her lessons with such energy, love, wisdom, and professional knowledge that it naturally heightens your awareness.

This gentle yet powerful guidance nudges you to examine your patterns and wounds, offering transformative healing.

The most empowering outcome of studying with Lisette is the newfound confidence I've gained in myself, in the Universe, and in my Spirit team.

This connection even allowed me to heal my relationship with my late father, opening doors I never thought possible.

Before this transformative journey with Lisette, I was a single mother... struggling without a strong support network. I was constantly in survival mode—tired, insecure, and anxious.

Thanks in part to Lisette, my narrative has shifted dramatically. I am now a strong, beautiful, and healthy woman who has reclaimed her power. I am equipped to guide my children into the world, surrounded by a loving network.

I’ve started my own coaching business and live in a constant state of EnergyJoy, enveloped by high frequency stardust." – Reita

"Reita attended the EnergyJoy Mastery Academy programs, including the Master Your Intuition Academy, Master Your Inner-Medium Academy Levels 1, 2, 3, and the Elite Shift Mastermind."

Samira Broer

Hypnotherapist, Intuitive Coach, Certified EnergyJoy Practitioner:

"Before meeting Lisette, I was mainly living from my rational mind. I didn't even know I was sensitive and now I can use my intuition in my coaching/hypnotherapy business.

Going from head to heart has been a very big transformation for me... it has completely changed my life and well-being.

Lisette her Master Your Inner-Medium program feels like coming home so I am doing something that I feel like I am meant to be doing.

Lisette has also helped me in my business her Elite Shift Mastermind. She has also helped me work through all the blockages of not feeling worthy or good enough which ultimately had an effect in my business.

I can honestly say that working with Lisette has helped me to completely change the direction of my life and business and that it has also been the kick off to something beautiful and special.

My business/energy/frequency has shifted to the feeling that everything is possible and we are all limitless.

I would now easily record videos, a podcast or do a webinar which would be things I would never ever have done before! Lisette challenges you but this way, she also gets the best out of you.

I 100% would recommend Lisette’s programs. It doesn't matter what program you are starting with or if you choose to work 1:1, it will definitely change your life for the better. Not only will it help with your business or mediumship, but it will also transform you as a person!

Lisette has such a beautiful soul, she cares for you but will also help you learn and grow. This combination makes her a great mentor and it has been an absolute gift working with her." – Samira

"Samira attended the EnergyJoy Mastery Academy programs, including the Master Your Intuition Academy, Master Your Inner-Medium Academy Levels 1, 2, 3, and the Elite Shift Mastermind."

Vera van Hoorn

Hypnotherapist, Intuitive & Energy Transformation Coach:

"Before Lisette became my mentor, I felt like I was running a marathon in search of myself, my life's purpose, and my blueprint.

The most profound transformation was undeniably the T.A.T. session. It allowed me to personally feel and see who I truly am, enabling me to take more focused action toward my goals.

I've launched and am building my own business.

Lisette exudes an incredibly high energy and is a wellspring of love, propelling me to the next level.

She is my mentor in developing and mastering my energetic blueprint, and I wholeheartedly recommend it to everyone." – Vera

"Vera is currently attending the EnergyJoy Mastery Academy programs, which include the Master Your Intuition Academy, Master Your Inner-Medium Academy Level 1, and the Elite Shift Mastermind."

Samantha van Kuik

Certified EnergyJoy Practitioner, Medium:

"After I got sick and was undergoing my treatments, I began to see life differently and wanted to develop myself... Then Lisette came into my life, and because of her, my life has changed very positively.

There has been a lot of transformations, but I think the most profound transformation I have experienced, and am still working on, is self-love.

Lisette is the first person in my life who accepted me for who I am and still helped me. She felt everything perfectly.

Firstly, my intuition is now so strong thanks to Lisette's coaching and her programs... I am now in Level 3 of the Master Your Inner-Medium Academy and still learning a lot.

Honestly, I feel that my path is open to truly own my place in this beautiful world. I can't ignore this feeling anymore. It's so powerful and loving; I wish this for everyone.

I regularly recommend Lisette's programs. They are life-changing programs...

I am grateful every day that Lisette came into my life." – Samantha

"Samantha attended the EnergyJoy Mastery Academy programs, including the Master Your Intuition Academy and the Master Your Inner-Medium Academy Levels 1, 2, 3.”

Leoniek van der Maarel

Bereavement Therapist, Director Academy for Bereavement, Author, Certified EnergyJoy Practitioner:

"Prior to working with Lisette, I had some notion of my intuitive side... but was never sure if I was making it up.

Working with Lisette taught me to take my intuition seriously, as it always turned out to be correct. Also getting messages from deceased persons consistently proved to be spot on and were recognized by the bereaved clients. My value in working with bereavement has increased tremendously!

Now, I can offer bereaved persons insights into how their deceased loved ones are faring. Moreover, I can tune into the energy of my clients much more effectively, making my work as a therapist both 'easier' and more in-depth than before.

My energy frequency has shifted because of all I learned. Although I was already well developed in clearing my energy and keeping my frequencies high, Lisette was able to add to this with hands-on exercises and her methods.

