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Top Tips to Get a Growth Mindset

Written by: Cynthia Heywood, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


In a world where everything we do requires a competitive spirit, having a growth mindset is undoubtedly essential. But what does a growth mindset mean, and why should you care about it? Keep reading to learn more.

What is a growth mindset?

A growth mindset refers to the resilience of an individual to overcome challenges and navigate change and uncertainty. When we say that someone has a growth mindset, we mean this person possesses the essential ability to develop through dedication and hard work. Just having brains and talents would not get you where you want to provide you lack a growth mindset.

People are born with unique genetic features which make them initially better than others at certain things. However, when you have a growth mindset, you can always get better at something and surpass even those with natural talents.

Why does having a growth mindset matter?

Having a growth mindset is crucial because it sets you on the right path to overcoming any obstacles that may come your way. Whether learning something new or developing a new skill, a growth mindset would give you the power you need to keep going.

Someone who has a growth mindset knows the need to remain persistent and determined. Changing how you think means a positive impact on your way of learning. A growth mindset gives you the confidence that you can develop your talents and skills over time. That gives you the drive to achieve more in life. It will help you to reach your full potential.

Top 5 tips for developing a growth mindset

In the same way that a growth mindset helps you achieve anything you set your eyes on, you can also develop this kind of thinking. Follow these tips to realize a growth mindset:

1. Readily take on challenges

Developing a growth mindset requires you to embrace challenges and consider them an opportunity to learn and be fruitful. Never fear making mistakes.

2. Write down your goals

An individual with a growth mindset understands that they would attain their clearly stated goals.

3. Change your attitude

If you have a fixed mindset, you are more likely to harbor negativity and pessimism. Positively changing your attitude inspires you and those around you.

4. Practice mindfulness

Set aside time to take a walk to free your mind as you focus on the moment. Meditation is a powerful tool for understanding your surroundings and subsequently bringing clarity to a clouded mind.

5. Always take constructive feedback

Be ready to listen to what others have to say. Of course, you will receive all types of feedback and criticism. Focus on the constructive ones and act on them for your benefit.

And there you have it. Anyone can develop a growth mindset, provided you are ready for it. With a growth mindset, you will be best-positioned to tackle any challenge in life and make significant progress in life. It is the key to living your full potential.

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Cynthia Heywood, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Cynthia is a business and life coach dedicated to helping others find and unleash their true potential. Born in Paris but living and working in London, she has extensive work experience that has helped her hone her skills while working for major blue-chip companies like Barclays Bank, Johnson & Johnson, The Economist, and Scripps. Cynthia is the founder of The Lotus Coaching Academy, a coaching service that combines courses and provides distinct membership selection for her direct tutelage.

Her wealth of experience greatly impacts her clients and has helped them delve deeply into themselves to identify their challenges, set new goals where needed, and work to achieve these goals. Her business acumen enables her to coach professionals to higher performance while maximizing collaboration between themselves and their teams and enhancing the winning business mindset. While working with various clients, Cynthia has achieved a track record of success in building self-confidence, gaining clarity, and overcoming self-limitations.

She is passionate about business, psychology, human behaviors, and mindset and has made these topics her areas of expertise. She has also been featured on various podcasts, workshops, and panels. She was invited to speak at the recently completed Mental Health Summit. Cynthia believes that 'One opportunity and one person can change your life if you’re ready to be accountable and invest in your transformation."



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