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Thriving In The Face Of Change – Why Everyone, Including You, Is Replaceable

Written by: Danielle Levy, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.

Executive Contributor Danielle Levy

There are a few universal truths in this world… Struggle is universal. Time is fleeting. And everyone is replaceable.

Shot of a group of corporate businesspeople looking at a tablet together during a meeting in the boardroom.

Many of you are all too familiar with the first whether you faced personal adversity or professional challenges you are where you are today because you fought and overcame your share of struggles.

As for the second, time is a commodity we don’t have enough of and one that slips out of our grasp too quickly. It’s a constant source of stress and a reminder of how quickly things can change.

But it’s the third example above that I wanted to talk about today. Because whether you believe it or not-

The harsh reality is this: Everyone is replaceable

When I say everyone, I mean absolutely everything, including:

Your Team: Your business differs from a year ago, five years ago, or when you first began. Trust me, if you’re a new business owner, it will evolve. That means the composition of your team and the skill set of that team will need to grow with it. That team member who has worked with you for five years who you think will never leave? They will.

Clients: Client relationships are, of course, valuable, but they, too, will change. No client will stay with you forever. As their own lives and businesses change, so too will their needs. And please know the power dynamic is an equal one. You are not required to keep them forever, either. You, too, may outgrow them and decide it’s best to focus your efforts on other clients.

YOU: Yes, you. You’re the leader, the entrepreneur, the glue that keeps it all together. However, your business is made up of a team of people who are complicated and have complicated needs. If you don’t provide what they need, they will replace you with another employer who can. Or maybe they’ll go into business for themselves!

None of this is meant to devalue you, your clients, or your team. It’s not a declaration of insignificance. We are all extraordinary, and each of us has an entire history that has shaped our lives and our performance at work. No two people even those with an equal skill set will be the same.

If you let it, replaceability can become a catalyst for growth

But still… we are all replaceable.

Instead of viewing this as a source of frustration, insecurity, or fear, consider it an invitation for growth. Use it as a catalyst for greater things. It’s not without difficulty, I admit. Embracing your replaceability means shifting your mindset AND your actions.

External change alone can be challenging enough, but when it requires change from within? That’s no easy feat

So, to help you get started, I am offering suggestions you can implement to kick-start your growth and thrive in the face of change.

5 Methods for embracing your replaceability

  1. Cultivate a Love of Learning Knowledge is power. It is a simple yet profound phrase and one not often examined closely enough. When you continue to learn, you stay competitive; you learn skill sets that can advance your career. You have options. I’m not just talking about you. As a business leader or owner, the best thing you can do is cultivate a culture of ongoing learning with your team. After all, the more your team excels, the more your business succeeds.

  2. Strengthen Your Network Remember when you first began your career, and a more experienced individual told you to network? There’s a reason for it. Networking creates opportunities, and those opportunities can open doors. A brief introduction can, over time, transform into a client, a business partner, or a new hire. Think of it as a safety net. You’re future-proofing yourself by laying the groundwork for the support to propel you forward.

  3. Self-Evaluate Complacency can be all too easy to achieve. As a CEO or business leader, you face enormous responsibilities daily. It can be challenging to find time to self-reflect, but that is exactly what you must do. By evaluating your performance and role as CEO or leader, you can embrace the change needed to remain competitive.

  4. Focus on Systems Your business is made of people, but what happens when that irreplaceable team member quits, and you don’t have a system for when they are gone? Will your business suffer, or will you be prepared to bounce back? Building a systematic succession plan can help you reduce disruption to your business and withstand any personnel change.

  5. Embrace Change Change, like time, is inevitable. Rather than being afraid of it, view it as an opportunity for improvement. When every day matters, how can you make the most significant impact with yours? 

So, go ahead and embrace your replaceability, and while you’re at it, start implementing some of these five strategies. You’ll be amazed at the growth you see in yourself, in your team, and in your business. 


Hiring a strategic business partner can help you thrive in the face of change and implement the systems needed for that change. Don’t hesitate to schedule a discovery call to find out how I can help. Whether it’s resolving a major issue with your operations, finding a key hire for your team, elevating your marketing, or providing targeted support to resolve specific problems unique to your business, I’m the copilot you need by your side.

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Danielle Levy Brainz Magazine

Danielle Levy, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Danielle Levy is a sought-after business consultant who helps business owners expand with clarity and efficiency. Danielle is also the Founder and CEO of The Boardroom League™, a team of experts providing holistic business consulting and implementation services for entrepreneurs. She holds an MBA, is certified as a Project Management Professional, and is a FG Certified Master Marketer.

Danielle has 15 years of agency experience, helping her bring a unique perspective to all of her clients. A problem solver at heart, she believes in helping business owners go from Chief of Everything Officer to Chief Executive Officer, so they can focus on their vision, instead of being distracted by day-to-day business obligations. By establishing solid business foundations and implementing streamlined systems, Danielle's clients are not only able to regain their freedom but also rediscover the joy of running their businesses.

In 2021, Danielle founded The Boardroom League™ to guide executives turned business owners through current challenges and future advancements by providing bespoke business consulting and implementation. The Boardroom League takes a phased approach to business consulting, offering expertise in a variety of areas; including business leadership, financial guidance, legal advisory, marketing, and more.

In her personal life, Danielle is an energetic mother of two boys, who understands the balance of being both a hockey Mom AND a successful entrepreneur.



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