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Unlocking Transformation Through Self-Awareness

Written by: Dr. Ken Keis, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.

Executive Contributor Dr. Ken Keis

Ever wondered how many people truly understand themselves? According to Dr. Tasha Eurich's research featured in her book, "Insight," a staggering 95% of individuals believe they're self-aware. But here's the catch: when their perceptions were compared to how others saw them, only a mere 10% had an accurate grasp of themselves. That leaves a whopping 85% of the population living in a self-awareness haze.

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Let's ponder that for a moment. Imagine navigating through life without truly comprehending your own preferences, strengths, tendencies or purpose. It's akin to stumbling through a dark room, bumping into obstacles you can't see. Take it from someone who's logged countless miles as a traveler — you encounter these unaware souls everywhere. From the person halting at the bottom of an escalator to those carelessly swinging their carry-on bags, obliviousness abounds.

As the late Dr. Wayne W. Dyer eloquently put it in "Excuses Begone!": "Awareness of awareness is powerful because it connects us with a dimension of ourselves where all things are possible."

Understanding our beliefs, leadership style and skills isn't just beneficial; it's crucial. A study by Talent Smart revealed that a mere 30% of people truly understand their own style preferences. This lack of self-awareness not only impedes personal growth but also hampers one's ability to handle stress and relationships effectively. Conversely, those who are self-aware experience greater life satisfaction and are more likely to achieve their goals.

In fact, self-awareness is the common thread among top performers. Regardless of industry or profession, 83% of high achievers score high in this critical skill. Conversely, just 2% of low performers possess the same level of self-awareness.

Becoming self-aware isn't just about recognizing strengths; it's also about acknowledging limitations. Armed with this knowledge, individuals can tailor their actions to maximize their strengths and mitigate weaknesses, both in their professional and personal lives.

Have you ever encountered someone grappling with a problem, seemingly blind to the obvious solution? Instead of passing judgment, let's extend a helping hand. By fostering self-awareness in others, we empower them to unlock their full potential.

Self-Awareness is the beginning not the end. Once you are conscious and awake (self-aware) then the two next steps are Self-Management and Self-Mastery of which we can share thoughts in a future article. 

The bottom line? Self-awareness isn't a luxury; it's a necessity for a fulfilling, successful life. To aid you on this transformative journey, I recommend three of our online courses. "Why Aren’t You More Like Me?" delves into understanding your personal style (personality), "What Do You Really Value?" helps uncover your core motivational values and “The Quest For Purpose!” which takes you on a journey of self-discovery to confirm why are you really here on this earth! Investing in yourself isn't just a wise choice — it's a catalyst for growth and fulfillment.

So, here's to living life on purpose, armed with the power of self-awareness.

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Dr. Ken Keis Brainz Magazine

Dr. Ken Keis, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Ken Keis, Ph.D., is a leading global authority on behavioral (personality) assessment strategies and an expert in leadership, purpose, and wellness. He is the President and CEO of Consulting Resource Group International, Inc. (CRG) which has served thousands of organizations worldwide. With over 4 million words of content authored, including 4 books and a dozen assessments, Dr. Keis is also a respected author, speaker, coach, mentor and media guest His latest books include: Why Aren't You More Like Me?, Deliberate Leadership, and The Quest For Purpose. An engaging public speaker, Dr. Keis has conducted over 3,000 presentations and 10,000 hours of coaching and consulting.



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