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Unlocking The Power Of Self-Healing – Exclusive Interview With Bhavna Megh

With over two decades of international experience in human behavior and development, Bhavna is dedicated to inner growth. Raised in London with a logical/scientific education, she initially sought to rationalize the unexplainable. However, through personal healing experiences and connecting with the Source, Universe, God, she embraced the "magic" and developed a deep trust in it. Bhavna, who comes from a lineage of energy healers spanning four generations, combines research and experimentation to demonstrate the transformative power of her tools and processes. Her commitment to continuous learning and personal application allows her to embody her teachings and guide others on their journey toward self-discovery

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Bhavna Megh, Mindset & Energy Coach

Introduce yourself! Please tell us about you and your life so we can get to know you better.

Hi, I'm Bhavna Megh, a Mindset and Energy Coach and Founder of Stepping Into You.

I was born and raised in London and moved to Australia when I was 30. I came to Australia curious to see if it was somewhere I might enjoy working for a little while. I had no intention of staying. I wanted to travel, so I backpacked for a few months. I ended up not leaving!

Growing up, I'd say my life was quite normal, though I don't have many memories earlier than 10 or 11; I believe this is because of a fall I had down the stairs at home whilst trying to see who was at the front door. I woke up on the couch with my mum, dad and Hare Krishna man (he was who, who was at the door) standing over me, and then I'm pretty sure I passed out.

But when I was 13, at the end of my first school year in high school, I fell quite ill. After a few weeks and admission into the hospital, I was diagnosed with a bowel condition called Chronic Ulcerative Colitis, which required a lot of drugs, including strong anti-inflammatories and, I'm sure, far too many courses of steroids! Life was more or less centred around that health condition for me.

Whilst I was experiencing that, my younger brother also had a huge health experience. When he was 14, I was 15, and after some health analyses, it was found he had a brain tumour. He was admitted to Great Ormand St. Children's Hospital in London, where they were able to remove the tumour. He recovered well and completed high school with really good grades (compared to the rest of us). But shortly after his 18th birthday, he began to experience cold symptoms and tingles in his hands and feet, and after some scans, the doctors found a tumour close to his brainstem, which was very aggressive. He passed away a month after his birthday. Emotionally, I must have been in shock because I didn't feel anything seeing his dead body in the hospital.

During the death rites, when my dad, brother and cousins went to the funeral parlour to bathe and dress my brother's body to bring him home for the ceremony, I completely broke down! I could not stop crying, as much as my family tried to console me. I cried more than I could ever remember crying up to that point in my life! 

A lot was going on in life through my teens. Managing my health on top of trying to be a normal teenager meant that it was easier to say yes to being prescribed what physically felt like the "better" drugs (the strong steroids) so that I could avoid having uncomfortable and embarrassing experiences – yes, shitting myself.

It wasn't until my early twenties that I decided there had to be more.

I started exploring and trying to manage my health with my lifestyle, exercising regularly, eating more healthily, researching and learning different ways and foods that could support my health and help me improve.

Which, for the most part, helped. Except, whenever I was experiencing any level of stress, my health would suffer as well.

My health challenges continued into my thirties, which is when I had a very big transformation experience and was able to start getting well, releasing, healing my body, and bringing it back into a state of optimal health. I couldn't be more grateful for this!

This health experience moved me to explore plant medicines, Ayurveda, Chinese medicine, food, and diets. Research in this space opened my world to natural health and well-being from a physical perspective.

Through my corporate career in training and development and human resources starting in 2001, I was led into the world of human behaviour, exploring all sorts of skills development and trained and became certified as a Business Coach. Through this career, I completed a Master's Degree in Human Resource Development, through which I was introduced to neurolinguistic programming (NLP). This led me down a deeper exploration into the mind, and I went on to be Certified as a Neuro-Liguistic Programming Practitioner and Hypnotherapist. I continued to learn and train in more mind-body modalities and study more in the space of neuroscience and the various quantum sciences. I was truly obsessed with how we can use our minds to change and create our realities.

The third prong, so to speak, is that I've grown up with energy healing, and I am a 4th generation healer. It probably goes back more generations than that. I've certainly held scepticism around it, but the healing would surprise me almost every time.

Living now in Australia, I absolutely love where my life has come to. Some of the things that I love to do are to be out in nature, whether going into the bush or to the beach. I love spending time with friends here.

Some things that I love in life are learning about different people, different cultures, different parts of the world. I love food, growing what I can, cooking, and, of course, eating! My joy is highest when I cook for others. I'm sure food is my love language!

What inspired you to create Stepping Into You, and what is your main mission or purpose?

I have always felt drawn to helping people grow.