If you are looking for a training where you can evolve, where you can raise your energy, where you find a ‘teacher’ who is not only very well developed energetically and spiritually, but also has the down to earth attitude to use prevailing coaching technique, Lisette is your ‘girl’!” – Leoniek

"Leoniek attended the EnergyJoy Mastery Academy programs, including the Master Your Intuition Academy and the Master Your Inner-Medium Academy Levels 1, 2, 3.”

Reshum van Til

Result Medium, Intuitive Coach, Singer & Soulwriter

“Before I met Lisette, I felt lost, wandering without a clear direction. I was in search of both personal and professional fulfillment but didn’t know where to start. Lisette accelerated that process for me.

Under Lisette’s guidance, I found my inner GPS. I learned how to channel and direct my energy, which ultimately became the foundation for my intuitive coaching business, The Tilt/Shift. This was a transformation at record speed.

Through Lisette’s tools and meditations, I’ve drastically elevated my frequency. This has not only sharpened my intuitive powers but also expanded my ability to manifest. It’s a change that will have a lasting impact on my life.

My energy level is now consistently high, thanks to Lisette’s approach. She teaches you not just the tools but also installs a sustainable system that enables you to keep growing and ‘shifting’ permanently.

Lisette’s program is a must for anyone wanting to make a quick and effective turnaround in their life. She provides the ultimate and lasting tilt/shift. The investment is worth every penny: she offers a unique mix of spiritual depth and pragmatic business sense, something I deeply appreciate and admire. – Reshum”

"Reshum is currently attending the EnergyJoy Mastery Academy programs, which include the Master Your Intuition Academy, Master Your Inner-Medium Academy Level 1, and the Elite Shift Mastermind."

Closing thoughts

What's next for you and EnergyJoy? Any upcoming projects or collaborations that you can share?

"Someone recently said to me so beautifully: Lisette, the world is at your feet. And that's exactly how it feels. My international business coach encouraged me to work internationally and in English, saying, "Lisette, you have so much to offer on a global scale; you need to share it internationally." I naturally took that as a wonderful compliment. So, besides working in the Netherlands, working internationally is becoming more and more prominent. I'm currently working on a new book project, through which I'll launch my ENcantations worldwide. So, I'm continuously developing new products and tools, all aimed at helping you shift your energy and frequency to the manifestation frequency Above The Golden Line®. I've also created a special high-end 1:1 Platinum Shift Mastermind for international clients, high-level achievers who want to take their life and business to the next level with my exclusive high-frequency life and business coaching.

And I've been invited for another international magazine feature. I'm truly over the moon and immensely grateful for these wonderful collaborations and opportunities!

So, there's a lot of beauty ahead, and I have options for every level. From low-end to high-end, there's always an opportunity to shift with us into the world of EnergyJoy and beyond."

For someone reading this who wants to transform their life but doesn’t know where to start, what would be your top advice?

"My questions are always:

Where are you right now? Where do you want to go?

What’s your vision, your ultimate dream?

Then I want to know where you energetically stand according to my EnergyJoy Transition System®:

Phase 1: Energetic Awakening

Phase 2: Personal and Energetic Transformation

Phase 3: Thriving Soulful Self & World-class Leadership

Clarity and insight is power and immediately sets the energy in motion. My advice is:

  1. Make sure you have a clear understanding of where you are right now.

  2. Ensure you have crystal clarity about where you want to go.

  3. Take soul-aligned action and take one action step today (no matter how daunting) that brings you closer to your ultimate vision and dream.

  4. Stop wasting time and keeping yourself small and falsely secure. Your time is now! The world needs you!

  5. Seek guidance from an expert who has walked the path and with whom you feel an instant soul pull. This creates your soul-aligned fast lane to manifesting your ultimate vision and dream life and business."

Any final words to inspire our readers to elevate their frequencies and live a life filled with EnergyJoy?

"First of all, I want to thank you for your time and energy. Why? Because we all have the same amount of time on Earth, whether it's little or much. And you choose to enrich yourself with information that can help you reach the next level. So, I want to congratulate you on reading this interview. Consider it a 'win' moment and an investment in yourself. Investing in yourself is, in fact, the best investment you can make. And here's the good news: Everything you learn in this life is stored on the hard drive of your soul. And that's the only thing you can take with you as an ever-evolving soul. Growth, transformation, wisdom, life lessons, and insights. These make you grow as a person and on a soul level.

I know, it's not always easy. But it's often the painful lessons with silver linings below the golden line that make you realize how valuable the golden frequencies Above The Golden Line® are. Living from a place of acceptance, love, gratitude, peace, and the frequency of EnergyJoy will make your wishes and dreams come true, as long as you choose to take soul-aligned action. The choice is always yours!

I am here to help, guide, and support you on your journey. I know that the next-gen change-maker resides within you. Embrace your stardust potential and shine bright from your authentic birthright! Enjoy your beautiful soul-aligned journey, and I wish you loads of EnergyJoy!

I hope to meet you soon or see you again! X Lisette"

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