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Un-Love For Valentine’s Day 2022 - How To Stop Loving Things And People Who Don’t Love You

Written by: Jazzmon Wright, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


For Valentine’s Day as a kid, we were able to give out candy and Valentine’s Day cards to everyone in class. The person you had a “crush” on would get an extra piece of candy or small gift, some other sign of affection that would stand out from the rest of the kids. You look at your “crush” to see their reaction when they open their gift. You’re holding your breath and your palms are sweaty. They open it and immediately throw it to the ground or push it off their desk. Now, your heart has fallen into your stomach. The person you “love” does not “love” you.

Fast forward to adulthood. We all navigate love differently. We fight for what and whom we love. We don’t give up at the first rejection. We keep pushing until we get that person’s attention. We get into relationships in that same manner. We get their attention, now we have to hold it. We go through all these hoops to gain attention and earn respect and love. What happens when we love something or someone that doesn’t love us? How do we let go?

Where do you go when you’re the only one fighting? There is a million different thoughts and ways to go about un-loving, but I am going to keep it simple with the tips I’ve used that will help you to:

Deal in reality. Yes, that person has “potential” but has more red flags shown up than potential?

If so, stop daydreaming and lying to yourself. Love YOURSELF enough to know that potential

without progress is a wish, and last time I checked, wishes don’t add value to your life.

Realize the moment is over. It was fun and it felt good for the moment. Don’t make it anything

more than what it was. Pay attention to actions. When it’s time to let go, do so with no regrets.

It can be a sigh of relief to find someone you can be yourself with. When the signs flash that being yourself isn’t who that other person wants you to be, pack up and exit. Save yourself.

Love You first.

Find value in the quiet. The quiet serves as a moment in time where you can gather your own thoughts. It also is a time to realign with yourself and what’s most important to you. Fall back in love with you. Buy yourself flowers. Take yourself to a movie. Take yourself out to dinner.

Being alone doesn’t make you a social reject. Value the quiet so you can reassess and find the value in you.

A common theme among my tips: LOVE YOURSELF. Letting go of the people and things that do not serve your best interest or empower you to elevate to your highest level is the best form of love you can give yourself. You are then free to explore all that is in front of you without guilt, shame or worry. This Valentine’s Day, and every day moving forward, I challenge you to take a step towards loving your entire self (and forgiving your first crush who didn’t like you back).

Are you up for this challenge?

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Jazzmon Wright, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Jazzmon Wright is a mom, veteran, author, virtual fitness instructor and previous co host of JT Ladies Lounge podcast/radio show live on Facebook. Jazzmon’s passion grew for Heath and wellness once she realized how much it affects her community. Helping people change their daily habits by making healthier choices not only improves their health, but it changes the complete outlook on life. Jazzmon cannot wait to work with moms and other busy women who are looking to get their sexy back from the inside, out. She is on Instagram and Twitter as Black Queens Fitness club.



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