What I do now creates deeper changes and shifts at the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels to bring more alignment to people's desires in their world and release the "stuff" that keeps them stuck.

My main mission is that people live with and can live with a true sense of joy and purpose and really fall in love with themselves more and more every day. I'm grateful that I get to fall in love with myself more and more every day. It fills my heart that I get to support others to have the same.

Could you provide an overview of the products or services offered on your website? How do they align with your vision for personal or professional growth?

I work with groups and individuals through coaching and energy healing sessions. These are delivered through my core programs – Foundation, Elevate and Alchemist.

The creation of these has come from my own journey. They are the core elements of what created the biggest transformation in my life and supported my body in healing itself (that's right, no more bowel condition!).

We layer the core programs with clients' unique creations and desires, resulting in an incredibly powerful and aligned journey for them.

How do you differentiate your platform from others in the self-improvement and personal development industry?

The difference I see from other practitioners and facilitators in this space is that the results I achieve with clients are fast and long-lasting as long as the conscious, subconscious and superconscious are all engaged.

On a deeper level, I see my uniqueness in helping clients to remember that they are the Creator, the powerful Being with all the potential to create whatever change they desire, and that right now, I am facilitating this until they remember how to do it themselves.

I'm choosing clients who wish to be Sovereign Beings in complete ownership of all of their own potential and magic.

My other point of difference is that I practice what I teach. When I learn or create new tools, I use them. I go hard with them to prove to myself first that they work and integrate it into my life before I start using it with clients. This allows me to stay in congruence and speak from a place of experience with my clients. This is by no means because I have to so that I look good; it's not about the ego at all, but because it's right for me to operate from here, in integrity.

I know and share that I am not perfect and would not profess to have mastered everything. What I do know is that I use my tools daily to process, overcome, and change the dis-ease, dis-comfort, and limiting beliefs that I experience when I experience them.

Can you share any success stories or testimonials from individuals who have benefited from your website or services?

The clients I've worked with have had anything from phenomenal changes to those that might look like small shifts in state of being.

An example of a client who has had a massive shift includes an individual who experienced abuse in her childhood, and she had been trying to release the trauma through her own meditation practice and with a psychologist for over eight months. We worked together, and in one session, we were able to shift the emotional disturbance of the experience completely out of the body to outside of the body, where it could be witnessed and without an emotional charge – shifting the experience into a state of peace and non-attachment. The client could then have healthy conversations around and was able to put it behind them.

A smaller shift example, which was actually quite significant for the individual, was that they were debilitated by a daily state of anxiety, waking up and feeling overwhelmed. He was overwhelmed by all of the things that had to be done that day, from simple tasks, such as packing lunch for and dropping his daughter to school. The overwhelm from this creating more anxiety. The individual reached out to me, and in a session, we were able to transform and release the anxiety. We spent a bit of time after that release and in the same session to deepen their connection to spirit and their creative self, as this was something that they were desiring for their life.

That was really beautiful for me to see and witness that transformation. Connecting with him a few weeks afterwards, he confirmed that his anxiety was still gone, which was amazing. It fills my heart that I can facilitate somebody having that experience to be more in their life and be more present with themselves and their family.

Another great example of an experience is in one of my retreats, called Intentional Creation Day. One of the participants, in one of the exercises, had written down everything that she wanted to release from the year before. Consciously had expressed that 'I actually feel good. I feel like it's all done. It's gone. Last year was last year.' Then we went into the process of doing the emotional release – so working with the emotional body and the physical body. There was an unexpected wave of sadness that presented. She stayed with it, and it shifted into a state of peace. On reflection of this after the exercise, she shared that it was unexpected, but the sadness was from her experience of the previous year. She wasn't aware that her body was holding this emotional state from what she had experienced over the previous year. She was so grateful to be able to shift it into a deep state of peace. This, for me, was an amazing reflection of how we 'think' we might be, but really, our body knows how we truly be.

Tell us about your greatest career achievements so far.

I would have to admit that my greatest career achievement was and still is, realising that offering my clients the core part of the transformation journey that I went through was going to help them to go through a big transformation journey of their own.

Usually, the clients recognise that they've had a change too following a session and can tell the difference almost immediately – short of those individuals who are doing all of the things, as well as coming to work with me for additional support. So when it's a big pot of tools and resources and support that they're accessing at the same time, it's much harder for them to isolate which one was the thing that worked, but they know that it was contributing to the overall improvement.

So I would say that the greatest achievement is my having that realisation. Having the realisation that the process that I went through to create a massive shift, a huge springboard leap in my physical health, my mental and emotional health and well-being, is what I can offer clients to be able to do that springboard leap for themselves.

If you could change one thing about your industry, what would it be and why?

It would have to be integration. And this is something that I've witnessed. Working with other teachers over the years, attending retreats, events, ceremonies, and meditations. Integration is something that is deeply lacking, and supported integration is deeply lacking.

Yes, there's absolutely a self-responsibility by individuals participating in these experiences to go back and own the integration. There's also the acknowledgement that if they're coming to you to experience some aspect of healing in their world, their integration journey needs to be supported because they're not quite there yet. And it's a responsibility that can be shared to help the individual to integrate. What I see and have seen with the absence of that is people going to events and retreats to experience the high again, because they lose it. They lose the release that they have and start recreating it when they're back in their normal world and normal life. When they go back to doing life, they recreate all of that stress and trauma, whatever it is that they came to release in the first place. They start recreating that in their day-to-day because they don't know how to create a sustainable change in their world to maintain what it is that they've experienced.

So, integration for me is so important in our industry. That's not to say that offering ongoing coaching is required and becomes the new monthly psychotherapy session. It's not about that. It's about making sure that people have the tools and can, bit by bit, implement them back into their lives.

Tell us about a pivotal moment in your life that brought you to where you are today.

I would have to say it was my health through my teenage years that pushed me down this path.

However, a huge shift happened in 2015 after attending several different workshops that changed my perspective on all things physical health and well-being and mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. I leaned more and more into the learning and the awareness/insights I was having. I was broken and exhausted emotionally from things happening in my outer world, and this was when my huge transformation began.

What are three tips that you can share with our readers on healing yourself?


Here are my top three tips that individuals can practice themselves to start and even amplify their healing journey.


Tip 1: Awareness is key


I have to say the most valuable and powerful tip that I give to most, if not all, of my clients, is creating awareness.

Awareness is key to all healing and expansion.

How can you begin to create more awareness? With the following statement and question:


'I am the Creator.'

'What part of me is creating this experience?'


The statement brings back all of your power back to you. I love applying the Hermetic Law of – 'So within, so without. So without, so within.' 'I am the Creator' is in the acknowledgement of this law. What is outside of you – good, bad, or ugly – is a reflection of what is inside of you, and vice versa. When we acknowledge that we create all of it, we stop blaming, we take full responsibility and accountability, and from this state of being, we can powerfully create something different if it's not something we like or create more of it if it is something we like.


The question, well, that's when things get a little more fun! Here, you're inviting your subconscious to share with you the beliefs and programs you're running that created the experience you're having, again, good, bad, or ugly.

The most important part when using this question is not to analyse and not judge what comes up. Analysis is the conscious mind, and this is not what we're asking to talk to; this question is for the subconscious. Judgement is going to shut down the sharing – just as you would not want to share if you were afraid of being judged.


Whether you're having a good or bad experience. Whether you're in good or bad health…


I am the Creator. What part of me is creating this experience?


Tip 2: Thank you! Rinse and Repeat


Be grateful.


I know what you're thinking, 'Yes, yes, be grateful for all the things I have in my life because so many people have it worse.'


Yes, to being grateful for what you have.


But this is a slightly different kind of grateful.


Imagine a little child trying to share something with you, and you say, "Thank you". Simply to acknowledge that they shared with you – they feel heard and valued.


That's what this is.


We can have so many limiting, self-sabotaging, self-hating thoughts, not to mention the stories we can create about people and experiences in our lives; when we say 'thank you', we acknowledge all of these different thoughts. We allow the thoughts to be heard and valued.


Without attaching any labels of good thought, bad thought…simply thought and thank you.


When repeated, this creates powerful shifts in our cyclical thoughts that are indeed limiting our experience of life.


Thought...Thank you.

Thought…Thank you.

Thought…Thank you.


Tip 3: Message in a Bottle (Your Body)


Ask what messages any physical ailment would like to communicate.

It's slightly similar to tip one, with a bit more specificity.


Ask, "What message does this condition have for me right now?"

The magic with this question, as is the case with tip 1, is to ask the question and allow the answer to come. That is, don't analyse or think what the answer is.


The more you do it, the clearer and quicker the messages will be!


I am blown away by how quickly my insights come. A lot of the time, I don't even finish thinking the question!

I absolutely love it!


Perhaps you have an ache in your knee.


What message does this condition have for me right now?


Allow the information, the wisdom to come.


p.s. it might not come at first; keep asking.


p.p.s. your conscious mind will almost definitely find all the logical reasons why you have an ache in your knee, shrug it off, and deny anything "weird" or seemingly illogical. Say thank you, and keep asking without judgement.


Ready to create more health and well-being in body, mind and spirit? Book a free Discovery Call with me.

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